It had been two years since the attacks had rocked the country. All across the North American Corporatocracy., entire cities are still being rebuilt. Even in NYC, the capital of the country, there are still whole areas that are nearly inhospitable, where people have to do their best to survive.

However, in downtown Manhattan, it seems like another world. Two hundred stories up, I'm stuck as this party, with people I have been trying me best to avoid. I have no choice, I need to make appearances at these parties once in a while. There had to be some proof that there was still a Wolf alive. If not, then the stock holders would try to buy out my stock majority and as much as I hate this company, I'd rather not have these people have anymore say in what goes on than they already do.

I had spent most of my time at this party looking out the window. Being this high up in the building always made me nervous, not because I am afraid of heights, but because there is really no way that I can make a quick get away if something bad happened. Well, there is no way I could escape without giving away what I am.

Being this high up gave me a chance to look at the city, I am not able to make it to all the different parts of the city, so this view gave me an idea how the different boroughs were fairing. Different sections were still in the dark, with only small sections of light.

Somehow Manhattan had survived the attacks fairly unscathed. I have never really thought of a good reason why, if whoever attack our country wanted to truly hurt our industries, Manhattan would have been the perfect place to attack. As horrible as the idea is, I think that the world would have been a better place without some of the idiots who lived in Manhattan.

Most of the people at this party have probably never been out of Manhattan, and if they did leave it was probably on hover-taxis. They probably believe that no one was in the ruins of the rest of the city, that everyone was able to find a place to live after the attacks. But I do not believe that these people are that stupid, it is more likely that they could just care less about those people in the other boroughs.

If these people knew how I spent most of my time, that I rarely spent any time in Manhattan, the would be appalled. After all, I am the President of a highly powerful company.

I can't wait until this party is over, I just want to get out of this dress and shoes. The last time I wore this dress, I was doing something much more interesting. It is a tight red silk dress, it is just long enough to be passable at this party. The black heels that I am wearing are killing my feet, I am used to wearing heels, but these shoes are extremely expensive shoes that I only wear to fit in. If I wore the heels I normally did, it would draw attention.

My enhanced sense were picking up comments from nearby people, I didn't turn to see who it was, but I hated when people talked about me that way. The men talking figured that I was itching for someone to come talk to me, and that I would probably be willing to go home with any of them.

That was another thing that made me dislike these parties, even though the men tried to put on a respectful face around the elders, they were just sex-crazed idiots who were only interested in getting with as many women as possible.

I turned my attention back to the city, trying to drown out the idiotic chatter that was taking place behind me. I didn't mind my enhanced abilities, but sometimes it was difficult to drown out all the voices.

Catching a look of myself in the window, I noticed some of my bangs had started to turn red.

"Damn." I muttered under my breathe. I was losing control, and if anyone saw these they would probably freak. Concentrating, I slowly turned my bangs back to the straight dirty blonde that they should be. I pushed them carefully behind my ear, trying not to mess up my makeup.

Usually, I couldn't care less about my makeup, but tonight it was more of a way to disguise myself. I had spent over an hour trying to make myself look less pale, paleness was a large red flag to these people. I did not want to give any of these people any reason to believe that I was a Splicer, even though it is true.

With the exception of one person, everyone in this room thinks I am just the poor orphan Victoria Wolf, who tragically lost her entire family in the attacks that took place two years previously. I was content on letting them believe this, what I really am and what I do every day is my own secret.

I heard footsteps approaching behind me, I figured that ones of the guys had finally gotten the nerve to talk to me.

"Did you really think that no one would notice what you just did? I've had my eye on you the entire night," the voice was low, almost a whisper.

Instantly, I tense up. Crap, now I was going to have to come up with a way to lie my way out of this one. Turning around, I saw a man that I had not expected to be seeing here tonight.

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*I am going through and re-editing this story. There are little things I need to fix, but the major facts are staying the same. 7/29/2012