Chapter 1:

Moving day/Plotting day

"Mom, we're moving," Selene told the headstone that she kneeled in front of. "Dad and Joanna are going to work in Paris and are moving the twins and me into this old mansion that dates back to the 1800s." She paused, as if waiting to hear the stone's reply. She chuckled. "I know what you're thinking; me in a really old mansion will be interesting." She smiled sadly at the stone. Her fingers stretched out and touched the name engraved on the smooth surface solemnly tracing the letters that made up the name Helena Shay.

"I miss you a lot you know," Selene remarked to the stone. "It's been hell since you've been gone, but I don't blame you, I blame him." Her fair fingers fell away from the stone, frustration and loathing causing her fingers to ball up tightly, her short finger nails putting indents in her fair palms. "And now that bastard's forcing me to move to another town, in a different state, making it impossible for me to come here to see you anymore." She grew silent for awhile with her eyes trained on the dead grass beneath her feet. "So I guess this is goodbye." She looked up from the grass to the face of the stone as if waiting for a reply from the lifeless rock. Selene groaned and glared sadly at the stone. "Why is it I can see millions of other dead people and dark creatures but I can't see you! What's the point of this power if I can't see the only one that matters to me?" Selene stood from where she was knelt and took in a long breath to steady herself. She looked up at the sky and released a long sigh.

"I wish I was dead too you know," she stated to the stone. "I hate it here. The living are so boring; all they do is judge those that are different from them while they gripe and groan about how bad life is, all the while trying to satisfy their own greedy nature. That and my life is such a train wreck that they could turn it into a soap opera." She chuckled. "Maybe I should turn it into a script and sell it?" She turned to the stone. "What d'you think ma?" again the stone was silent. She sighed and turned back around. "Well I just wanted to tell you what was going on so you wouldn't worry when I don't show up for awhile. Say hi to grandma for me, if she's dead I mean. That asshole won't let me talk to her so I don't know if she's still alive or not."

The stone remained silent as Selene faced forward and began to walk away from the grave of her mother, this being the last time she would do so. The minute Selene was away from the stone she was surrounded. Ghosts and ghouls that called the graveyard home came up to her to hug her and beg her not to go or to claw and scratch at her fair skin in hopes of satisfying their lust for living flesh and blood.

"Lady Selene you can't leave!" one of the ladies begged as Selene ignored them and began her trek to the gates.

"Look at me human!" one of the ghouls commanded with its barren eye sockets focused hungrily on the mortal's form. "You wretched creature, just because you can see us you think you're better than the other mortals! I'll tear you to pieces and eat your flesh!"

Selene sighed. The spirits and creatures in this graveyard were needy and violent. They always clung to her and tried to force her to talk to them or tried to attack her. For some reason when she was in front of her mother's head stone or talking to it they stood clear of her. The only way that she could keep the ghouls and other monsters away was the red rosary that belonged to her mother. It usually dangled loosely from Selene's wrist but at the moment she ran the beads through her fingers, glad that they were able to keep the spirits and monsters at bay. When she finally came to the gates of the grave yard she ran through them, leaving the ghosts and goblins behind that hissing and crying after her, their beings blocked by two large scythes that belonged to the guards of the cemetery.

"Are you ok Lady Selene?" she looked at one of the Ankous, skeletal grave watchers that guarded the gates of the consecrated grounds.

"I'm fine," she stated, her voice steady but her hands shaking.

"Would you like one of us to escort you home My Lady?" the other black robed ankou asked the teenage girl.

She shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest to hide how much she was shaking. "No, I'm fine gentlemen. Thank you for your offer, it is greatly appreciated."

"It is sad that her ladyship will never return to this place," the first ankou stated as he turned his white skull that was hidden by the black cowl of his cloak towards her. "We have grown very fond of her ladyship over the years."

The other ankou nodded. "My Lady will be terribly missed."

Selene smiled at the guards and curtsied to them. "It was an honor knowing you gentlemen as well." The guards bowed in respect to Selene and returned to their posts as Selene began her walk away from the graveyard.

She sighed in relief when she was far from the damned place, cursing her father's name as she walked in the direction of her current home. That graveyard was one reserved for murderers, criminals, and the mentally ill. The place was ridden with evil spirits from the sinners that were buried there and the only reason that her mother was there was because of her "mental state" before she died. She snorted; her mother was perfectly sane even before her death. If she did go insane it was that bastard's doing. But even that hellish place filled with damned souls was more comfortable to her than the place she was forced to call home.

