You decided to do this alone.

Instead of reaching out,

You kept one foot in the dark.

We told our secrets,

We helped each other,

And you just go and leave me like this?

We told our secrets,

But yours happened too fast.

In your time of need,

You didn't call out to me.

You tried it before but stopped.

Why didn't you stop then?

Why didn't you think of the harm

You are doing to others,

Instead of yourself?

When I say things like this,

I know I'm a hypocrite,

But you crossed the line this time.

I know you did it because you

Were crumbling and unstable.

I wanted to see you,

Just not like this.

You finally settled on one emotion.

You pushed away the little trust you already had.

Acting was one of the many things you were good at.

You could have been so much more.

You could have screamed and cried like we wanted to.

If you were lonely, you could have talked to me.

We didn't have to act fake around each other.

We didn't have to watch what we did to please others.

For once in your life you could have depended on someone else.

You could have leaned on my shoulders for a while.

You knew that,

But still.

Everything you did or didn't do has now been done for nothing.

You promised me you would be in my future,

And said all I had to do was text you.

When I did,

I found out what happened.

But I still don't know


Did you want to find peace that badly?

I could have helped.

But it's just too late.

Now all I want from you,

Is to tell me you finally found what you wanted.