If you didn't already read the message I put up on the prologue, here's another one. Someone stole my story off of this website. The copy and paste feature works, and that's unfortunate. I found the girl, thanks to one of my loyal readers (shout out to her!) and reported the girl who stole my work. Unfortunately, she scared me, because, hello, it's my work and someone stole it. Someone said that I should be flattered that the story was copy worthy, but honestly, it just makes me mad that someone would steal not only my story, but other people's as well for five minutes of fame… unbelievable. It's my story. Leave it alone.

So, I am taking everything except for the prologue and chapters one and two down off of fictionpress Sunday at 1:00pm Central Time. The story in its entirety can be found on Wattpad. My username is also chlobuggy and the title is obviously still the same. Also, it's the same cover picture. I recommend searching my username to find it, just saying…

Alright, well, thank you all for reading and it's because of selfish people that I'm taking this down. I'll notify you all when the sequel is up. I'll probably post the first couple of chapters and then redirect to Wattpad.

3 Love all of you!