Yesterday, I went to the room after school where I stayed and the ASSASSIN came. The ASSASSIN tried to write on someone with blue and red markers, but then Jared went up to the ASSASSIN and ate it up! Then Jared drank some soda pop and he said OH NO! I need to burp. He learned that if you shake soda pop before you drink it, it makes a mess when you open it. Then he thought about a bus.

Where the ASSASSIN was is in a bus that Jared ate once. He drove out of Jared's mouth and then Jared saw the bus and went in it. Everyone else went in there too. Jared's endless bus ride would come soon. Since there were only 24 people in the bus, 60 more people came, since the bus said, "Capacity 84". Then he went in a straight line for so long that he was back to where he started. And the ASSASSIN was never mean to anyone again. Jared's endless bus ride has come to an end.

Jared went to the bus and ate all of his food there. Then he ate the bus and 84 people were in it!