My first college fiction assignment! It's been revised since I wrote it, but I'm still pretty attached to it. Hopefully someone else will like it as much as I do.

Ms. Nyland, on the phone with her sister

Edna, I think the women who do the scheduling have something against me. … Well, even if they don't, I get one like him every year. As soon as they hit the chair, their heads start rolling back and forth and their eyes start closing. It's as if my lesson is the most soothing lullaby they've ever heard. And this one didn't even have the decency to wait until the second day of the term! I was one minute into my introduction, and he had the audacity to put his head down on his desk. … Yes, one minute, and it wasn't even noon yet! … Of course I'm sure he was actually asleep, Edna, the boy even started snoring while I was talking! The entire class had lost focus on me and started watching him. Why he was more important than the content of the class is completely beyond me, but there was clearly no hope in getting their attention back without taking drastic measures. So I picked up a stack of textbooks and dropped them on my desk. And as soon as the delinquent woke up, I told him that if he didn't stop slacking and change his ways immediately, it would be a miserable year for him. … No, I don't think it was harsh at all! Children today are horrifically under disciplined, Edna, and if they're not going to learn how to be respectful at home, they'll just have to learn it from me.


Ethan Siglin, at a meeting with his psychiatrist

Things at home? They're alright, I guess. I'm gonna talk about school first, if that's okay. It was the first day today, and I'm sitting in Pre Calc, and I'm trying to pay attention but I can't keep my eyes open 'cause my damn parents were screaming at each other all night. … Oh, I don't fucking know. Something about feeding the dog, I think. Whatever, point is I didn't sleep at home, and I guess I fell asleep in class, 'cause the next thing I know I hear this loud-ass bang, and I shoot up and the room's dead quiet and everyone's staring at me. Then my bitch teacher goes, "Young man, if you don't stop slacking off, this is gonna be a miserable year for you." I hate how they always think I'm some dumbass slacker! I really wanted to go up to her and set her straight, but she wouldn't shut up for the whole damn period so I didn't get the chance. God, I fucking hate teachers like that. I wish for once one of those assholes could see that I'm more than some lazy punk-ass. No one in that school takes the fucking time to figure anyone else out.


Stephanie Bray, in a diary entry

Oh my GOD, he is SO CUTE when he's sleeping! I could've just sat there watching him for the entire period. But anyway, while I was watching, I was wondering why he's always asleep in class. I was daydreaming that maybe he was secretly a government agent who was posing as a regular, tired kid. And he was out to get Ms. Nyland for her crimes against humanity, but he couldn't unless he had this one file on her. I, of course, would know EXACTLY where to find the file, and I'd give it to him. Ms. Nyland would be sent to Siberia, and he'd be SO grateful and decide to make me his partner. And I was JUST getting to the part where we'd kiss, when all of a sudden there was this LOUD bang. I snapped out of it and saw that EVEYRONE was staring at poor Ethan, and Ms. Nyland gives him her death glare and tells him that if he doesn't "stop slacking" he's going to have a really rough year. Well, duh. EVERY year is rough with that bitch! God, I just felt SO bad for him! I wanted to go up to him after class and ask if he was all right, but be bolted as soon as the bell rang so I didn't get a chance. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow. If I can get my nerve up, I mean. If he falls asleep again, I might just melt into a puddle of lust right then and there!