Chapter 10 – Checkpoint

"Kylie, are you sure you know what you're doing? Adrian seems different, and so do you." Ally asked the night of the homecoming ball as she brushed on some blush.

"I'm honestly not sure, Ally. If we didn't hear him talking with Brent that day, I wouldn't believe it. Adrian's so much more different than his reputation. I didn't realize it at all, despite the fact that he and my brothers hang out a lot."

Ally sat down and straightened out the skirt of her pale blue dress. "While you do have a good point Kylie, I think you should be careful. Or better yet, honest. Tell him you overheard that whole thing, and then let him grovel forever, trying to make it up to you."

"We'll see. Now how to I look?" I asked feeling a little nervous in my sapphire dress.

"Pretty darn gorgeous, Ky!" Ally squealed. My hair was down, and I had on some light makeup.

"Thanks to you. Now remind me again, why aren't you going with Kayden?" I asked her curiously. From the looks of things the other night, they were getting along quite well.

Ally ducked her head. "'Cause we're trying to find out who these other guys with Brent –"

"Ally, that's silly. It doesn't matter that much, because none of them have a shot." I said sitting down next to her and putting a hand on her shoulder.

"But Kayden's your brother and – "

"And nothing. If you like him, go for it. I guess it'll be a little weird, but Kayden's liked you forever."

"I'll think about it. For now, do you think that we're going about this the wrong way?" Ally said putting on some lipstick.

"Going about what?" I asked spraying on some perfume.

"Revenge? Who cares about the guys, Brent is the real culprit! And Adrian of course, but maybe not Adrian, because maybe Adrian isn't so bad?" Ally asked bumping shoulders with mine.

"Maybe we do need to focus on Brent. But Adrian isn't in the clear either. No matter how charming, and cute he is."

"Cute? Don't you mean gorgeous? Perfect?"

"Hey back off!" I teased. "You've got Kayden."

"You guys talking about me?" Kayden said walking into my room wearing a suit, and looking pretty good in it. Ally certainly noticed.

"Just sad that you're going to this dance all by yourself." I pitched in to cover for Ally.

"I am not. I'm going with Jen, one of Molly's friends." Kayden said looking pointedly at Ally. "Anyways, I just came to let you know that Adrian and the other guy are here."

"The 'other guy' has a name you know," I teased, feeling butterflies in my stomach.

"Yeah, well he can tell it to someone who cares." Kayden muttered walking out.

"Ally, look at what you've done to my brother."

"I'm not in the mood to be teased Kylie. Let's just go." Ally mumbled, her eyes downcast.

"Oh Ally. Why did you have to agree to go with no-name?" I asked, putting an arm around her shoulders, and my excitement fading at her unhappy state.

"I think he might be one of the five guys from the locker room. Clearly he asked me out to get closer to you, so I thought I'd say yes, then dish out a little revenge of my own." Ally said, trying to pull a smile off for my benefit.

I rolled my eyes. "If anyone asked you out, it is certainly not to get close to me. Besides we know Brent, Adrian, and Harry are all in on it. The other two seem like they're not even in the running, so who cares?"

It was Ally's turn to roll her eyes and hug me. "I care, girly. No one messes with my best friend and lives. Or at least lives with a few parts missing."

I laughed. "You're bloodthirsty. I love it. Now I think we've made them wait long enough. Let's go down there and try to have a good time."

"Oh we know you'll be having a good time. Just do it responsibly. I don't need to give you the birds and the bees lecture, do I?" Ally smirked as she got up and applied one last coat of lipstick.

"Umm Ally, darling, the bet, remember? I'm not giving him an inch." I huffed crossing my arms around my chest.

Ally turned and the look on her face was wicked, "It's definitely got to be bigger than –"

"Ally!" I shouted jumping to my feet and ready to cover her mouth. "Shut up!"

"Never!" Ally said wrestling me away. We both fell to the ground laughing, and that's how Adrian found us.

"I think that maybe I should leave and let the two of you go to the dance together?" Adrian said amused and a little puzzled. Kayden was standing next to him trying to keep no-name out of the room.

I sat up and tried to fix my hair, which was undoubtedly a mess right about now. Ally and I were still giggling, with our arms around each other, and our faces flushed.

"Wouldn't be the first time!" Ally replied, trying to catch her breath.