"Where have you been young lady?" Selene heard a voice ask as she closed the front door of their current residence. She turned around to see Joanna, her step mother, standing at the bottom of the stairs with a bunch of suitcases and trunks at her feet. Selene's eyes moved from the luggage to the woman that stood beside them. Her fake blonde hair was curled elegantly and framed her fresh-from-the-tanning-bed and Botox filled face. Like always she was dressed in the latest suit from some fashion designer that Selene could care less about. The woman's green eyes glared at Selene as she stood by the door, her mouth set in what looked like a permanent scowl.

"Well?" she asked after Selene didn't answer.

The violet eyed girl kept an emotionless expression on her face as she walked past the luggage and the woman that continued to stand beside them. "I was visiting my mother, is there some law that says I can't?"

"You know very well that your father doesn't like you going there," Joanna chastised. "Well I guess it doesn't matter considering you won't be able to 'visit' with that old headstone anymore." Selene's fingers wrapped around the beads of her mother's rosary fondly while her teeth ground together in anger at Joanna's harsh words, but she did not stop moving up the stairs. "Now that your home you can load my luggage into the truck that will be taking them to the airport."

"I've got packing to do," Selene stated. "You've got two legs and a heartbeat, do it yourself."

Joanna's jaw dropped and she yelled at the teenager as she reached the top of the stairs and made her way down the hall to her room. She shut the door behind her and sighed.

"Bad day Selene?" she looked over at her bed to see a pale boy, around her age, sitting on her bed. His eyes had dark bags underneath them and were terribly bloodshot. His messy hair was pulled back in a loose ribbon while his knickers and shirt were splattered with blood and dirt. A rope tied in a noose knot was hanging around his neck, a red mark wrapping around his neck where it had cut into his skin.

Selene smiled at him and took a seat next to him on her bed. "Yeah Tom, it was really bad."

"Did someone hurt you at the graveyard?" Tom asked protectively.

Selene shook her head. "No, but it was emotional for me," she replied. "That and Joanna was giving me the third degree when I walked in the door again."

Tom placed a pale hand on top of Selene's. "And you want to punch her in the face because of it don't you?"

Selene chuckled. "You know me too well Tom," she responded as she lay down onto the bed. "I think I'm going to miss you the most."

"I could always follow you to your new home," Tom stated.

Selene sighed. "You could, but that's not really fair to you," she stated. "I mean, this is your home and you're used to this town more than anywhere else. You know where everything is, including the portal to the realm of death. I couldn't ask you to leave this place for me."

"Then at least let me help you pack," Tom stated. "You're going to leave soon and you haven't packed anything."

Selene smiled and stood up. "Well, you've got me there."


The small green imp paced back and forth in the hall, nervous and anxious perspiration dotting his brow as he did so. The king was in the middle of a meeting with a member from his council and the imp knew what they were going to discuss. The king had been on the throne for almost twenty years and has yet to take a queen; because of this the council and the king's court have been uneasy and were demanding that he take a queen as soon as possible, but the king has refused.

"Do you not understand your majesty?" the head of the council exclaimed. The imp pulled his large, green, ears down as he bit his lip, a habit of his when he was nervous and anxious about something. "If you do not take a queen soon and produce an heir then there won't be anything to stop your brother from taking the throne if you are to pass away!"

"And I have told you, Councilor Elijah, I will not pick some random woman to make my bride! Have you forgotten that the woman I choose will also receive half of my powers and control over this world; I refuse to give that kind of power and control to some simple, ignorant, woman who's only concern is gaining power."

"But your highness-." The councilor was cut off by the king.

"My father picked my mother as his queen because she was loyal, intelligent, compassionate, diplomatic, and wise beyond her years. I refuse to marry a woman who does not possess all of these characteristics," the imp could hear the king get up from his throne and move towards the doors. With a big crash they flew open, hitting the wall as they did so, and the king immerged looking very irritable as he walked gracefully down the hall towards his office.

"Dante," the green imp turned his head to look at the councilor who was standing by the opened doors to the throne room. "You've been friends with his majesty for years and are his most trusted advisor; perhaps you can talk some sense into him."

The imp bit his lower lip harder. "I-I will try Councilor Elijah," the imp stated as his stubby little legs carried him down the hall after the king.

Just like the imp had thought the king was in his office, lounging at his desk in his large chair with the same look of irritation contorting his facial features, glaring down at some paper work on his desk. Dante slipped quietly into the office, making sure the door shut behind him, and climbed his way to the top of the king's desk.

"They don't seem to understand anything Dante," the king stated his red eyes turning to the imp that stood on his desk top looking at Lord Death nervously. "I've only been on the throne for twenty years, not a very long time, and I have been so preoccupied with diplomatic matters and other things that the last thing on my mind is courting some useless woman."

