Looking Back

We've known each other for a while,

We've had our ups and downs,

2 years have flown by us,

But I still remember a lot.

A little more than two years ago,

I was introduced to you,

You lived here and I there,

And then we switched spots,

Not a month went by of school here,

When you came to me,

That same friend who introduced me to you,

We both know what he called you,

I knew you were sad,

I was there for you,

A few weeks went by,

And I was forced to choose,

By being there for you,

By being a true friend,

I had to lose that friend of mine,

Now, I would sacrifice more for you.

That was when we became best friends.

We started to learn more about each other,

We learned more about what we liked,

We only had so much in common,

That didn't stop anything,

Soon came that day, Valentine's Day,

You know, the Hallmark Holiday?,

You had shown me a picture of your leg,

(Thought I would've forgotten, right?),

What you had done to your leg,

It scared me and hurt me inside,

The thought that my best friend would do that,

So I tried to help you with it,

I know how to solve a lot of problems,

That was one I could not,

I put our friendship in jeopardy,

I did that because I cared,

But obviously I didn't care enough,

I had went behind your back and told someone else,

I told you that I told them what you did,

And the thin string of our friendship snapped,

I realized my mistake,

And I came back and ask for forgiveness,

You forgave me so easily,

I'm still in shock by that.

And then came a month later,

My girlfriend broke up with me,

You were there for me then,

You helped me be happy again,

And during that time I met a new friend,

I talked to you about her,

You thought that I liked her then,

But it was you I liked.

I should have told you about that at that time,

I don't know what was holding me back,

But eventually my feelings for you faded,

And even then, you were still my best friend.

Time passed over the summer,

I had my hope that I would visit there again,

To be able to see my best friend again,

But that day hasn't come, at least not yet.

Then came the next school year,

And I met who would become my next girlfriend,

And of course I talked about her to you,

But we both knew, something was changing,

Over time she became my girlfriend,

She and I shared a very happy day,

But then, a couple weeks later,

You came to me and gave me the worst news,

You didn't want to be my friend anymore,

You wanted to leave it all behind,

Knowing I could never change your mind,

I said ok, and I cried,

That was the starting point of the worst part of my life,

And so much happened after that day,

My dad's accident, the break up, no one to turn to,

Depression had become my only state of mind.

Christmas time came around,

By this time I was close,

Close to forgetting about you,

But you wanted to talk again,

And so we did talk again,

We spoke like friends, but barely,

When it came time for you to go,

You apologized, gave your number, and left,

We talked a little more,

About what all had happened between us,

And you gave me the longest apology,

I knew it was from the heart,

I forgave you, and for the first time smiled,

I had gotten my best friend back,

Wait, but I remember what you said,

We always were best friends.

Nothing major has happened between us,

Not since that time in December,

But you've still been here for me,

For every little problem I must share,

And many times I look back,

Back on the history of our friendship,

Sure, it's pretty short, just two years,

But I wouldn't trade those years for anything,

From the day we met to the problem we faced,

From the marking of best-friendship to your last birthday,

From last Christmas to the Here and Now,

Take a look back on those days, and smile like I do,

You mean a lot to me, very much in fact,

I would sacrifice a lot for you,

No, I don't have special feelings for you,

But as a friend, I Love You,

It's hard to show you exactly what you mean to me,

This should definitely help though,

With all my heart, happy birthday,

I'll be here for you, always.

A/N: Phew, haven't written a poem this long sinceā€¦ probably never! Anyways, this, obviously, is for one heck of an amazing friend of mine, who we all like to call Rain. Happy birthday Rain! I hope you enjoy reading this! And I'll get you a cookie next year :P

Oh, and by the way, who said poems ALWAYS have to rhyme at a specific point and stuff? This is my style, so deal with it! Haha, I hope all you people out there enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this! Thanks for your time! :)