By the time Blaize had gotten himself out of jail, it was too late for him to try and find Caly so he could track her to the meeting. The Force members had taken their time in confirming his identity and even then they had not rushed to call the Guild. Blaize knew that they were scared that if they messed up that Trident would come down hard on them.

They had stuck him in general holding with other people waiting to be processed. The room was filled with drunks and a large group that had brought in from a raid that had taken place in The Reb. Those people would be kept in holding for a few days while the Force came up with reasons to hold them longer.

Blaize didn't like the way people from The Reb were treated, but he knew that nothing he would do could help them. Every week there was another raid, an excuse for the Elites in the city to clear out more of what they thought were a bad influence.

After the Force had released him, Blaize had called into the Guild himself. They were not happy about what he had done, but they were not going to come down on him that hard. The higher ups knew that he would not do anything that rash without good reason.

They were just happy that he got out of jail in time for him to make it out on a few hunts. The later in the day it got, the more active the Vamps were. Even though the sun did not harm them, newer Vamps were sensitive to the sun. It made their eyes hurt and would wash out their already pale skin. It took a few good feeds to help a Vamp be able to pass as human during the day.

The Guild sent him three different bounties, which were not very high paying, but the easy bounties paid as much as one difficult bounty. Blaize was going to complain, but he figured that Sange had pulled some strings to make sure he got some easy kills. One thing she knew was that nothing made him feel better than killing some Vamps.

His run in with Serge had pissed him off, and he decided that it was time to move up the arrangements he had made with Oceania. He hailed a cab outside of the Force building.

"Trident headquarters. There's an extra hundred credits if you get me there before five." Blaize told the driver.

The taxi took off, swerving around others cars and taking sharp turns down side streets. Blaize had known that the promise of extra credits would get a response. Most drivers didn't even get tipped a small amount, so anything extra than normal will get a person amazing service.

Despite his best efforts, the driver failed to get them to the building before five.. They pulled in front of it five minutes after. As Blaize got out of the car, he paid his bill and then keyed in an extra fifty credits.

"Better than I figured you'd be able to do." Blaize said as he shut the door.

Blaize made his way into the lobby of Trident. Since it was the end of the day, most people were making their way out of the building. He had almost made it to the other end of the lobby before security swarmed him.

They all had their hands on their weapons, Blaize had decided that he was not going to attempt to hide all of his knives.

"I want to see Oceania Trident. I am not leaving this building until I do." Blaize said.

He planted his feet solidly on the ground, showing that he was not going to be leaving any time soon. A few men stepped forward and one of them grabbed Blaize's jacket.

That was when all hell broke loose. The lobby was filled with Trident staff running around trying to get out of the line of fire. And it was a literal line of fire. Blaize was shooting balls of fire at the security, but he gauged the flame so they were more like punches to the chest.

The man who had grabbed his jacket was still holding on, and Blaize flipped him easily over his shoulder onto the ground. In that same movement Blaize grabbed the man's gun. Blaize panted his foot on his chest and pointed the gun at the his face.

"Now, you will let Oceania know that I am here to see her. I really don't want to beat up more of you losers." Blaize said steadily.

All of the security had their guns trained at him, but were hesitant to fire. It was a natural reaction, because the security guys had no way of knowing what abilities he had. In a few minutes, they will have tracked down someone who could take him out.. This was a company that was big enough that they probably had their own Psych who could get into his head.

At once all of the security cocked their head to one side, clearly a Psych was communicating with them. They all brought their guns down at the same time. One of the elevators opened and Oceania walked out, followed closely by two women. The women were both dressed in security uniforms, but Blaize sensed that they were more than just basic security.

"You certainly do like to make an entrance Blaize." Oceania said as she walked over to him.

"Not my fault, they could have just let me up to see you. Luckily, I am not an assassin, I could have killed them all and found you fairly easily." Blaize said.

As he went to take a step towards Oceania, he felt a pressure on his chest and his feet lifted off the floor. One of the women next to Oceania had her palm out and was slowly raising her hand.

"Perhaps you may have been able to get past the regular building security, but my personal guards have a skills that would be a match even for you. Layla and Mina are almost always with me, so I am fairly certain that I am going to be safe." Oceania said.

She snapped her fingers and Layla lowered her hand. Blaize sunk back to the floor and the pressure on his chest disappeared. Layla went back to a very stoic stance, her attention focussed completely on Blaize.

"Gentlemen, I applaud you efforts, but next time remember that you do have Stun Rounds in your weapons that you can use. Err on the side of caution and shoot first. If you do end up stunning someone who does really have a meeting with me, I will completely understand. Carry on with your duties." Oceania said.

With that she turned and walked back towards the elevator. Layla and Mina stepped apart and motioned for Blaize to proceed before them. Once they had entered the elevator, Mina entered a code into the control panel before returning her attention back on Blaize.

