A/N: So, this was the first writing I did in school this year. I found it and was like "I should publish this" so here you go. Before you ask, yes I do believe in them for real. Get over it. LOVE YOU! -ducky

Unicorn Horns

She said they were invisible, that ordinary people couldn't see them. That's what my best friend told me at our first creature meeting. I remember walking down the pebble path next to her house, a bouquet of wild flowers in my hands, trying to feel the heat of one near me. But it was nearly a hundred degrees outside. There was no way to tell if there was a unicorn here; still, I knew one was around here somewhere. I believe mystical and magical creatures are real; they are working the wonders of this world, and I've seen them.

One force can't possibly control everything that happens in the whole wide world. Each mystical creature has the power to control some force of the world, be it the shine of the stars, the growth of plants, the flow of water, even on flat surfaces where it should be still, the fall of earth from perfectly balanced points on mountains without a nudge. I met a fairy once who snapped a dead branch of the tree she lived in without even looking at it. These kinds of powers are given to spirits who work with the earth to control the natural forces that work each day around the globe. I've seen it happen.

When I was in fifth grade I went on a trip to France with my dad and my brother, and while I was there I saw a water spirit. We were in Paris taking a boat ride on the Seine. It was an incredibly windy, cold day. The clouds above my head were gray and while we were moving down the river the wind chilled the entire boat. I was standing on the bottom deck hanging my hands over the side, trying to think of a way to warm myself up when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was the rough outline of a huge fish. But the Seine's water is polluted, the only large fish there are Silurian catfish that spend their entire lives out of sight on the murky bottom. The boat's shadow was on the other side of it. There were no other boats in the water. At that second I knew I'd seen a water spirit.

In the heat of the mid-July afternoon I wandered around the neighborhood searching for what I knew was there but I couldn't see. I felt a soft nudge on my back, like a dog coming up from behind asking to play with me. I turned and smiled. There was nothing there. A unicorn was standing right in front of me, but I would never be able to see it. She said that if a unicorn horn touches you, you would have a truly magical life. And mine has been just that.