The Goddess Whispers: Fate


Everyone knew about the Goddess. She was the Personification of anything that existed and the Reason for everything that was created. She was benevolent, kind and the Mother of all, yet She was also the hand of vengeance upon anyone who does evil. She was beyond the comprehension of humans; beyond the realm we called our home. She was the Goddess – our Creator, our Destroyer and our Saviour.

No man had ever seen Her face, no living man. For She walks in land, water and air, She traverses the worlds of both the living and dead, She speaks in the tongue of the ancients and the new, She knows all the mysteries, the secrets and the facts, She loves all with equality and sincerity. That is the Goddess we all worship and love. She is eternal, She is immortal and She will continue to exist in the future and forever.

But many question her existence: Is the Goddess really true? Does this Divine Being really exist, as what the sacred scriptures and our scholars and oracles used to tell? In our history, in our past, the Goddess laid Her hand on different occasions, sent us our blessings and whispered into the ears of our Priestesses. She was here with us and we were always wrapped in Her dear embrace.

But what about now? Where is the warmth of our Goddess, like the mother's caress of her sons and daughters? Where are the gifts of our Goddess, now that the world is slowly dying into nothing but dust? Where are the wise words of our Goddess, now that our Priestesses can no longer hear Her voice? Yes, where is our Goddess? Where is She, now that we needed Her the most?

The world had begun to turn into an endless desert. It started from both the east and the west, death slowly creeping towards the center, transforming all that it had passed into desolate wastelands. We call it the "Curse". And from the eighteen years since the Curse began, half of the world's forests, pastures, rivers and farmlands had turned into nothing but hills of sand and dust. And as the Curse plagued our home, so did it poison the hearts of its people.

Ten years ago, the Territorial Wars had begun. Neighboring countries began attacking each other, seizing the other's lands to ensure the survival of its people. It did not take long before the battles escalated. Throughout the decade, empires began to fade, together with their citizens. Famine and hunger from the effects of the Curse was not even the cause, it was countless slaughters and bloodsheds. Strife and pain had entered in the world the Goddess had so lovingly created. Should it not be the time for Her to step from Her Throne and halt this impending doom?

We had prayed, of course. We did the all the holiest Rituals and built the most beautiful statues in honor of her. We asked for Her forgiveness, believing we may have angered Her in the past. All the Priestesses from all the over world worshipped and prayed to Her for almost two decades. But alas, there was not even the tiniest of a response.

Most had lost hope. They believed the Goddess had abandoned us. That She had left us to her fate and let us die in horror and in pain. Some said She planned all of this; that She Herself instigated the Curse to mark the end of the world. They say that we should just wait for the conclusion of this world we had lived and loved. And some even proclaim the Goddess dead; that She had been killed by some other malevolent Divine Being and It had come to take Her place. The Priestesses could not even rebuke any of these claims.

But I have my own theory. The time and efforts I devoted to my extensive study of the Goddess and Her accounts led me to an amazing discovery. Yes, indeed, the Goddess was dead; but She is also destined to return after eighteen years, when Her body matures and Her power returns to her one by one. It is the resurrection of the Goddess – a process I call as the "Awakening". Once the Goddess awakens and returns to the world, salvation is at hand. What I need to do is pinpoint the place where the Goddess will awaken. But I needed help in order to do that – help that is financial nature.

And so I presented my theory to the Temple of the Goddess, the religious congregation of the Goddess' Priestesses. But they did not believe me and worse, named me as a desecrator, a traitor who sullied the name of the Goddess. By my hand! I would not dare defile the name of my beloved Goddess and being labeled as one was enough to cut the last shreds of my patience. I insulted the Priestesses and by doing so, they had, unfortunately, thrown me off the premises and warned me to never come back lest they would imprison me. As my assistant had said after all that had happened, "They're nothing but fools. Just leave them be." And he is definitely right.

I thought misfortune was on me, but somehow my luck had shifted when I met the Prince of Kole outside the Temple. The Prince was an honorable and reasonable young man, and he had heard my theory during the discussion at the Temple. He sees no wrong in my research and if I could prove that it is indeed true, he is willing to support me financially. You could have not guesses how joyous I was at his proposition. I accepted it, of course.

The Prince's finances had boosted my research capabilities greatly and now the fruit of my study is at hand. I had found out the location where the Goddess would likely emerge. With the blessings of the Prince, I had set out with my faithful assistant towards the remote mountains of Carius, into the highest point of the Feathered Peak. There is where I and my beloved Goddess are fated to meet.

Soon, very soon, the world will be saved.

*An Excerpt from the journal of Vierre Crysalis, self-proclaimed Goddess Researcher

Author's Note: Hiyah! This is mjinx and this is my new story series, The Goddess Whispers. The Goddess Whispers is actually an otome game or dating simulation game geared for females. The whole plot was made last year and it was supposed to be developed by me as the scriptwriter and two other partners: an artist friend of mine and a game developer I met in the internet. Unfortunately, we couldn't pull it off, but I think The Goddess Whispers plot would come to waste. And it was really bugging me. So, I decided to post it here in FP!

As an otome game, our heroine (whom we are still to meet by the next chapter) is supposed to be played by the player character and she gets to choose between five heroes and of course, possible love interests. I decided to create paths intended for all of the bachelors in different versions of the same story. I'm titling each hero's version with a subtitle. So The Goddess Whispers: Fate is intended to be the version of Zeno Reingard, one of the heroes (and my favorite). The other four heroes will have their chances once I finish this one.

The Goddess Whispers is rated T, but I may raise it to M. When I was developing the plot, I had put in some uber romantic and errr… sexual scenes. When we began the game developing, we decided to skip it, but left some smutty parts. I'm thinking whether to revive the perverted material, but I'm still not decided into it yet. I'll take into account what the readers want, too. As for now, T it is.

So yes, expect romantic and fluffy scenes from now on. And oh, a good dash of Goddess magic powers, some humor, bloody wars, heart-breaking moments, shocking truths and betrayals and hot sensual scenes (OMG, I did say it was T, right?). And oh, although the whole plot had been done a year ago, I'm putting it into story mode so it still may take a while. Plus, I do have to update Wand, too. So yes, patience is a virtue. ^_^

Anyway, tell me what you think of this prologue (in other words, a review!). Thanks for reading and see you soon! ^_^