Blaize stood there returning the pair's glare. He couldn't help but focus in on their eyes, which seemed oddly blank. Oceania looked sideways at him and followed his gaze.

"Don't mind them, Layla is a Psych and she is continually scanning for threats, she transmits them to Mina. They are fully aware of everything of import that is in their immediate vicinity and also within few floors of me." She said quickly.

The speed of her answer took Blaize aback slightly, like it was rehearsed. But he decided to let it slip, instead he took his time to take in more details about Layla and Mina. Layla had marks up both of her ears, that seemed to indicate were there had been multiple piercings that had been taken out recently. Mina had similar marks above her eyebrow and on her lip.

There was a tattoo peaking out from underneath the cuff of Layla's shirt, and one that wrapped up from under Mina's collar to just underneath her ear. That seemed a bit off to Blaize that these to security guards for a high class company would have such marks. It seemed like something that some low class person from one of the ruins would have.

The elevator door opened up and the group walked out into a massive office. Oceania walked over to a desk in the corner and took a seat. As Blaize walked over he couldn't help but look out the window. He could see that they were easily a hundred stories if not more up. There were other buildings surround them, but those buildings were at least a dozen floors shorter. A slight panic came up in Blaize, he knew that if for some reason he had to go out a window there was no way he could reach another building with injuring himself.

"Sorry Blaize, I forgot that you don't like heights." Oceania said, although her face was smug.

"I'm not afraid of heights, I'm not sure where you would get that impression." Blaize said, trying to keep his face straight.

"Well, the different places you live are all under thirty stories, or at least have a building close by that is within five stories height wise. Also, you avoid hunting marks that enter high rises." Oceania said.

"That is a matter of safety. A Vamp can survive falls that I can't. I would rather fight them on my terms, and they mostly all stay out towards the ruins." Blaize said, slightly annoyed. "Now, if we are finished talking about my habits, lets move on to why I came here."

Oceania nodded slightly. "Alright. what did you want to talk about?"

Before Blaize went on, he looked over at Layla and Mina, who had positioned themselves on either side of Oceania with their hands clasped behind their backs.

"Do not worry about these two. They are completely loyal to me and will not talk to anyone else about our arrangement without my express permission." Oceania said nonchalantly.

"We are moving forward with our arrangement. I will start bringing in Vamps today. Instead of killing any contracts I am given, I will bring them here. That way I get compensation from the Guild and from you as well." Blaize said.

"That is acceptable, it makes sense for you to do that." Oceania said. "It would be good for us to get some subjects sooner rather than later." She started to pull out a pad of paper. "I will send a memo to the research team alerting them to the advanced time line"

Blaize raised a hand, stopping her short.

"I'm not finished, I will also be payed triple per vampire. It seems like without me your little experiment will fall short." Blaize continued on. "I don't think you could find any other Hunter besides me who will keep your secret and deliver as many Vamps as I will."

The smile slipped from Oceania's face, and her bodyguards tensed up slightly. She raised her hand, and they seemed to relax.

With a sigh, Oceania stood up from her chair and walked over to Blaize. With a quick movement, she dug her nails into his cheek and pulled down. They raked across his skin, leaving four deep gouges.

Blaize leapt to his feet, knocking her backwards. She tumbled to the floor, knocking over a chair. Blaize leapt forward, but before he was able to reach her, he was thrown backwards against the window. The pressure against him was immense and it took all his strength to even move his head.

Mina was helping Oceania to her feet, and Layla was focussed in on Blaize. Taking a few second to compose herself, Oceania casually brushed her hair from her face.

"I think you are overestimating our reliance in your abilities Blaize. You are skilled, but we could find people who could suite our requirements just as well." Oceania said calmly.

She wiped the blood from her fingers on Mina's uniform. Blaize felt the pressure on his body increase, and then heard a crack. One of his ribs had just broken and the blood was dripping down his face onto his shirt.

"Now, you will be paid the same amount, and no more. If this is not agreeable to you, Layla is very adept at crushing bones one at a time. That rib was just a warning. She can break one bone at a time if she wants to." The tone of Oceania voice was steady, but there was a hint of enjoyment underneath.

"I could just refuse to bring you anything. I really hate the Vamps, but right now you are edging them out." Blaize replied.

"Your feeling about me do not matter, but you will still help us. Do you really believe that we do not have insurance polices against you. I think the term you would use is blackmail. Information that could get you thrown in jail for a very long time." Oceania said.

"But, I do have some information that might be more effective in convincing you."

Blaize snorted in derision. "You are a crazy bitch, first you threaten blackmail and now you are dangling information in front of me. What do you have that I could possibly want."

"Easy, I can give you the name and location of the Vamp that killed your sister."

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