Chapter 1- Transformed

Let me warn you, my story is not your traditional clich├ęd bet story. My story is different. I don't know if I end up with the guy, I don't know if I end up happily married and in loved. My story is not yet finished, but I'll tell it anyways.

My name is Kylie Jane Summers. I'm a senior in high school. I have exactly three best friends, Allison "Ally" Moore and my two brothers Kyle and Kayden. I won't lie to you and pretend to be modest, this is a re-telling of my life after all, I should get the facts straight; I'm quite pretty, when I want to be that is. I'm fair skinned, 5'6, with long pin straight jet black hair that reaches to my lower back. My eyes are a bright green, the brightest I have come across. They are really startling. I'm gifted with subtle curves that Ally likes to call "a body anyone would kill for". My cheek bones are ridiculously high, and my lips are large, it looks like I'm pouting all the time. I live with my single father and two brothers. My mother left when I was thirteen, on the brink of entering high school, and that's shaped the person I am today. No matter how wonderful my father and brothers are (most of the time) a girl needs her mother to guide her through things. Nevertheless, I don't think I turned out that horrible. On any given day, I would choose comfort over fashion, sports over shopping and Ally over the cheerleading squad and popularity.

I was a year younger than the rest of the seniors because my father had insisted I start school with Kyle and Kayden so that we would always be able to watch out for each other. Kayden is a genius, and as such he happens to be two years younger than the rest of the seniors. You would never know it though. He's 6'0 with the same jet black hair, and paler green eyes, he may as well be Kyle's twin. As a matter of fact, the three of us may as well be triplets. I could not even begin to tell you how amazing it is to have my brothers in my year. It is annoying at times, of course, but a huge relief.

Ally was the reason that I was in the predicament I was in today. On a normal day at school, I wake up twenty minutes before the bell rings. I do my business, tie my hair up in a bun, put on brown contact lenses, and throw on a loose fitting jeans and t-shirt. I don't wear any make up because I think it makes me look older and because I don't know the first thing about applying it on.

Today however, was supposed to be 'special'. Those were Ally's words, not mine. It was the first day of senior year, and Ally wanted a change, which basically meant a makeover for the two of us. Her blond hair was now a dark red, complementing her brown orbs wonderfully. Ally went for a whole new wardrobe, for the both of us. She had applied a slight amount of make up on herself and had turned to me. I had managed to avoid a hair styling session. Instead, Ally had let it down and gasped. She had never seen me with my hair down. She pushed my hands away and ran a comb through it, pronouncing it "perfect". She made me wear my clear contacts instead of brown, and slid me into a pair of jeans that held themselves tightly against my legs. Ally handed me a strappy white baby doll tank top and told me we were leaving.

I looked in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised. I had not had an excuse to look good for a while now, and since then, I had changed. I liked the reflection of the girl in the mirror. She had on no make up, but with the brightness of her eyes, it was unnecessary. The pin straight black hair look perfect left alone, cascading down the shoulders. The jeans were a little tighter than normal, but comfortable. I liked the way my shapely legs looked in them. It seems as if the days of playing sports had paid off. The tank top showed off tanned shoulders and toned arms. Smiling, I turned to my best friend, and we walked out together.

Three minutes. We had been out of the car for three minutes and already people were staring. It didn't bother me, I'm sure Ally was the one they were looking at. My friend was gorgeous. She had an athletic build, beautiful chocolate coloured eyes and the perfect smile. Her new hair colour made her pale skin stand out. She looked like a model (not the super skinny ones). She looked like the kind of girl anyone would envy.

"Oh dear, your brothers have spotted us." Ally whispered to me, looking off somewhere to the right. I turned and found that indeed she was right. Kyle and Kayden were headed towards us. I couldn't make out their expressions, but we were sure to get lectured.

"What happened to you two?" Kyle hissed taking in our appearance with wide grey eyes.

"I brushed my hair, and didn't put in contacts?" I offered dryly. "And Ally died her hair. What's the big deal?"

