Full Summary: "Because we both like him lets see who he likes more." Sophie and Faye are best friends who both like the same guy. A friendly competion is going to see who the guy will fall for first, but the friendly competion is putting their friendship on the edge. "It is him or me. They guy you barely know or your best friend for seven years?"

I am going to warn you in some later chapters the POV will switch between Sophie and Faye!

"What are you doing?" I turned from looking at myself in the large mirror to the beautiful girl behind me. Her eyes were a beautiful light blue with a ring of gold in them. She was beautiful, her hair was long with waves and curls at the same time. It was a blondish/brown color. You couldn't really tell what color it was. Her name was Faye, and she was my best friend.

"Looking at myself in the mirror why?" I turned back to look into the mirror and played with my long red wavy hair. I moved my face towards the near so I could put on my mascara. It made my green eyes really beautiful. Faye cam up behind and entangled her fingers through my hair.

"You are so beautiful. I am lucky to have a sexy best friend." She laughed and I quickly joined her.

"Are you kidding me? You are the sexy one guys only come up to us in the clubs because of you." I turned toward her and gave her the tube of mascara. She turned herself to the mirror the same way I did.

"Seven years. Wow. We have been best friends for seven years. I can't believe we lasted through college together and we hangout just about every weekend. I figured we would be tired of each other by now." I smile grew across her face.

"I love you. You're my best friend and I am glad I have you in my life." I wrapped my arms around her tiny body and I walked out of my bathroom into my bedroom. The wooden floor was cold under my feet. I walked in my walk-in closet and grabbed a sultry red and black dress. I striped off my clothes until I was only in my strapless bra and my underwear. I stepped into the red dress and zipped the zipper. I grabbed a pair of my black stiletto heels and walked back into my bedroom to sit on my chair. Faye did my same routine. She came out of the closet in a skin tight navy blue dress that made her eyes really stand out. We both did a few more touch-ups before we could go to the club. As we were finishing the touch-ups I kept thinking to myself how we acted like we were teenagers again.

"We ready now?" I asked as we walked out of the bathroom. She nodded and we continued out of my room and out of my apartment building. I was on level five of the apartment building, I have the option of stairs or an elevator that is rarely ever used because of how old and creepy it was, it made weird noises while you were going down to the lobby. We stood in front of my door debating whether to take the stairs or the elevator. We were in five inch heels and we still walked down the five flights of stairs. When we walked out into the lobby all eyes went to Faye as she was walking to the door. I was use to her getting all the attention. She was gorgeous, I was pretty but any guy would choose her over me. I followed behind her until we both got to the door. In which I led. We stood by the curb and whistled and we had four cabs stop for us. It wasn't hard for us to stop a cab, especially when we looked like this. We picked out a cab and got in she made me slide in because she didn't want to ruin the material of her dress. I was happy to oblige but I laughed when she got in. I told the cab driver our destination. We got to the club in a little over five minutes I gave the cab driver the money we owed him and I stepped out of the cab with again all eyes on Faye. She walked up to the bouncer and let her in, she pointed to me and as I was trying to get out of the cab I was about to do a face plant into the cement before the bouncer stopped me. I told him thank you and he let us walk right in.

The music was so loud you could feel the bass through your feet. We walked through the crowd of people dancing to the bar. We sat down on the stools and had the bartender, who was a friend, place our purses under the bar. Faye got a blue-tini, a drink she made herself, know one really knows what is inside it. I just got a simple martini with 3 olives. We finished our drinks and Faye pulled me to the dance floor and we had guys staring at us as we danced together. We both had guys coming up to us and try to dance with us. One managed to get Faye away and another started to dance with me. Faye and always made a joke when we danced, to us it was called grinding, that is how we danced. Faye reached for me and leaned her mouth to my ear.

"I guess it's time to go grind." We both laughed and the guys that managed to pull us away pulled us into them. The guy I was dancing with was getting a tad touchy feely. I couldn't really see his face because he was wearing a black hat. He pulled my leg up along his side I turned around and continued to dance. I started to get a little creeped out, I walked into a big group of dancing people and I managed to lose him. I walked back over to the bar and ordered a shot. Faye came over to me with a different guy then the one she was dancing with. She ordered shots and she had them not stopping. After every three shots she made out with guy she had brought over. I knew where this was going. She was going to bring him back to my apartment so she could have some 'fun' with him. Luckily my apartment was big enough that I wouldn't be able to hear her while she was having 'fun' I made the shots stop so we could go.