"B-but…" Dante stuttered, an audible gulp being heard from his throat. "Y-you have had time to flirt with different women from court and welcome them to your bed, L-Lord Death."

Lord Death's brows knitted together in irritation at his advisor. "Your point being what Dante?"

The imp gulped again, tugging at the collar of his shirt as if it were choking him. "Perhaps instead of trying to seduce the women into your bed you could perhaps be a tad bit more serious, perhaps attempt at serious courtship?" a bead of sweat slid down the side of Dante's face.

"So you're siding with them?" the king asked, anger clouding his red eyes as he glared at his, once, good friend.

"They are right when they say that you need to take a wife," the imp stated. "His highness prince Edmund has become more frequent with the attempts on his majesty's life, if you were to take a wife and produce an heir then prince Edmund wouldn't be able to take the throne."

"Get out."

The imp looked up with wide, yellow, eyes to the king. "Y-your majesty…I-"


Like a bat out of hell the little imp jumped from the top of the desk and ran out of the office, not wasting a minute. The king sank back into his chair, a hand running over his face in irritation and exhaustion from the conversation and the fact that he knew they were right.


"Well girls I'll call later this week," Joanna stated as she dropped the girls off in front of their new "home". "You will be expected at school on Tuesday morning so make sure you attend."

Alice and Allison smiled sickening sweetly at their mother and waved. "By Mommy!" they said in perfect unison to their mother. Joanna blew an affectionate kiss to her daughters before rolling up the limo window and driving off in the direction of the airport, all of her luggage packed into the trunk while the bags that belonged to the girls sat on the lawn out front of the house and the rest of the furniture already unloaded and arranged within the house.

Selene didn't wait for the limo to drive away. She picked up her bags and began to carry them into the house but stopped right when she came to the threshold. There was a strange, black, energy coming from the house, one that was different from the typical energy that spirits gave off. This energy was like it was originating from something much darker than just an ordinary spirit or ghoul.

"What are you doing just standing there?" Alice asked as she walked up the porch with her first bag. She gave her step sister an arched eyebrow that accompanied her usual scowl that she usually directed at Selene.

Allison came up next to her sister with a smirk on her face and laughing eyes. "She probably sees something inside."

Selene looked away from the door to glare at her step sisters. "Awe is the boogey man gonna get chu?" Alice mocked in endearing baby talk. "Do you want your mommy?"

"Come on Alice lets go find our rooms," Allison stated to her sister as she pulled her into the house. Alice nodded to her sister as she gave another smug smirk to Selene who continued to glare after her step sisters.

"Nice family you've got there," Selene gasped and turned to her right. A young man dressed in Victorian styled clothing, a large blood stain on his white dress shirt, looked after the twins as they walked into the house with a wrinkled nose, like he had smelled something foul. The young man turned to look at Selene, expecting to see that she hadn't noticed him or heard what he'd said; he was surprised to see that she was not only staring at him but at the large blood stain that was on his shirt. "You can see me." He gasped.

Selene ripped her eyes away from him and, picking up her things, ran through the threshold and into the house. She moved up the staircase that was just in the doorway of the house and ran for the room that was closest to the top of the stairs.

"We've already found our rooms," Alice stated from the door way of the room Selene was going to take. "Yours is at the end of the hall."

Selene followed the finger that was pointing to the end of the hall; to her dismay the room that Alice was pointing at was where the ominous energy was originating from. The teenager sighed and twirled the beads of her rosary in her fingers before picking her bags up once more and making the cautious journey to the room at the end of the hall.

When she kicked the door open and saw the young man from the front porch lying on her bed, his head propped up with his hand, her eye twitched. She stared at him, dropping her bags onto the floor at her sides.

The young man grinned. "You can see me!" he exclaimed as he got up from the bed and wrapped his arms excitedly around Selene's tiny form.

The teenager breathed in and out frantically as she twisted the beads of her mother's rosary between her fingers, on the verge of having an anxiety attack that she was famous for. Even though seeing dead beings did not bother her that much anymore, being touched by them, and held by them, caused her very high anxiety usually resulting in a meltdown of some sort. After she gained her composure she twisted out of the spirit's arms and shut the door behind her.

"Don't do that!" she shouted, although it came out like a whisper, at the spirit in front of her. "Do you want me to have a conniption?"

The young man cleared his throat and stiffened his posture. "My apologies; that was uncalled for on my part."

Selene sighed and scratched her head. "It's ok," she stated. "At least you're not a ghoul trying to rip my face off."

The young man smiled. "You don't know how happy everyone will be to know that there is someone here that can see us."

Selene narrowed her eyes at the spirit. "How many others are there?"

The young man rubbed his whisker covered chin in contemplation, taking a mental role call in his head as he tried to think of everyone. "Fifty? No maybe sixty. I'm not sure but I know there are quite a few of them."

