Title: King of the Forest

Rating: T

Warning: Violence

Comment: Wrote this after doodling.

Red skies at night, shepherds delight, red skies in the morning, shepherds warning.

The sky was red at night. But it was orange as well. Flames burnt high as a house burnt to the ground. the sound of screaming as people were burnt to death deafening. The loud bangs of guns somehow louder as any who tried to escape the flames of 'redemption' were gunned down mercilessly.

"Find him" roared a angry voice, "Don't let any escape!"

In the middle of this madness was a boy. Well man. That day was his eighteenth birthday. He had been caught up in the poor souls who were being killed but that managed to get to the woods before the men could gun him down. Heath panted as he ran, his eyes open wide, trying to find a way to freedom. He was innocent! But that didn't matter to the men.

He sped up as he heard dogs barking behind him. He changed south, heading towards the river, maybe he could lose them there. He didn't hesitate as he entered the hip dip water. It was freezing and running fast, but he refused to let himself stop. He was running on adrenaline. When he reached the other side the men appeared on the other side. They went to follow him but then the river banks burst and a power current of water came crashing though. Too strong for them to cross.

So they started shooting at him again. He turned and run. He got two maybe three steps before something hit his arm and his world when black.

Blue eyes blinked open. All he saw was tree branches and blue sky. He sat up slowly and listened. He could see birds and the sound of water flowing. Glancing back at the river bed he narrowed his eyes. Gripping his arm, he noticed his wound was trickling with blood but was otherwise aright. The bullet must have clipped him, he guessed. He stood slowly, before nodding to himself. He'd better move.

He walked for maybe an hour when something changed. He stumbled into a clearing and all of a sudden there was no sound. He paused. That can't be good.

"Who, are you" a voice hissed lowly. Heath turned and found himself facing the one entrancing man he had ever since. Very inch of him commanded obedience and shown power. Heath found himself falling to his knees before him. "And why are you in my domain?"

Heath gulped at the term, taking in the man in front of him. He was handsome and almost unreal. He was naked, his skin well tanned from the sun. He had long green hair and green eyes. In his hair was a pink flower and he had some golden jewellery on his biceps. He met his eyes for a brief second before averting him. This was not a man to piss off

"You know your place human, I'll give you that. Now I'll ask one last time. Who are you and why are you here"

Authur note: the picture i did which made his bunny http:/ hiddenhearts. / art/ King-of-the-Forest-212287694 -delete spaces