AN: Hi guys, this just came from my heart, after watching my fave show, Glee! :) I just got inspired to write a romance. I personally LOVE romance but can never find just a good romance. Nothing weird like vampire and wolf romance or stuff like that. This would also be my very first Fic-Press story. I usually write for Fan-Fic. Check me out under Little21. Enjoy the story :)Oh, and if there are some words you don't understand, it might be French, I'll tell you what they really mean at the end :)

Summary: Typical love story between Romeo and Juliet without the dying. Only, the names are different. Gage Royals has always been the "it" girl. Boys swarming, many admirers. She isn't a bitch though. She's like the school Angel. When a new boy comes to the school, she does her usual routine of catching him and seeing if he is her next boyfriend. When this new guy shows no interest in Gage, she freaks. "Whats wrong with me?" She thinks, her self esteem dropping. Gage digs deeper and deeper into this new guy, befriending him. Gage does all she can to figure out why he won't go for her. She finds our why, and even a little bit more.


"I love you Gage." I strut down the halls, people parting at my existence. Boys swooned, sighing like they are in love and giving me flirtatious looks.

"I love you too." I waved at the guys, smacking my gum and smiling. Its funny. I never imagined being that one girl in high school everyone wants to be. I pictured myself being the one in the corner, being bullied by the queen bee. Thats why I decided not to be a bully.

"Hey Boo." My best friend Lizbeth matched my pace, slinging her purse onto her shoulder. She tapped her fingers against mine, our little handshake. She let out a high pitched giggle and tossed her thick muddy brown hair over her shoulder.

"Hey doll, whats the news?" I responded, plucking the gum from my mouth and tossing it into the trash. Lizbeth clutched her books closer to her chest and began.

Lizbeth is my baby doll. She has the perfect shiny complexion with full lips and high cheek bones. Her hair is always perfect, along with makeup and outfit. I sometimes get a tad jealous. But the girl was a motormouth. She's the sweetest little baby ever, but that mouth of hers just never ever stops.

"Ok, So you know who Jaqui is right?" She gave me a pointed look and puckered her plump pink lips. "Well, guess what!"

"What?" I whispered, a smile stretching across my face.

"She's dating Ryan Jackson right? Well I heard from Tyler who heard from Gina who heard from Brittney, who heard it from Jaqui's best friend Hannah..."

"Liz, get to the point." We rounded the corner, making our way into French class. As soon as we did, I regretted it.

"Mon amour!" Ethan Sheckler announced, handing me a rose.

"Merci" I smiled back.

"As i was saying" Liz went on, taking her seat next to mine. "I heard, which is completely true, that Jaqui Riley is pregnant!" Liz did a silent scream and began laughing.

"No way!" I leaned closer to Liz and she nodded.

"Chut!" Mrs. Vantrquil countered, smacking a ruler on my desk. "Just because you are popular, doesn't mean you can interrupt my class."

I sat up in my chair and smiled "I love that skirt."

"Really?" She asked "Merci."

I puckered my lips and watched as she turned away. As she did, I turned to Liz and made a gagging face. Liz laughed, covering her mouth to contain the giggles.

"This week" Mrs. Vantrquil began "We will be studying couleurs, known in English, colors. Now, who can tell me what the color red is?"

I raised my hand. I was naturally good at french. I don't know why. I could probably write a book in french. Complete french. "The color red is, rouge"

"Very good Miss Royals. Can anyone tell me blue?"

"Bleu" I answered immediately.

"I would appreciate your hand in their air Miss Royals, but very good."

"Thanks Miss V"

The rest of French passed by in a blur. Once the bell finally rang, Liz and I quickly made our way outta here. We passed the principle's office where he was showing around a new kid. Wonderful, new meat.

"Miss Royals" Principle Evans stopped me, grabbing my sweater.

"Hmm?" I asked, turning to face him and the new kid. Liz looked back at me but then hurried to lunch.

"This is Scott Dylans, our newest Junior."

"Hi" I smiled. Scott looked up at me with stunning green eyes. "Im Gage." He had kinda long, swooping chestnut brown hair, a defined jaw with the perfect cupids bow lips.

"Like gas gage?" He asked, giving me a confused look. I shifted uncomfortably, pressing my lips together.

"I guess you could say that."

"Miss Royals" Principle Evans interrupted. "I would greatly appreciate if you would kindly show Scott around."

"Np prob Mr E." I smiled.

"Principle Evans." He corrected, giving me a pointed look. I puckered my lips at looked at him. Principles Evans was so bland. More like Mr E. Better.

"Comm'on Scott." I motioned for us to go to lunch and he followed quietly. "So" I said, trying to make conversation. "Where did ya move here from."

No response.

"Ok, a little personal. do you like Cali?"

Again, no response.

"Scott - ..."

"Listen Gage." Scott cut me off, swiping his hand through the air. "I've been here barely two minutes and I already know your the beauty queen. I saw the guys parting as you walked with your barbie clone."

"Hey!" I countered "Lizbeth is not a barbie, shes a baby doll."

"Hardly a difference." Shook shook his head, making his dark brown hair dance. "Im just saying, not to be rude or anything, I'd rather not get mixed up in your boy crazy drama."

I looked away. This kid was harsh. I wasn't a bitch. I never bullied. Guys just naturally fell for me, not my fault. "You don't know me Scott."

Scott took a step closer to me and took a deep breath "I know you perfectly well. Queen Bee, boy magnet, blah blah blah."

"For your first day here, you aren't doing to well to make any friends." I scratched my shoulder then pushed my bangs from my face.

"Thanks, but no thanks." Scott smiled at me and held the cafeteria door for me. I pressed my lips together angrily.

"At least let me introduce you to the guys." I suggested, motioning to the table of jocks. Yeah, he'd fit nicely.

"Fine." Scott shifted his backpack on his shoulder and followed me. Halfway across the cafeteria, I realized it had gone silent. I reached the Jock table and smiled.

"Hi Guys."

"Hey Gage." Shawn gave me a sweet smile and motioned for me to sit down.

"Oh no." I murmured "Im introducing the new Guy, Scott, He probably doesn't want to sit alone, or with the girls, so play nicely."

I began to walk away but Scott caught my arm. "Play nicely." he whispered. I could feel my cheeks going red. I bit my lip and began to walk away. What was it suppose to mean. I quickly made my way to the lunch line which was short because of my lateness. When I got my lunch, I hurried to the 'Chick Table' they called it.

"Hey Gage." Riley Anderson smirked "Who was that adorable guy?"

I paused, remembering his harsh words. "Oh just some new guy." I waved her off and she frowned, returning to her lunch.

"What was that face?" Liz asked, picking at her salad. "You walked into the cafeteria with a mad face. What did he say to you?"

"Oh nothing." I smiled, biting into my apple. I didn't need the school knowing the new guy dissed me on his first day. Pathetic.

AN: Hey guys, like the first chapter? Ok, I understand you may not have understood some French parts I put in there, unless you know French haha. I got the words from Google Translate, haha I don't know French. Anyway, tell me what you think, Mkay? Thanks! :)

Mon Amour: My love

Merci: Thank you

Chut: Hush

Couleurs: Colors

Rouge: Red

Bleu: Blue

A little french there for ya ;)