Through the Mirror and Into Death's Arms

(Selene and Lord Death rewrite)


I close my eyes and clasped my hands over my ears praying that they will go away if I can drown them out all the while chanting, like it's a holy mantra of protection, "if I can't see them they can't see me". They come from the darkness and appear out of thin air, excited at the idea of being noticed by someone with a beating heart and functioning lungs. Their demonic, dead, smiles and dark eyes haunt my mind day and night as I try to act like I'm normal, but they still torment me never leaving me a moment's rest, and when I finally open my eyes and remove my hands from my ears, my chanting finally done, they are standing there looking down at me with concern asking me "Lady Selene are you ok?" but I never answer as I get up and run from the closet that I hide in and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me. When I look forward I feel as if the universe is mocking me further when my reflection is staring back at me from inside the mirror, taunting me with joyful eyes and a cocky smirk that I knew was not on my own face. Without a second thought I take my fist and shatter it, wishing that I would shatter along with it.

Author's Note: Hey guys! I know it has been a long time since I posted something and for that I'm sorry. I've ust finished my senior year and am starting college in a month or so so I've been pretty busy as of late so forgive me. As you can see this is the prologue to the rewrite of the Selene and Lord Death. I've been working on this for a while, trying to make sure it's perfect, and so far I've got this far. I will be taking down the original when this one is finished so you guys can still read the original if you like it. Chapter one will be out really soon, maybe even today if I have time to read through it and do some last minute editing.

Thanks for reading you guys! I hope you enjoy it!