There's so much of stress

That it's hard to process

A plan and figure out

Where to start. I doubt

Myself at every single step.

What if I let my dreams escape

With every single day

That is flying away?

Why can't my mind

Leave all its thoughts behind

And become an invincible machine

Whose only aim is to win?

Why do I have tears

And joy and fears

And boredom and laziness

And feelings of being a mess?

Sometimes I really want to

Shut off life and try a new

Technique that involves

Studying 24-7. Problem solved?

I highly doubt it.

The world that's under my feet

Is actually why I am

Working so hard- I don't give a damn

To power and position and money.

It's all about emotions honey.

I like that teardrop

That's in my eye.

I like to stop

And stare while passing by.

I like that smile

That curls up my lips.

Once in a while

It's okay to let it all slip.

This battle is for that smile and that tear,

And I won't lose as long as I'm here.

So you can say what you want

To try to being me down.

Do what you've gotta do to try

To drive me out of town.

But I don't care

If you're not there

Cause you can't tear my world apart.

I've got everything I need-

right here in my heart.

So it's okay to stumble,

It's okay to fall.

If I can't get back up

I'm willing to crawl.

Been nourishing my dream

For years, there's no stream

That can wash me away-

I'll be standing right here today.

I know I'm slow,

But I won't let go.

The tortoise won the race,

And I'm still in this chase.

I've scarped my knees

But that's the key

To that sealed passion to fight.

I know it's gonna be alright.

Tomorrow is a new day with new energy.

I'm not afraid- God is with me.

I've been feeling guilty for way too long.

I gotta get a hold on it, gotta stay strong.

I'll do whatever it takes.

I'm allowed to make mistakes

As long as I can fix them

And there's nothing that can't be fixed in this game.

So I'll just keep on going

Even if it's raining or snowing.

I'm going the right way,

I know I'm here to stay.

I know I will shine.

The bright future is mine.

I will reach the finish line.

I know I'm gonna be fine.

I won't let anything tear me apart.

I believe in myself, there's confidence-

Right here in my heart.

A/N: from my personal diary. This is how I fight depression :P