"The big deal is every male with eyes, straight or not, is looking at you two." Kayden said in an annoyed voice.

"Oh well. They'll have to get used to just looking, because that's all they're going to do." I said in a voice that indicated that this conversation was over. Ally and I smiled and waved at my brothers before walking to class.

By lunch time, Ally and I had been approached by twenty guys and nine girls. It was quite a record for the two of us. Ally and I sat with my brother's friends at their table. It was composed of guys and girls, jocks and non-jocks. Kyle was captain of several teams, while Kayden was on these teams as well as the school smarty-pants.

At the moment Kayden and Kyle were eyeing their friends with wary eyes. They were making sure none of them stared for too long, or at all. Ally and I just shrugged it off. Kyle and Kayden were unused to us looking acceptable in public, or ever really. The novelty of it all would ware off in a few days and they would all revert back to treating us normally.

Lunch went by pretty fast and Ally and I found ourselves moving towards the locker rooms to get changed for our PE class. The good thing about PE, is that it stops being mandatory after freshman year. In senior year, the athletic girls are usually the only ones that choose to take it. Thankfully, I get on rather well with these girls, so this class was not going to be something to dread.

The guys were alright too. They consisted of my brothers and most of their friends. Some of them were pigs, and would openly make lewd comments. But we knew how to hold our own, or I thought I did until today.

"Damn Kylie, looks like someone grew up this summer." One of the boys said suddenly while we waited on the track field for our teachers. "I grew up too, if you know what I mean."

A few of his friends broke out into snickers, while Kyle smacked him on the back of the head. "That's my sister you're talking about."

"Don't listen to that idiot," another boy said. I recognized him as one of my brother's friends. I think his name was Justin or maybe Jason. "He doesn't know how to treat a lady."

I cocked up an eyebrow. "And I suppose you do?"

He grinned at me, showing off a set of perfect pearly whites. "I most definitely do."

I heard someone scoff and I turned to see Brent Andrews glaring at me. Ally saw who I was looking at and she made a hissing noise and didn't hesitate to flip him off.

Brent at one point was one of my good friends, until he decided I was not cool enough for him. He began ignoring me and he completely cut me out of his life. It hurt, for sure, but I guess I didn't mind because I had Kayden, Kyle and Ally to fall back on. Brent realized that because of my brother's, I was actually pretty cool, by default. He then decided to get back in touch with me, however this time, he wanted to date me. I refused of course. I wasn't stupid. He had changed and it didn't seem like the old Brent I knew was coming back. He's hated me since then. Brent has made every effort to make sure I don't get a date. It's immature, childish, but mostly it sucks. It used to hurt, but now it's like a scar that's faded away, but not completely. You forget it's there, but when you accidently stumble upon it, you remember all the hurt.

I saw Kayden look at Brent and clench his fist. Not wanting to start a fight, I grabbed his arm and forced him to talk to Ally. I saw a slight blush on his cheeks and I realized that he had a small crush on my friend. Smiling I took a step back and left them alone. The teachers had finally arrived and they seemed in no mood to teach. They basically told us to do whatever we liked as long as it was physically active.

"Hey Kylie, I know a great way we can be physically active," I didn't bother turning.

I walked a little way off, irked by the behaviour of everyone in school. That may have been an overstatement, not everyone in school was being unbearable. Deciding that the best thing for me right now was a run, I pulled out my iPod from my sling bag and set it on my jogging playlist. Tuning everything around me out, I began to run.

Before I had even managed to finish the first song, I felt someone's presence beside me. I turned my head to the side and found Adrian Chambers matching my pace easily. He was absolutely gorgeous. At 6'2 he was taller than most of the guys at our school. He was built with well-defined shoulders and arms. He had an impeccable chest to match, and a taut, muscled stomach. Adrian had an angular face of planes. His cheek bones were almost as defined as mine, and his chin was firm. His eyes though, were amazing. They were the colour of the sea. Just like the sea, they had this ability to change colour. Not dramatically, he wasn't Edward Cullen here, just subtle darkening and lightening. Adrian rarely smiled. He was all smirks and arrogance. He never approached a girl, and never had a steady relationship.

