HolloWs Thought

What's calling out in my head?

It feels like their cutting my thoughts thread

But it's reminding me what I dread

The ones who float around dead

They're floating around in the shallowest part

Telling what I used to have in my cold heart

But it teases me ending before start

Stop hurting me, don't throw the last dart

I know I'm the target

But what I've done I'll never regret it

Dying is what I know best, what's not to get?

My thoughts have already touched you, so don't fret

I can live even when I'm not breathing

There's no need to talk or keep asking

Because we're one, we share the bleeding

You don't need to be afraid we have their blessing

We're always connected, you can hear my thoughts

Listen to my feelings until our body rots

Untangle my thread therefore there are too many knots

If you don't there'll be many gunshots

I'll be the one controlling, but they see you

What's there, what will I make you do

I know you don't like me but that's just a slight issue

You don't need to tell me I got the clue

Its ok I'll leave, because you don't want me here

I'll be the one who won't appear

You said to never hold you dear

But I didn't listen, I didn't want to hear

Now all the things you said run through my mind

I block the thoughts like being blind

It's really all you fault you looked behind

Too late I'm crossing deaths line

Into the world that can't be combine