Title: SLX Prompts 7

Rating: M

Warning: dubcon sex

Prompt: bully x nerd

For Lincoln things were not going well. Not that he had really expected them too, but then again everyone always had a small hope that things wouldn't go as badly as they feared. Shame for Lincoln, because up to that point, it had been a very good day. The sun had been shining, the birds singing.

He had gotten up early that morning. No real reason, he had just woken up and in a good mood. Today was the day they got there results back for there mid-term exams after all and he had a good feeling he had done well in them. He had studied hard and even the likes of Neal and his crew could destroy his test results. At least not these ones. the school had made him do them in a locked classroom, being observed, after last time...

If you hadn't already guessed, Lincoln was, to put it simply, a nerd. Someone who was known for being very clever, if not a little socially epet. He wasn't good at dealing with people, hence why he didn't didn't get ago with Neal.

While Lincoln was the nerdy little kid in the corner, Neal was the jock in the spot light. Everyone wanted to be friends with Neal. Every girl wanted to date him. Or at least had wet dreams about being with him. While every guy admired him and wanted to be around him. He was the essence of soul. A player. In both the hearts of the girls he went out with and on the football pitch.

"Bug!" Yelled an angry voice. Lincoln gulped, Neal hadn't found him yet, but he was getting close. Lincoln wasn't sure what to be more afraid off right now. The fact Neal was going to rip him to spreads when he saw him over an accident, or the the fact he had a little 'problem' what what he had seen.

As it had woken up early and he had plenty of time before having to go to school. So he had packed his bag and gone for a walk, deciding he should take advantage of the lovely weather. It had been a beautiful day. the sort which made you happy to simply be alive.

It was during his walk that he came across something which he would never have believed if he hadn't saw it with his own eyes. In the middle of a forest clearing, with no concern for who might see them was Neal and his best friend, Rory. The fact they were in the same place was no surprise. As best friends and partners in crime, the two were nigh inseparable. They were always seen together. Always picked on Lincoln together.

But what was surprising was what they were doing. Neal like out a savage growl as he thrusted his hard flesh in and out of his friend. Rory biting his lip to stop himself from screaming out in pain.

"Good little bitch" Neal hissed into Rory's ear, "Next time you feel the need to spill your seed into one of my girls, think better" Neal gave another harsh thrust, prompting his friend to cry out in pain, "Because I have no problem with making a bitch out of you again Rory. I'm sure you remember how that was?"

Lincoln watched, hidden behind trees as Rory let out a sob, "Yes... I'm sorry Alpha" Rory whimpered, his voice full of pain, but with something else on the side. Lust? Was the man enjoying being taken so roughly? Lincoln squeezed his legs together as he felt his loins stir. The sight and smell was beginning to turn him on a bit, much to his embarrassment.

"Good little bitch" whispered Neal, not slowing down in his thrusts, but moving his hand so it was curled into Rory's hair. Rory whimpered, but let Neal pull his head back, the man behind all the way over Rory, biting at the white flesh. In many ways it looked like Neal had mounted him.

Rory was the first to come, holding back as long as he could, "Alpha please can I?" He begged. Lincoln grew only feel himself grow harder at his tone, but his mind noticed something.

Alpha? Why was Rory calling him that, and more importantly what did it mean?

Neal let out a dark chuckle, which sent shivers down Lincoln's spine. "Release!" Neal growled that words with such intensity and power... Lincoln could almost feel his knees shaking. Just what was he witnessing here? The words would suggest a punishment, but could it simply be Neal and Rory were fucking each other and had kinky tastes.

This thought soon fled his mind as something bigger occurred. Rory let himself howl as pleasure ran though him. Screaming his release. Rory's release took Neal over with him. Neal leaning back of the boy and howling, for a brief moment, morphing into something else. A wolf?

Lincoln blinked, not sure if what he had seen was a trick of the light or something a lot more sinister and frightening. Then the wind changed,

The two men were lying on the ground, panting. Both struggling to get there breath back after there releases. Neal was the first to notice it. The change in direction and the smell of someone nearby. He snarled and pushed himself to his feet.

"Who dares watch!" He roared, making Lincoln gulp. There was no way he was going to reveal himself to Neal. He looked beyond angry. So he did the one thing anyone would do. He fled.


Neal growled as he heard whoever had dared watch him discipline his second run off. From the speed, he could only assume it was a human who had overseen. But how long had they been there, and just who were they? The scent of familiar, but not so that he could place a name to a face.

"Alpha?" whimpered his second. Rory was still lying on the ground. A little worse for wear after the violent encounter they had been though. When Neal had found him in bed with the girl he was currently 'going out' with, Neal had been angry. not as much as he was now someone had watched.

If there was one thing Neal hated it was an uninvited voyeur.

Neal shook his head. Whoever it was could wait. If he knew the scent, chances were it was someone he went to school with. It was the only place with humans in which he went. "Need a hand?" He asked glaring as his second.

