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"Lord Siegmund?" Allen asked, falling in step behind the swiftly stepping Alice. He had learned from experience to never walk in front of the black-haired man, who took every opportunity to show him who was boss as roughly as possible, whether it was privately or publicly. The whole castle knew, but no one did or could do anything. The King had ruled Siegmund free to do as he pleased. What was one Jack to the Alice of Diamonds?

"Get your things ready to go by tomorrow morning," Siegmund commanded in his coldly beautiful voice. Allen nodded.

"Yes, my Lord," he said as they walked by his room, which was down the hall from Siegmund's. "Please excuse me," he requested, bowing as he turned to the door of his room. He gasped as Siegmund slammed him against the door, his cheek pressed against the wood. "L-Lord Siegmund?" He was greeted with silence before the Alice released him.

Siegmund looked like he wanted to say something, but before Allen could ask, the black-haired man continued on down the hall. "Get ready for tomorrow," Siegmund commanded as he left. Allen stared after his Alice almost longingly until Siegmund's door slammed shut.

Allen fell against the door, blushing. He had been so sure that Lord Siegmund was about to... He blushed. Had he been looking forward to it? He shook his head in denial before finally going into his room. Looked like he was going to spend another night awake and trying to figure out Lord Siegmund.

Siegmund didn't know why he had suddenly slammed the blonde against the door. He had just been thinking about how it would feel to run his hands through that silky blonde hair. Before he had known it, his hand had started to reach out to try and touch him. Of course, that would've been a show of weakness, so luckily, he had acted quickly and had slammed Allen into the door. Upon seeing the blonde's expression, he had to fight to hold down an apology.

He would never apologize. The strong did not bow to the weak. But the feel of the silky blonde hair still evaded him. Tender gestures were forbidden.

But he couldn't stop thinking about that hair...

Allen followed behind Siegmund silently. He knew better than to try and talk to his lord before his lord said anything. He took a step when his lord did, exactly three steps behind. They picked their way through Terra Canyon slowly until they reached the bottom of the Canyon.

"Settle camp," Siegmund said, throwing his bag at Allen.

"Yes, my Lord," the blonde said, unpacking the things they needed and setting up for a campfire. Siegmund threw the wood in a pile by the fire Allen had built. The Jack looked up in surprise. Usually, he did all the work.

Siegmund stared at Allen's face, watching the fire playing across the blonde hair, the desperately loyal blue eyes, the tantalizing pale skin. He ran gloved fingers haltingly through the silky hair, hand slipping down to cup Allen's cheek, thumb rubbing the teen's lower lip lightly.

Allen didn't move. The gentle caresses were so unlike his lord, yet they felt so right. He didn't know whether to enjoy them or be terrified of them. Allen wondered how long it would last before his lord got impatient.

Siegmund's gloved fingers slipped down to cup Allen's chin, tilting the blonde's head up, pressing in to capture Allen's lips with his own. The blonde did not move. He didn't dare move until Siegmund let him. The Alice smirked. He had trained his Jack well...

Allen clenched the fabric of his own shirt tightly, willing his hands not to reach out to touch his Lord and then anger him. He gasped softly as Siegmund's tongue harshly explored the inside of his mouth, but his hands remained steadfastly on his folded legs. His hands trembled lightly when Siegmund's hands unclasped his shirt, whimpering as gloved fingers ghosted over his bared neck.

Siegmund's hand slipped around to Allen's back, hooking fingers into the back of the blonde's shirt, pulling it down slowly off Allen's shoulders. The hand that had been holding Allen's chin slipped around behind his head to tangle in his blonde hair, preventing his attempt to escape.

Allen tried gasping for air, but the Alice wouldn't release him, leaving the blonde to pant into the kiss. He couldn't hold back anymore when the black-haired man's hand pulled Allen's shirt further down. He needed support; his hands flew up to weakly cling to Siegmund's shirt. "L-Lord Siegmund..." he whispered softly as the silk glove slipped over the bare skin of his shoulder blades. Why was his Lord being so gentle?

Siegmund smirked as he studied Allen. Blonde hair thoroughly ruffled by his hand, half-lidded confused blue eyes, cheeks tinged with pink, kiss-bruised lips halfway parted, bare skin that begged him to touch, the shirt pulled down to gather at his elbows, the mark that denoted whose property he was over his heart. All there for Siegmund to do as he pleased with.

"Take them off," Siegmund ordered. Allen, moving as if in a daze, did as Siegmund commanded, taking off his clothes as the Alice watched, eyes hungrily taking in the skin as it was exposed. "Come here," he commanded as soon as the blonde was fully naked. Allen stepped towards Siegmund, who pulled him in with gloved hands. The blonde gasped softly as one of Siegmund's gloved hands crept towards his entrance.

Allen shook his head. "No, please... You too, my Lord..." he whispered, pulling at Siegmund's shirt. Siegmund chuckled at the blonde.

