Hey, guys! Long time no see! This isn't another chapter, because obviously the story is already over, but I thought that those of you who are still subcribed to this will see this note.

I am editing this story, chapter by chapter. Actually, I had six chapters done until my computer crashed. I still have the docs but they are on my old hard drive which I'm a little nervous to plug into my new macbook air. I'm going to continue editing them and will repost the entire story. Maybe. I'm seriously nervous about plagerism. Especially since werewolves are a common and popular plot line right now. But, then again, I don't know of another website where I can safely publish it. I know a lot of authors from here are moving to wattpad. I tried it and didn't like it much. Fictionpress is much more simple.

Anyway, maybe I will post the edited version anyway. Thoughts?

The edits are pretty severe. I change a TON of things in the first few chapters (like Caleigh's allergies to dogs. It's a great idea, but too hard to incorporate. And, like Cole's ability to "heal" Caliegh which is also farfetched, but I heard somewhere that researchers believe that there's some sort of something in wolf saliva that heals wounds more quickly), and I'm pretty excited about this because the inconsistencies will go away and because I've written everything, I can actually focus more on style and structure, instead of just finishing the dang thing!

Also, Playing with Fire and You Can't Have Both, are currently on hold. I've lost the inspiration to start anything new . . .