Rory gulped and forced himself to try and climb to his feet. Normally after a punishment, the slate was wiped clean, but with Neal now angry over someone else... He struggled to get up, and ended up falling back down. Neal reaching out and catching him.

"You're taking the day off sick" Neal said simply. He had been rough on his second and he was school meant little to them anyway. it was more about learning how humans acted then the grades they got. Thought most of there kind did try and maintain an average grade. Good enough to appear normal. Good enough to be able to play sports and get all the girls they wanted.

"Yes Alpha" Rory murmured, looking at the floor. For the moment sufficiently cowed. He would know better then to cheat with one of his 'girlfriends'.

"um" Neal growled, hooking his arm under Rory and dragging him back in the direction of his house. He was too angry at the moment to deal with Rory in a sane way. Once a punishment was complete, it was over. But with the invasion of there privacy and also the fact the person may have seen more then he was allowed too, Neal was on edge.

"I know the smell" Rory offered, hoping to regain his alpha's favour and approval, "Only one kid at school smells like that" Rory, while not as strong as his alpha, had an excellent nose. The reason he had been taken as an Beta. Or rather upgraded, Originally he had been a Delta wolf.


"Lincoln Fry"


To say Lincoln was a little frazzled after that experience was to say the least. Luckily for him, by the time he got back to school, his hard on had disappeared. Partly from the run, party from the cold water some of Neal's goons had thrown on him to make his life miserable. All he could do now was hope Neal didn't figure now it was him.

"Where are you hiding?" Neal growled again, snapping Lincoln out of his musing of how he had gotten into this situation. When Neal got to school, he had wasted no time in tracking Lincoln down. Once again Lincoln had fled, which was possibly the worse thing he could have done.

After all a predator always chases after it's prey.

Lincoln had fled into the gym. Foolish as he was. After all, Neal was the star footballer. It was his home ground. Hoping he would be able to find him, Lincoln ad curled up in a ball in one of the equipment lockers. Only just skinny enough to get behind the gymnastic equipment, praying to whatever god as out there that Neal didn't bother to check the lockers.

Then the door crashed open and an angry teen walked in. Lincoln had to force himself to not to panic as the boy walked in. From where he was hiding, Neal wouldn't be able to see him, but it would only take a crouch down and a look a few inches to the left to see the hidey hole in was in.

"I know you're here bug" Neal growled, the sound raspy. "I suggest you come one before I have to drag you out"

It was by pure will alone that Lincoln kept himself from whimpering. That was the voice was someone who expect to be obeyed. His heart pounded in his chest. He was only to die here today, he knew it. He hadn't even found out his results yet!

"I can smell you little bug. All of you. you really are a little slut aren't you" Neal said, his tone turning slightly lewd.

Lincoln blushed as he realised what the man meant. He was hard.

At this point, Lincoln whimpered. There was something desperately wrong with him for being turned on in this situation. Neal let out a growl which sounded completely animalistic. Then suddenly he was above him. Crouched on top of the Pommel horse which made up one of the many items he was hiding behind.

"Found you!" He hissed, a menacing look in his eyes. Lincoln wanted to scream. Wanted to yell but found him unable to. A deer in headlights. Petrified of what this predator was going to do to him.

He's muscles did still work however, and as Neal reached down to grab the collar of his shirt, he moved. Diving under the equipment and crawling away as fast as he could.

"Bug!" Warned Neal, "If you keep running, it will only make it worse" Watching Lincoln, Neal leapt over the rest of the equipment to an empty space. Before Lincoln could move further under the equipment, he grabbed his legs and pulled him out. Like any prey animal once caught, he struggled.

"Let me go!" He managed to yell, kicking wildly.

"No" Neal said, his voice holding an edge of power which held sway even over Lincoln's human mind, "Stop!" He slammed his fist into Lincoln's stomach. Making the boy cry out in pain. Lincoln's eyes watered as pain surged though him. He was a weakling. Neal sneered at him, but didn't hit him again, seeing as he stopped trying to get out of his grip.

Neal didn't waste any moment of his preys, no doubt temporary, surrender. Pulling his own tie off, his grabbed Lincoln's wrists and flipped the boy over. Pressing his knee into the humans back to keep him from struggling as he tied his hands above his head and to the leg of one of the many pieces of equipment surrounding them.

"You watched me punish Rory" Neal commented, his voice dark, "Something you had no right to watch"

"Sor..." Neal pressed a hand to Lincoln's mouth, not wishing to hear excuses, "You keep your mouth shut or I will gag you little bug" He growled. Lincoln nodded his head, showing his understanding. Some part of him wondered about the nickname, while Neal was chasing him he had begun to call him bug and didn't seem set to stop.

