He had him, finally. He couldn't contain his feelings anymore, his needs to push the boy up against the back of the school. Jake licked his lips, staring down into his wide hazel brown eyes. He slapped the fake glasses off, feeling the curve of his cheek, lifting up his lip with his thumb to run over the ridges of his braces.

Danny panted, his body tensed, but Jake could tell he wanted it. He could feel the hardened lump in his pants when he palmed him.

"Fucking homo," he whispered in the boy's ear, making him shover and whimper.

He moved one hand underneath the boy's baggy hoodie, feeling his ribs, massaging them softly. Fuck, he thought, fuck fuck fuck. He had to bit his lip from moaning.

Jake fingered braces, loving the feeling as he rubbed them. He didn't mind it when the pads of his fingers were cut, bleeding into the other boy's mouth. Danny moaned and keened in way people did when they were being teased, and teased hard.

But he didn't want to do him, no, not yet.

The feeling… the feeling was enough for now.

He backed off with a knowing smirk. Danny stared at him, begging him to continue.

"Not a homo, kid, sorry," he said with a jerk of his head.

Danny fell to his knees and cried, the blood of his admirer still wet in his mouth.