where have you been?
jumping mountains and draw bridges
dropped, jaws. I saw the sea with nothing in it
and a street that ended all the roads. spectacular lights
shooting from the sky into our houses. kitchen sinks exploding.
the flood came into my bedroom through the window
twentytwo oceans swimming dead fish around me.
and I said "this isn't about the goddamn sea!"
thinking my life under the bridge over I,

come into the light that is not
his smile or his way of giving me
poisons. between this great mountains his
love is like a rock on my chest sinking my stars
into the sea, killing. even if you do come back no one
will be here. the lease is up, rent overdue, kitchen sink drips and
rooms are nailed shut. lights still on, don't follow them.
I saw your heart while you were walking by.
so no one can touch it, thorns grew. so

no one could choose it, its hidden.
but if you understood me then
you would understand yourself! and
our love would be immaculate. that's
what I saw when you walked by
and did not look or see me.