I just shook my head, and glanced at Adrian. Then, I did more than glance at how amazing he looked in his black suit, with a sapphire tie that was the exact colour of my dress. His hair was pushed back and styled to look naturally tousled, or maybe Adrian in all his perfection just had amazing hair always.

"You two plan on coming tonight?"

"Kylie wouldn't miss it for the world!" Ally exclaimed dramatically. "Now why don't you help us up. These dresses are not the easiest to move in."

Adrian didn't need any more invitation. He crossed the room in three long strides and helped me up and then didn't let go. I had to admit that he certainly knew how to put on the charm. My heart was racing just being close to him. Looking into his eyes, I couldn't help forgetting about the whole bet, and just wanting to be close to him, to talk, laugh, dance…

My thoughts broke off as Adrian told me how beautiful I looked, and he proceeded to hand me a white corsage with sapphire details.

"That's not all he brought," Kayden complained. "There's a small flower shop for you downstairs."

Ally hushed him and greeted her date.

"Hi," Adrian said smiling still holding my hands.

"Hey," I said quietly, with a timid smile.

"Ready to go?" Adrian said his smile broadening.

"Jeez the only place the two of you should be going is to get a room!" Ally interceded, pulling my hands away from Adrian's and giving him a stern look. "Which will not be happening right now after all the work I've put into making Kylie look as beautiful as she does."

"Hey!" I exclaimed insulted and embarrassed at the same time.

Adrian rolled his eyes, and took my hand again. "She always looks beautiful, Ally."

I ducked my head, blushing further. "That's not exactly what I was protesting to."

Ally narrowed her eyes. "I've got my eyes on you Chambers. Be careful with my best friend. Screw with her and you'll be missing pieces."

Ally's no name date swallowed, and I realized most of this show was for his benefit.

Doing a complete 180, Ally turned to her date and smiled brightly. "Alright Kevin, let's go."

She and Kevin left the room, pushing past Kayden who scowled and started to trail out after them.

"Shall we?" Adrian asked lowly, doing the half-smile that always got my heart racing.

"Absolutely," I said quickly when I realized I had been staring too long.

Adrian chuckled and pulled me out of the room as I tried to contain a sigh. This was getting way too complicated.


I couldn't stop giggling on the way home from homecoming. What was causing my uncontrollable laughter was the way Ally had extracted her revenge on Kevin.

Adrian's brow wrinkled slightly as he looked at me worriedly in the rearview mirror from the driver's seat. "Are you okay?"

I looked at Ally and we both started laughing again.

"You realize what you've done now, right?" I asked Ally as we breathed heavily, trying to catch our breath.

"Mhmm let's be real though, I'm sure if it gets out, some people would not be surprised at all." Ally replied.

Adrian looked at us quizzically. He wasn't sure whether to take us home or the hospital.

"I resent that," I teased.

Ally had spent the night alternating between throwing herself all over Kevin, and pretending to be in love with me. Needless to say, Kevin was more than a little freaked out. It didn't help that she dragged him into a corner and started making out with him, only to say my name instead. He officially thought that she was crazy, and left saying something along the lines of 'this is not worth it at all'.

"Come on, we'd make a fabulous couple."

I pondered that for a minute. "Too fabulous, it would destroy everyone around us because they could never measure up."

"You're right. We'll just have to slum it with some average guys." Ally said taking off her shoes.

Adrian wisely said nothing, but his eyebrows had ventured up into his hair.

"So we're down to one?" I asked her quietly.

"Yup. But he doesn't seem to be in the picture, so focus on our number one guy." Ally mumbled muffling a yawn. "Now important question: are you dropping me off at my house, or are we having a sleepover?"

"Ummm…" I hesitated for a minute, and met Adrian's eyes in the mirror and blushed to the tips of my toes.

"Cool. Adrian I live two blocks away from Kylie." Ally told him without missing a beat and she began to remove the pins out of her hair.

"Bye babe. Call me tomorrow. I want details." Ally whispered on her way out. "Bye Adrian, don't make me warn you."

Adrian laughed huskily and bid her goodnight. I climbed out of the backseat and moved into the passenger seat.

"Hey," I said quietly, my heart beating quickly.

"Hi," Adrian replied in the same low tone, as he reached over to take my hand. "So it's just us."

It was just us, and I didn't know what was going to happen.