In Boredomes silence

In boredoms silence I was woken,

by words inside me yet unspoken,

for the memories long forgotten,

the past life of the one forsaken.

The girl of my dreams,

of my past and long gone present,

before my royalty,

she was but a peasent.

But a peasent with extreme beauty,

long radiant hair that shone like stars,

Her deep blue eyes twinkle like diamonds,

her lip so soft and her perfume somewhat fruity.

Her laughter like a twiligt dream,

but now it seems,

the lord above did not want our love to be.

As I am still haunted by her piecing screams,

that lasted well into the night,

her tombstone lays on hollow ground,

where nothing moves nor makes a sound.

Apart from that of a young boy with a broken heart,

now a ghost or projection of a old mans past,

an old man with an ice cold heart,

all his life looking for that missing part.