Before I could even walk into my apartment Faye and the guy while making out shoved past me and went into the spare room. I kicked off my heels in the living room while I walked to the kitchen. I pulled out three water bottles and walked over to the spare room debating if I should knock or just walk in. I finally just opened the brown door with my eyes closed and walked in. Faye said it was fine for me to open my eyes I tossed them the water and walked back out. I shuddered and walked across the living room to get to my room. I slipped my dress off and took off my bra I grabbed tank top that was on my bed and put it on. I walked into my bathroom and pulled of my fake eyelashes, with a wet cloth and make up remover I cleaned off my face. Once I was done I combed my hair into a ponytail, I brushed my teeth then continued back into my bedroom. My bed looked so comfortable, I pulled the pink and black blankets open so I could get in the bed. I found myself just about to fall asleep when I heard a loud crash. I jumped out of my bed and ran through the living room to the spare room I opened the door not caring if I saw anything. Faye and the guy weren't there. I looked around the room still not seeing anything until I got to the window. My eyes grew wide when I saw the glass was broken the glass was all over the floor. I walked into the spare room's bathroom and I see Faye and the guy. The guy's head was bleeding and Faye was cleaning of the blood. She turned to look at me she did not look happy more like pissed off.

"I am so not turned on right now. Ugh I am so mad I wanted to do it and now some idiot had to hit the window right in the middle of it he was just about …" I cut her off be fore she could finish what I really didn't want to know. I laughed and went in to help the guy I grabbed some bandages from under the sink and got him all patched up. I walked the guy from my apartment to outside even though I was still in my underwear and called him a cab. I walked back into the lobby and went up my five flights of stairs. I opened my door and saw Faye passed out on my bed. I climbed in my bed anyway because there was no way I was going to sleep on that spare bed.

"Faye wake up." I smacked her on the butt and she finally sprang awake. The once gorgeous blond was no longer gorgeous. She had her make up running down her face and hicies all over her body.

"What?" Still obviously tired she sat up anyway with her eyes closed as if she was trying to sleep while sitting up.

"Go wash the guest sheets. When was the last time you washed them?"

"I don't know 3 months ago?"

"How many guys have you slept with since then?"

"24." I looked at her with a shocked expression.

"How do you know the exact number?"

"I sleep with 2 different guys every weekend."

"That is disgusting. I am thoroughly grossed out."

"Oh well. Sex is fun dear try it some time." She walked out of my room and into the spare room she came out of the room with all the sheets and put them in a laundry hamper.

"You know I have had sex before you forget that I have boyfriends and we did have fun. We had fun just about everyday." She gave me a little smirk and walked out of the apartment.

I walked over to my living room and sat on my couch knowing that as soon as she is done from taking the laundry down stairs she was going to continue this discussion. I heard the door open and it shut Faye jumped over the back of the couch and sat next to me.

"Have you ever done a one night stand?"

"Yes, twice." She was really shocked and then a smile grew upon her face.

"So the other eight guys you have been with were boyfriends?" I knew she was going to get curious. I sighed and continued.

"Yes the first guy was Travis my boyfriend in eighth grade we got into high school and all the 'cool' kids were doing it so we did it. That lasted a while until I cheated on him with a senior. The senior became my boyfriend after Travis found out I was doing it behind his back." Faye seemed so shocked.

"You whore."

"I felt so bad about it when it happened I know I was a whore trust me I got called that enough times to last a lifetime."

"Okay, you may continue."

"After the senior graduated Travis asked me back out, but guy number three was my boyfriend junior year J.P. we waited three months before we did it. Guy number four was a one night stand in college. He took me out on a date then we went back to his place and the next morning he was gone he left me note. Guy number five was Aiden my first college boyfriend. Number six, seven, and eight were Toni, Will, and Teri they were all my boyfriends in college. Number nine my latest ex Rob.

"I know him you don't have to talk about him. Number ten was a one night stand."

"Yea about two weeks ago too. I saw Rob with another chick and I grabbed a random guy and started dancing with him before I knew it Rob was staring at me and I started making out with the guy and you know what happens after that." Faye looked really shocked and the got up from the black couch and walked into the kitchen.

"I am done know. Please I don't want to hear about your sex life anymore." I got up from the couch and laughed.

"That is fine. I felt uncomfortable talking about it." I sat back down on the couch, turned on my TV and just let the day go by.

Authors Note:

I was really weird writing about all the sex stuff. Sorry if it made you uncomfortable. This will be a good story I promise.

Hope you enjoyed,