So my English teacher this year was freaking awesome. The last unit we did this year was creative writing. We wrote 9 different prompts and had to turn in 3 of them in a portfolio for a grade. I went overboard some days and turned in two… But anyway these are the final edited version minus the 3 I turned in for a grade. Those got a perfect score and can be found on my page under English Poem Portfolio. This chapter is just an introduction/ table of contents sort of deal where I'll have the names of the poems and what the general prompt was. The formatting is probably going to screw up somewhere but I'll tell you in the chapter when that happens. These will be posted in the order in which I wrote them.


I am what I am- A poem describing who you are and what you think of when you think of your self. Poems: 1. I am What I am

How to Live- A poem pretty much telling someone how they should live their life for it to be a good one. My teacher explained it like how you would teach you're kid only in a poem. I bent he rules on this one… Pomes: 2. Teach Me How to Live

Quality/Emotion- Basically, we were supposed to chose a quality and personify it, give it a life and a personality and all that good stuff. Poems: 3. Remorse

Odes- If you don't know what an ode is… I commend you on being either really young or really stupid. But I'll explain them anyway. An ode is poem dedicated to someone or something that is important to you, usually something underappreciated. It exemplifies the positive qualities of that thing and explains why you love it so much. Poems: 4. Ode to My Emo Poetry (oh how I enjoyed this one. I really do love this stuff.) 5. Ode to My Socks

Explanation- I don't actually remember what these were called for real, but the idea was to take something you think about everyday and over analyze it until you found sort of a secret nature of that thing and turn that nature into a poem. Complicated I know… Poems: 6. Reality 7. Doors

Limericks - If you don't know what a limerick is, see the first sentence of my explanation of odes and then go look it up on the internet. I'm too lazy to explain them. We were supposed to write ours about something weird and interesting about ourselves. Poems: 8. Obvious Answers 9. Dead Fish

Do enjoy these fun little bits of writing! I'm going to be uploading once per until I'm finished, but I am What I am should be posted already so the site doesn't yell at me, and you guys aren't just waiting for me to publish stuff. Some days I might also post other poems since all off these were pre-typed so all I have to do is upload them. BE AWSOME FOR ME! -ducky