"Well then, let's see who gets done first," Siegmund replied, smirking as his gloved fingers dipped into Allen's entrance. The blonde gave a moan, but his now-shaking fingers tried to unbutton Siegmund's shirt.

"M-my Lord..." Allen whispered, burying his face in Siegmund's shoulder, his hands still trying to unbutton Siegmund's shirt. He finally got one button undone, gasping as one of Siegmund's fingers twitched inside him. "Ahh..." he moaned softly as he clung weakly to Siegmund's back, hands no longer unbuttoning.

Siegmund smirked at the blonde's reaction. "What's the matter, Allen?" He chuckled. "Why did you stop?"

"L-Lord Siegmund..." Allen whispered softly, shaking his head, shaking his hair into tangles on Siegmund's shoulder. "I-it...it hurts..." he whimpered. "It's...too dry..." To the blonde's surprise, the finger retreated. "L-Lord Siegmund...?" What was his Lord about to do? Punish him? Siegmund's gloved fingers tapped against Allen's lips.

"Open your mouth," Siegmund commanded, smirking when Allen did so. Maybe he should put in more than just his fingers... He curved his fingers inside Allen's mouth, exploring the blonde's mouth with his fingers. Siegmund enjoyed the whimpering sounds Allen made. When he thought his fingers were wet enough, Siegmund pulled his fingers out and slipped them down to Allen's entrance again.

The blonde was so busy being surprised by Siegmund's kindness that he didn't notice Siegmund's fingers slipping in until it was too late. "A-ahh...!" His body clamped down tightly on the sudden intrusion of the three fingers.

"So tight as always..." Siegmund remarked, tearing down the blonde's pride and self-respect as usual. His fingers twitched and explored inside Allen, looking for that one spot while preparing him. "Maybe I should sell your body out like a prostitute... I'm sure you'd like it..."

"M-my Lord...!" Allen whispered, shaking his head. He was pretty sure Siegmund wouldn't, but his Lord's cruel words cut into him like knives. He slipped a hand down Siegmund's hand until he reached the fingers in his own entrance. Allen pulled the Alice's fingers out slowly, enjoying each centimeter of the fingers until they came out. "My Lord...please...I'm ready..." he begged, rubbing his lower half against Siegmund as he clung tighter to his Lord.

Siegmund watched Allen with a smirk. "Really now? Ready for what?" Siegmund asked, running his wet fingers up Allen's spine, making a glistening trail. "I won't know until you tell me," he said in a cruelly teasing tone, forcing Allen to say what he didn't want to say out loud.

Allen bit his lip as he looked into Siegmund's deep blue eyes. He was drowning again in them. Siegmund knew what Allen wanted. Allen knew what he wanted. There was nothing he could do but what Siegmund wanted him to. "Please...Lord Siegmund...please...ravage me..." he whispered, blushing deeply as his voice died out.

"Oh? Ravage you?" Siegmund asked with a smirk. "With what?" His fingers slipped back down towards Allen's entrance. "With these?" He smirked cruelly, teasing Allen again.

"No..." Allen whispered, shaking his head as he bowed it. Now that he had said that...he had no shame left. His hands crept down to Siegmund's pants and unzipped them. Hands shaking at how far he had gotten, he unbuttoned Siegmund's shirt. After finishing that, he reached down and slowly pulled Siegmund's member out. Bending down, he licked at the tip. Without any warning, he took all of it into his mouth.

"Nn..." Siegmund watched Allen suck with a smirk. "So obedient," he murmured, hand threading through the blonde's hair, pushing the teen's head up and down on his member. He hardened as he watched, noticing the teen's difficulty in taking all of him into his mouth as more time passed. "Looks like I'm not fitting there anymore..." He smirked. "Want me to try somewhere else?"

Allen nodded weakly. He had done all this for the purpose of that. He let his Lord lift his face up so he could kiss Allen. The blonde knew that Siegmund knew what he wanted. His Lord slipped his hands down to Allen's hips and the blonde panted as he sat up on his knees, straddling Siegmund. "My Lord..." Allen whispered before he lowered his hips until Siegmund's member barely brushed his entrance. "I love you..." he murmured before he impaled himself on it as Siegmund stabbed upwards. Allen panted heavily as as the Alice ventured unbelievably deep inside of him. "My Lord..." he whispered tenderly, cupping Siegmund's cheek as he looked up into the Alice's eyes.

Siegmund kissed Allen harshly, biting at the blonde's lips. He lifted Allen's hips up so far it seemed like he would come out before he slammed back in, making the blonde moan. "Lord Siegmund...!"
Siegmund smirked at the sound of blonde's voice, like it was about to break. The Alice slid his hands over Allen's body, one slipping down along the long diagonal scar from Allen's right shoulder nearly to his left hip. Allen shivered at the touch.

They both remembered how it had come about. From so long ago...