So the fact that he was here, running beside me meant something. People had stopped to look. I was growing uncomfortable, so I did the one thing I could think of doing; I turned up the music and lengthened my pace. I no longer wanted a light jog, I wanted to exhaust myself.

Adrian didn't seem to mind the change in pace, but he was surprised by it. He gave me an appreciative look, before continuing alongside me. I sighed, I had hope he would leave me alone, but that didn't seem to be the case. We kept the fast pace up for about half an hour, by which time I had almost managed to forget his presence beside me.

I was bored of running, so I suddenly came to a halt and moved out of the way and began to do some push-ups. Once again, I felt Adrian's presence beside me. My annoyance was growing. I turned on my back and matched the push-ups with crunches. Once my abdominals were screaming, I slowly stood up, wiped the sweat on my forehead, and I was met with Adrian's gaze.

Stubbornly I ignored him. Adrian Chambers was just a player. He saw that I had rejected all the other guys, and he wanted to show off to them. I began to stretch out my arms and legs aware of his eyes on my butt. Severely, annoyed now, I childishly thought of calling Kyle over.

Kyle and Adrian were good friends. Not best friends, but good friends. Adrian was over a few times a week and I saw him throughout the summer. He had never paid very much attention to me, and I never paid him any either. It's for that reason as well as the fact that he gets around a lot, that I knew something was up and I didn't want any part in it.

Class was almost over and I was now set on ignoring Adrian completely. I saw him frown. Obviously he was not used to this kind of treatment from a girl or from anyone really. Adrian Chambers was a god in this school. What he wanted almost always happened.

The teacher's signalled that we could all go back in and change. I finished my stretching and started to walk away without another glance at Adrian. I could feel his shock and I'll be honest, it made me smile.

Once I had taken a few steps, I heard him call out.

"Hey!" His voice was enough to make anyone melt. Adrian had grown up in England and still had the accent. His voice was deep and husky. When he talked, people listened, he had charm and charisma.

Smiling, I didn't even pause. I caught up to Kyle and walked back with him.

Ally and I had laughed at the behaviour of our male classmates while we changed. We had enjoyed the startled looks of surprise, but definitely not the comments.

I knew I would probably revert back to my old look tomorrow in hopes that people would just leave me alone. I know senior year was supposed to be awesome, but I really didn't care. Awesome didn't mean having all the guys objectify you and chase you. Awesome was Kyle, Kayden and Ally. I didn't want more.

Ally always takes forever in the shower, so we were the last girls out. Kyle and Kayden had texted me a while ago. They said they were going to work on some plays for football and wanted to run it by the coach. Once Ally was finally done, we got out.

Before we could talk, we heard voices, my names specifically, from the boy's locker room. Pausing, Ally and I looked at each other curiously. It was never a good thing, being the girl that's the topic of interest to the boys in the locker room. Ally and I shared a look and we decided silently, that we would listen in and see what this was about.

"First one to get Kylie Summers wins the bet. Two grand. What do you say?"

"What do you mean by get?" That was Adrian's voice of course. They were all so sure that if all else failed, Adrian would not.

"In love, in bed and break her heart, of course." I closed my eyes when I heard that voice. I understood what this was about now; revenge. Ally gasped from beside me and I refused to look at her.

Adrian laughed, sending shivers down my back. "Easy money, man."

I clenched my teeth and I heard Allison swear heavily under her breath.

"You in, Chambers?"

"Yeah man. Tell me, who can resist me?"

"This stays here, between the five of us, alright?"

Allison and I looked at each other, and we agreed silently; we were going to match that bet.

So this is how they wanted to play it? Game, set and match. Poor Adrian had no idea what was coming his way.

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