Chapter 1- Strangers

I was walking briskly down the street, towards the nearest k-mart. I hated running out of milk; on weekdays especially. The double doors swung open, revealing the cleaner smelling store I knew and hated. I marched to the cold items sections with a sigh. You would think since I lived alone that I would remember when I drank the last of the milk, but I never did. Maybe it was because I used all it this morning before I'd really woken up?

I grabbed my regular 2% gallon and headed to the register. The man in front of me was holding a child in each arm, while the woman held a small container of formula, though both children looked about three, which I thought was plenty old enough to be eating actual food. What did I know about what children ate? Maybe they had some medical problem. The man looked extremely miserable, except when one of his daughters spoke, which he then smiled brightly, showing a mouth full of yellowing teeth. The woman seemed to avoid looking in their direction, though she was obviously their mother. She moved her container of formula from her right hand to her left hand over and over, like she was anxious or something. Must have Idol to watch tonight.

"I know, Stacey always says that I need to get my eyes fixed but she doesn't realize that stuff like that cost money! I didn't think the glasses looked that bad!" A woman behind me said and I turned to look at her alleged ugly glasses. She was a pretty woman, with curly black hair and a golden tan to match. Her face was simple and elegant, if a little sharp. Her glasses weren't ugly. Just too large for her face, if she got smaller frames it would make her look rather intelligent. The man beside her nodded his head and looked away, glancing at the double door opening and closing.

A blinding white wash of light erupted from somewhere I couldn't see. I was thrown into a nearby bake stand which crashed to the ground. Searing pain ran up my arm and neck. My eyes watered and I blinked them to see past the blurriness.

The first thing I noticed, aside from my broken arm, was the silence. Only that strange ring you hear in your ears when you're alone was what I heard. Then I realized that everyone was gone. The women that had been behind me were going, but their item clattered to the floor. The automatic doors weren't opening and closing anymore. I got to my feet, terrified for a split second. Where was everyone? I cradled my arm to my chest, wondering how I could stand the pain scorching through it. Maybe it wasn't really broken. I went to the doors, but they didn't open when I stood on the mat. I pressed the handicap button. Nothing. I pushed my hair out of my face again, and sighed. I could see out the windows and the cars were gone, alone with traffic noises. Strange.

I picked up a nearby handheld basket and slammed it as hard as I could against the glass, to break it. It didn't budge. I grabbed the scanner off one of the cashier stands and launched it at the glass. I pulled my hurt arm the wrong way. The scanner shattered when it met the glass. I stared in disbelief.

I looked around the store. Well the food was still here so I wouldn't starve. Walking back into the store, knowing that glass wouldn't break anytime soon, I looked for some open windows in the back room. The door wasn't locked but when I tried to open the window, one handed, it was like it was made of steel. I pushed a rolling chair over to the higher window. It weren't locks or seals or anything! Why the hell wasn't it opening?

I kicked the chair, frustrated. I left the backroom and looked around the store I'd been coming to for almost three years now. The frozen section was melting because the cold air was off. Great. I grabbed a half frozen ice cream bar and kept walking down the aisles. It seemed only the lights were working, because nothing else electronic was working. Not the doors, air conditioning, or the refrigeration.

A crash came from the other side of the store. I jumped, but managed not to scream. It was strange to hear that much noise after thirty minutes of pure silence. I ducked down behind a few boxes of what was labeled Frozen Yogurt. The only thing I heard was the sound of my own breathing. I leaned back against the wall, my heart racing. What was that noise?

I held my arm closer to my chest, and though the pain had dulled during my rush of adrenaline, it was back full force now. My ankle was also aching more than it had when I'd fallen before. I bent down and pulled up my worn jeans. It was swollen and turning a little purple. I leaned more on my left foot and headed towards the aisle that the noise had come from. There wasn't anyone there, but I saw that two jars of banana peppers had fallen off the shelves.

"What are you doing here?" I turned quickly, wincing as my ankle throbbed in protest. A man stood there, looking upset.

"Where is here?" I demanded, taking a step backwards.

He looked at me incredulously. "Didn't they teach you anything? Did you break that arm? Why did you stay in the safe zone-"

"I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't even know where I am! Where are all the people? And why the hell won't the door open?"

The man just stared at me, looking stunned. He had black hair, blue eyes, and jagged scar along his cheek. He looked a little older than me, maybe thirty or so.

"You aren't from the academy." He said flatly. I shook my head, feeling ridiculous. What academy was he talking about? Where was I?

"Well, why don't you tell me your name? My name's Israel." He didn't take a step towards me, which I was thankful for.

"Thyann. Thyann Reynolds." I whispered, taking a deep breath in.

"Well I suspect your time is almost up, so the next time I see you yell for me and I'll explain all this to you. Okay?"

"Okay? But where am I? Where are the people?"

I never got my answer because that same blinding white flash filled my vision and I was thrown off my feet again. My world was slammed with color, noise and smells all at once. I groaned and turned onto my other shoulder, to ease the more intense pain lancing through my arm.

"Miss! Are you okay? Someone call an ambulance!" A wonderful suggestion whoever said it. I kept my eyes closed, breathing through my nose. It just hurt so much and I was so confused.

I heard the sirens getting closer already and just kept my eyes closed until I could get near some painkillers.

"What's your name, Miss?" the man asked me as I was being lifted onto a stretcher.

"Thyann, thanks for helping me."

I woke up with that stupid IV stuck in my arm and bright florescent lights shining in my eyes.

"Oh, good you're awake. You took a nasty fall in the store yesterday. You should be fine though. Your arm was fractured and your ankle was twisted." She prattled on and on about how it was important to keep my leg elevated and to try and not move my arm until I had it put into a cast.

"Okay, I understand!" I said at last, feeling a slight headache through all the morphine.

She gave me a long look before she left the room without another word. I breathed out in relief. My whole body was starting to ache so I looked around for that stupid red button that I used a year ago when I broke a bone somewhere in my foot. I reached for it with my good hand it pressed it once, watching the drug go through my iv.

I almost forgot the whole reason I had a broken body in the first place. Almost.

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