Selene groaned in despair and flopped down onto her bed. "Why are there so many!"

"It probably has to do with the portal," the spirit stated.

Selene removed her hands from her face and looked at the spirit that stood in her room. "There's a portal here? Where is it?" Selene had never seen, or been through, a portal before. The idea of having one so close set her a little on edge.

The spirit pointed a paper white finger towards the closet. "That door leads to the land of death and numerous spirits come from it every day." When the young man noticed the distraught look on Selene's face, and that she was gripping the rosary beads wrapped around her wrist for dear life, he got right to work trying to reassure the young woman that she was safe. "But only spirits, no ghouls or demons come through."

Now she was curious. "Why?"

The spirit walked over to the door and tried turning the knob, pulling and twisting it with all his might, the door didn't budge an inch. "It's locked and locked tight if I do say."

Selene stared at the closet door, her rosary beads now dangling loosely at her side. "Well it's good that it's locked."

The young man stood there, staring at her for a moment before saying something else. "Is there anything that you need, My Lady?"

Selene smiled at the spirit. "Yes, could you tell the rest of the…residence here not to disturb me until I get fully settled? Just give me a day or so to get used to this place?"

The young man nodded. "I will personally see to it that no one disturbs you."

Selene smiled at him; her eyes ran from his fair head across his blue eyed face and to the blood stain on his shirt. "And you are?"

The young man bowed low to the young woman, a smile on his face. "My name is Edgar C. Morrison, master of this house," his smile faltered as she rose to his full height but returned to normal soon after. "Well…I was when I was alive. And who might you be, My Lady?"

"My name's Selene Shay," she responded, rising from her bed to give the ghost a small curtsy. "It's an honor to meet the master of this house, please forgive my stepsisters and I for intruding."

The ghost, now known as Edgar, was about to respond when a loud scream from one of Selene's stepsisters came from the hall. "Selene!" one of them yelled. "Hurry your ass up! We're going down town to get diner and if you don't hurry we're leaving you behind!"

Selene rolled her eyes at the door. "I'm coming!" She turned back to Edgar and curtsied, giving him an apologetic smile. "I'm afraid I have to go, perhaps we will speak later?"

Edgar smiled wide at the young woman and nodded. "It'd be an honor to converse with you again, Lady Selene."

She smiled at the kind ghost as she opened the door to her new room and walked out into the hall where her stepsisters were waiting, scowls and sneers on their faces as she approached them.


The servants of Lord Death gathered in the kitchen, a couple minutes before the sun was to set in the realm of the living. The castle was quiet except for the snoring of the servants and the sound of guards clad in black armor exchanging shifts; the black sun would soon be rising in the land of the dead and with it the inhabitants of the realm would arise from their beds and go about their daily routines. It was strange for a group of servants to be up well before the black sun rose talking together in hushed voices in the dark kitchen of the castle.

"As you all know," Dante began. "The council has been pressuring his majesty to find a bride and that he has ignored all of their concerns and refused to pick someone."

"If he delays in picking a queen any longer it will give Prince Edmund more opportunities to obtain the throne using foul play," Zach, an Irish fear gorta, stated as he looked at the group with his blood shot eyes that were inset into a thin face with brown hair falling into his eyes.

"Which is why that young man has to pick one now!" Agnes, the palace's head chef, stated her blue face set in a scowl. "It's about time he gets it together, puts his pride aside, and settles down with a nice young woman!" The black annis seethed as she sat back on her stool.

"Now dear," her husband Tommy Rawhead said with a small smile inset on his skull, blood dripping from his empty eye sockets. "You should calm down; you're starting to get blue in the face." He chuckled heartily at his joke as everyone else tried to suppress their laughter. Agnes drove her elbow into her husband's ribs, stopping the laughter that was coming from him.

"So what do you propose we do?" Zach asked, propping his head up with a slim and lanky hand.

"We must find the king a bride," Dante declared to the group.

"But he has refused to court any woman from court or from this realm entirely, the stubborn little snot." Agnes hissed before muttering the last part under her breath.

"Then maybe that's the key here," the group turned to look at the shy ghoul that sat on a stool, wringing the hem of her uniform in her paper like hands as her hollow sockets looked at them from behind long grey hair.

"What do you mean Emmy?" Dante asked as he walked across the top of the table so he was standing right in front of the ghoul.

"Why not try the human realm for a possible bride?" the ghoul offered as she looked down at her hands that continued to wring out the hem of her maids uniform.

Dante looked from the ghoul and back to the other members of the group. They all smiled wide at the imp who merely nodded as he shared the same smile with them.

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