I used to daydream about how someday,

an insanely hot new guy would come to our school,

and immediately he would fall in love with me, and I with him.

He'd be handsome and polite,

he'd be friendly and outgoing

(so I didn't have to be.)

He'd like me and, goddammit, he'd show it.

Unlike certain people around here.

We'd be best friends at first, until we realized our feelings ran deeper.

We'd be happy.

And in an ironic twist of fate,

my daydream came true.

This guy came...

He was everything I wanted.

He was good-looking,

talked enough for both of us,

and he liked me.

He liked me!

And he wasn't shy about it!

He was everything I'd dreamt about.

But I didn't like him back.

I didn't know why, but no matter how hard I tried

I couldn't make myself like this guy.

No matter how perfect he was for me.

Because he wasn't you.

I'd always liked you best, even when I tried to deny it.

Even though you were like me when it came to love-

you pretended like you didn't.

Which made it hella hard for us to get anywhere in our relationship.

But we did it.

And now I'm not going to daydream about cute new guys.

Because I have you,

and I know now that's better than any dream.