I felt weighed down as I was walking to the entrance of the airport. I had two huge suitcases on wheels trailing behind me and a duffle bag. I felt like I over packed but I was going to be on tour with the boys for four months. I was going to need lots of different things to wear! I kept looking for Caleb on my way to the entrance. He usually meets me halfway to the entrances of airports when he picks me up. Where was that ass? One suitcase handle was plucked out of my hand; I spun around to see what was going on to see Duke standing there smiling. I instantly threw myself at him. Duke squeezed me tight to him and lifted me off my feet a little. After he put me down I slapped his chest as I angrily said "You fucker, you scared the shit out of me. Don't sneak up on me"

Duke just chuckled and took my duffle off of me, slapped my ass and continued on the way to the airport exit. "Come on." I frowned at his back but followed him out and to a standard white touring van. Once we were all set in the van on our way to the hotel the band was staying at and had music blasting did Duke finally fill me in on what was happening. A lot more of their merch is being sold, and more of the crowds know the words to their songs. As Duke talked about how things are getting better made me more excited for the good news I had to tell them. I couldn't wait to see my boys!

It didn't take long for us to get to the hotel on the pit stop between states for shows. The rest of my boys were waiting for me as Duke pulled up in the parking lot. I didn't even wait for him to park; I was that excited to see the rest of them. It's been months. Skype and phone calls aren't the same as talking to them in person, that and I missed the boob crushing bear hugs. I ran right to Caleb first. I jumped and he caught me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed myself against him. I missed him the most, everyone knew I did. After a moment passed of me saying nothing and just hugging Caleb I shimmied down and turned to give Dan a hug which he practically flatted my chest in the process -a pretty hard feat. When I finally gave Abel a hug he was pouting and complaining about always being last.

I took a step back from my boys once Duke joined the group and just looked at them together, "I missed you fuckers." I was smiling at them and I knew the tears were coming. I couldn't explain the rush of emotion that hit me as I stared at them.

"Oh Christ, don't start with the tears Meems." Abel groaned as he awkwardly started to come towards me to comfort me.

"I'm sorry guys." I let Abel give me a side hug. I wrapped my arm around his waist and lent against him as I told the boys the good news, "Guess what I heard on the radio today?"

"I don't know Meems, what?" Came Dan's patronizing tone. He hated guessing games.

"I heard 'Wildwood Nights' on the radio last night!" I excitedly yelled at them.

Their faces were blank as a silence settled over them. Abel was the first to speak, "You shittin me?"

I shook my head no as a smile crept its way to my face. Surprisingly Duke reached for me first he grabbed my face between his hands and landed a wet one on me. I giggled as he hugged my head to his chest then rushed over to Celeb and hugged him. Dan detangled me from the shell shocked Abel and gave me an even bigger bear hug then my last hug. You could feel the happiness in the air as they rushed to give manly guy hugs to each other with slaps on the back as one of their big dreams just came true. They waited since their new album came out that it would play on the radio back at home. Home's a big city, that means lots of people will hear it. This could finally put the boys on the radar.


After the boys took me out to dinner we came back to a small floor party that the guys of the headlining band, the shattering was throwing. Their happiness was contagious, I found myself crazy friendly to everyone I talked to. The thing that surprised me the most was Duke didn't leave my side most of the night. Where I went he was there. I needed a refill he got it for me. Duke came out with what I think was my fifth rum and coke. I was perched on the balcony ledge cigarette in hand when Duke sat next to me sitting my drink down in between us.

"Missss me while I'm away?" Duke asked me with a drunk smile.

I smiled at him as my head swam, "Of course I missed all you boys. You guys are my guys. Ya'know?"

Even drunk he looked smug when I told him I missed him, "You're sexy with Red hair. I like it better then your old hair." He ran his hand through my hair as he said this, leaving his hand on the back of my head.

I felt the warning bells go off instantly in my head, this shouldn't be happening. I shouldn't get involved with any of the guys like this. We have the whole summer ahead of us. Duke pulled my head closer to him. I leaned forward to keep from being thrown off balance on the ledge, I knocked my rum and coke off the ledge in the process. I looked down the two floors to where it landed in the parking lot. "Don't worry meems, its plastic."

His breath fanned across my face, I could smell the beer on his breath but it didn't bother me because I was past the point of caring. I looked up at his eyes, they were half closed as he stared me down. I knew this was bad but I'm a horny drunk I couldn't help myself and he knew it. I closed the small gap between us forcefully as I sloppily kissed him. All my skillfulness ran away with my common sense that this was probably one of my worst ideas ever.

His hand pushed my back closer against him but it was an awkward hold kissing him sitting on the ledge like we were. I wanted to be closer to him now, maybe get to third base if I'm lucky. All I could focus on while I continued to let Duke kiss me was how horny I was, and I probably shouldn't have taken the two shots of tequila. I blame the tequila for what I let happen next. I moved from kissing his mouth to kissing and sucking on his earlobe. I heard him moan into my hair. That was the deal breaker for me, I quickly whispered in his ear before the rational part of my brain could stop me. "Let's go back to my room." That one line sealed my fate, and changed my life forever.

It's a little rough but it's only the first draft of the story, once it's all finish I'll be able to fix the whole thing up. Hope you guys like it!