"Normally I would just beat the crap out of you as a warning not to spill anything. but I smelt something else back in the woods. Can still smell it. You're turn out aren't you? You little whore" Growled Neal. his knee, pushing down, forcing Lincoln's legs to part. "So I'm going to give your dirty little body what to needs to stop such craving. A taste of it"

"No!" Lincoln yelled but once again he was silenced by a hand to the mouth. A piece of clothing quickly wrapped around his head, blocking any sounds it wanted to make.

"Behave little bug. Or I will make this very painful for you" growled Neal, slapping Lincoln's ass. Firm hands pulled his hips up, forcing him to remain face down on the floor, while his ass was high in the air. "I wonder" Neal murmured, "Just how many have seen you like this... I'd say none. I doubt anyone you'd go out with would like the more" A hand cupped Lincoln's still covered balls, "Kinky side of sex"

Lincoln let out a whimper as he felt his trousers be pulled down, closely followed by his pants. Neal's hands rubbed over his bare ass cheeks, Neal letting out a sound of approval. "You don't look half bad" He commented, pressing a dry finger into Lincoln's hole. "Nice and tight too"

A nerd, Lincoln was. but he was no virgin. He had slept with a few girls but found he preferred boys more. One of the reasons a lot of people picked on him. Mostly calling him a girl. After all, in a town like this, only girly boys fancied guys. For reason's unknown to most, in the small town they lived in, it was considered the one who was entered to be the gay guy not the one who did the penetrating. So people like Neal could happily fuck as many men as they wanted without being called queer. Lincoln on the other hand.

Then all touch was gone. The sound of rustling behind him, making the suspense almost unbearable to the nerd. The the fingers were back. he whimpered and shifted his hips away from them as they tried to enter, this time cold and wet. Neal growled and slapped his ass cheek with his other hand. "If I have to tell you to behave one more time!"

The older boy let the threat sink in as he continued to take advantage of the weaker boy. Pumping two fingers in and out of the boys tight hole. Opening the boy up and making sure he would be able to take him. He grinned as he watched the boy's hole greedily take in his fingers, easily sliding a third in.

Lincoln's cock was hard and bouncing at his stomach, but Neal paid no attention to it. It was not his job to after all. he was the top and hence was the only one who should gain any real pleasure. At least in his eyes.

Pulling his fingers out of the tight hole, he pumped himself a few times, using any left over lube to lube himself up. Positioning himself at Lincoln's entrance, he paused from a moment. Leaning down over the boy and kissing him on the shoulder, almost gently. "Relax and this won't hurt" He murmured into the nerds ear.

Pain was the first thing Lincoln felt as Neal's cock entered him. Not an unbearable one, though. It was simply from the stretch. but it still made him yell slightly and his eyes water. There was no way when he got up today he had thought his would happen.

Mercifully, no one found him as Neal rocking in and out of Lincoln's body. The only sounds were off Lincoln's muffled whimpered and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Neal set a powerful pace but one which sent more pleasure though Lincoln then pain.

"That's it" Neal whispered lewdly into Lincoln's ear, "Take it like a good little bug. Take. It. All" With those three words, he thrust his hips harder, forcing the entirety of his length into the body below him. Lincoln clenched his teeth together as pain run though him. Neal paused for a moment, a hand stroking up and down the boy's back. "Good bug" He murmured, staying still for long enough to give the boy a chance at adjusting.

then he began pounding Lincoln. The thrusts strong enough to moving his whole body back and forth with them. Neal used a brutal pace. Taking full advantage of the soft flesh below him. In compassion to the fast and harsh thrusts, Neal kissed down his spine. "Just a little more" He murmured into Lincoln's ear, biting the top if it lightly.

Lincoln whimpered into something different to pain and kept his eyes shut. He wasn't sure why. While he should feel trapped and like he was being raped... He's body felt on fire. He was enjoying this. His cock was straining from the pleasure, desperately wanting to release.

Almost like he sensed his need, Neal reached under the body and took the hot flesh there in his hand. Pumping at it steady. "Go on" He murmured. Lincoln let out a moan as he released. His triggering Neal's.

The man groaned loudly as he came, pulling out of the boy and spraying his seed over the half naked body, getting it over the nerds shirt and trousers. He panted for a moment afterwards before flipping the boy. Grinning at he saw the saw dishevelled sight.

"Smile for the camera" He teased as he pulled out his camera phone and snapped a saw shoots. Lincoln looked away in shame. "Now, you keep you mouth shut about what you saw, and about what just happened and no one will know. Otherwise, these" He gestured at the phone, "Will be since by everyone. understood?"

Cheeks burning with shame, Lincoln nodded. Now the pleasurable buzz had wore off, and the blackmail made, he felt used and dirty. "Good boy" Neal whispered darkly, before untiring his hands. "Congratulations by the way. You made top of class"

With those parting words, he left. Smiling darkly. That had gone better then planned. Lincoln, on the other hand, just sobbed.