As told by the nameless female

The party was boring. In all honestly, I hadn't been looking forward to it all weekend, just because I knew it was going to be stupid. The weed, which wasn't enough to get high anyway, was all smoked and gone before GC and I even got there. The house smelled like sweat and cheap cigarettes and spilled beer. I wanted to leave as soon as we pulled into the driveway. But, at GC's request, I stayed. Something had told me to leave long before I agreed, but for the sake of a good time and getting lucky, I refused my own intuition.

It was a bad mistake.

I don't know how long into the party it was before I started feeling dizzy. Someone had done a courageous beer run and in the process managed to score a whole pile of bright green pot and pure white powder. It was all sitting right in the middle of a coffee table, and everyone was swarmed around it like a horde of piglets to their fat, dirty mother. Above the bass of the music, I could hear nothing; everyone's voices were like drones, but somehow I could understand exactly what they were saying to me: let's get high.

And I did.

I smoked a huge life-sized bong full of weed, inhaled a whole yard-long line of cocaine, and drank so much beer I thought I was pregnant from being so bloated. But that didn't seem to feed my relentless hunger. As more and more people started trickling in, joining in on the fun, GC pulled me aside into a dimly lit room I recognized as my bathroom. I didn't ask questions as to why my bathroom suddenly transported to someone else's house, though. I figured I was just hallucinating.

"Here," he said, holding out his palm that held an M&M. "Take this. It'll get you messed up."

"I'm already messed up," I responded, but failed to even understand myself.

"Just take it."

And I did.

Within moments, I felt my body collapse and hit the cold linoleum floor. The first thought that ran through my mind was what the hell?

I tried to lift my hand, but it felt like it was made of solid concrete, and didn't even twitch at all. Then I tried to move my mouth, and I could almost feel the stitches holding it totally shut. I couldn't even feel my legs, nor lift my head to see if I still had any. At first, I was trying to convince myself that this was a common side effect of a bad trip and one too many party drugs. But then GC walked up to me, his face completely twisted in horror, and started mumbling frantically to himself.

I can hear you, I thought. I'm alright. It's just a bad trip.

Then he took me by the arms and started dragging me away. I tried to fight, but my muscles didn't comply with my commands. I wanted to squirm and pull away because I could still feel the pain of his tugging on my arms, but I couldn't. My mouth was completely sealed shut, and there was no way I could call out to the oblivious party-goers dry humping each other in the living room to music I couldn't make out. No one saw him dragging me out into the foyer, then over the porch and behind a bush on the front lawn.

As I lay there, I could see him take his cell phone out of his pocket and dial the police. In a frenzy he told them there was a dead girl on the grass of his friend's house, and it looked like she had overdosed. Then he hung up and returned to the party, leaving me all by myself to listen to the sound of cars driving by unaware of my existence behind the shrub.

The next thing I knew, there was a bright, white light shining in my eye. Although their faces were blurred and their voices indistinguishable, I knew I was in an ambulance. I could make out the words drunk girl and fatality, and I could feel my heart beginning to race. I felt the sting of an I.V. finding its way into my vein, and the beep of the heart monitor was promising; but all of a sudden, it flat-lined, and the nurses in the ambulance flew into a panicked reaction.

I don't know what else was happening other than everything around me started turning black. They were all fading away until I was all alone again; but then I heard the sound of waves hitting the shore, and I could smell rain on the wind. Puzzled, I opened my eyes – I hadn't even realized I had closed them – and saw that I was standing in the middle of the ocean on a shallow sandbar.

I was a mixture of terror and bewilderment, and when I tried to lurch forward, something held my left foot to the ground with no mercy. I turned and looked, then saw that an enormous black ball and chain was attached to my ankle. Again I tried to lift my foot, only to have it twitch a mere centimeter before recoiling with the weight of the bracelet. As I studied it further, I noticed that the lock around my ankle was small and made of pure gold.

"What the hell…?" I muttered, before looking up into the distance and noticing a little figure making its way down the beach. "Hey!"

I tried to move again, and the ball rolled slightly forward, but the motion was little less than promising. I looked back at the shore, and as the figure came closer, I noticed that it was a young man wearing basketball shorts. Something sparkled around his neck, but he wasn't close enough for me to distinguish what it was.

"Hey!" I called out again, but this time I was interrupted by a loud roaring sound.

My heart dropped into my stomach and my limbs became petrified. I turned around, very slowly at first, and saw the monstrous tidal wave heading toward me in a pace I couldn't even comprehend. A clash of thunder and a force unlike anything I've ever felt before in my life shook me to the core. Within seconds I found myself totally submerged within the blue-green gloom of the ocean, swirling and tumbling with the strength of the violent current.

I felt the air in my lungs escape me quickly by way of my flared nostrils, instead allowing water to gush in. The sting of the salt inflamed my sinuses and my immediate reaction was to cough. I could already taste my impending doom as I felt myself sinking with the weight of the ball and chain around my foot.

For a fleeting few moments, the water retreated and I sucked in blessed oxygen, only to have it stolen away from me once again. The ocean seemed to be angry with me; its giant mouth opened wide to receive me, and within a nanosecond, closed its liquid jaws shut around me and I was entombed in a watery grave. The ball and chain rolled along the sandbar floor, sinking deeper and deeper into the dark depths. I began flailing my arms, desperately trying to climb back to the surface where I could see quick flashes of lighting beckoning me heavenward.

My attempts were futile and the ball was much too heavy for me to support. My muscles were burning and my limbs grew weak; my oxygen was quickly escaping my lungs and the pressure of the ocean was beginning to squeeze them in its fist.

It is quite a phenomenon, the human psyche: what one thinks about when they are hanging in the delicate balance of life and death. Reeling in the theater of my mind was the image of a boy I had never met before; his very distinct characteristics were branded into my eyelids it seemed, because I could see him so vividly.

His eyes were dark and sunken, but sat regally above a round nose, which hovered above two beautifully ripe lips. His features were very prominent and masculine; he had wild black hair and the shadow of some growing on his face. The expression on that handsome face was unreadable, but somehow seemed to give me some hope.