The Hell of Reality

Court Shows

Hello and welcome to Reality Rant. Today's topic: Court Shows.

I don't recall exactly when it happened. I know as a person gets older, time seems to go by faster. While, to me, it seems like the phenomenon happened almost over night, I'm sure it's been building for some time. The phenomenon I'm talking about is the mind numbing, nausea inducing TV Court Show. My left eye is twitching just thinking about it.

Personally, I blame Judge Wapner and The People's Court for starting it all. I don't know if that's the right place to throw the blame. I could probably find out, but I'm too impatient and lazy to do the research. Now, there are currently over 200 court shows on the air. (That number may not be completely accurate, it's probably closer to ten.)

The People's Court was the first judge show (that I can remember) to air on TV. The popularity of the show caused an explosion (not unlike projectile vomiting) of television shows featuring 'regular people' having their court cases settled in front of a TV judge. If these are regular people, then I'm a friggin' genius.

I actually saw a case where a woman was suing a man she had a fling with for the cost of a hotel room and the $50 she paid a friend to have sex with them. For anyone who doesn't catch the irony in that, she was using the American Legal System to regain money that she paid for something illegal.

Several years ago Mills Lane was a judge on one of these shows. While Lane had practiced law and did all the stuff he needed to do to be a judge (I don't know what 'stuff' that might be, because there's research involved, but he did it), he was best known as a boxing referee. I think most of the younger readers would recognize his voice as the ref on MTV's Celebrity Death Match.

Programs like Divorce Court, Judge Alex, Judge Joe Brown, and Judge Mathis (to name only a few) are showing us one of two things; either the school system is failing or some people are just idiots. I only pray that enemies of America do not have access to these shows and make the assumption that all Americans are as ignorant as these people.

I do watch some of these shows. I usually only watch them when I've done something stupid and need to feel better about myself. That said, I watch The People's Court, Judge Alex, and Judge Judy almost daily. I have to record them to my DVR because most of my dumbass moments happen at work.

I hope you've enjoyed my editorial/rant/whatever the hell it is. I just reread it myself and suddenly feel the need to watch Judge Joe Brown. Please join me next time when I whine about Celebrity Reality shows.