I quickly pushed my black bangs out of my face, and looked into his eyes. Standing before me was one of the biggest assholes I had ever met.

"Excuse you!" I yelled at him. "You could, maybe, apologize?" I turned to leave, and saw him smirk out of the corner of my eye. That guy had just ruined my first day of school here.

I had just moved to Seattle from California because my parents moved their business. They had bought a condo in the city so I ended up going to the public school there.

"Hey, you're new here, right?" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around to see a girl with short dyed-black hair, wearing all black, looking at me.

"Yeah," I answered.

"I'm Victoria. If you don't know anyone yet, I can show you around." She took a step towards me. "Just so you'll know your way around and stuff. And besides, you look like you're pretty cool, so I wanted to steal you before anyone else could.

"Um...thanks, I guess. I don't know where I'm going." It was true. I had been wandering around the halls looking for my first period class with no luck.

"Cool. Lemme see your schedule." I reached into my messenger bag and grabbed it for her. "Oh yay! We have some of our classes together. That's good, cause you can follow me to first and second and then your next class is really close. Come on!"

I was somewhat surprised by how hyper she seemed to be. I would have thought she was a self-declared mute or only talked to vampires by the way she dressed.

My first period class was eleventh grade chemistry. The teacher, Mr. Smiths, assigned me to an empty seat in the back. My chemistry partner had not yet arrived.

"Hey, Victoria?" I asked her. "Do you know who sits here?"

She nodded, "Yeah. That's Ryder Freeman's spot. I can't believe you're gonna be his partner! He's like...really cool." With that, she hurried to her seat.

The bell rang for class to start, and a tall figure came rushing through the door. He sat in the seat next to mine, leaned back, and turned his head to look at me.

"Hey, what's up?" when he said this, he raised his eyebrows so high that they were hidden underneath his dark hair.

"Um...I don't know." I'm so lame! Help me! I wracked my brain trying to think of something to say to this amazingly hot person sitting next to me. Wait...did I just call him hot? Ugh! Stupid girl hormones!

A smile slowly spread across his face. "Nothing, huh? Yeah, I gotta agree with you. This class is pretty boring. We almost never get to do any experiments."

Class passed pretty quickly, with Mr. Smiths babbling on and on about some kind of molecule or something. Instead of taking notes I drew little monkeys all over my paper. I was in the middle of one of the cutest baby monkeys ever when I heard laughing beside me. I turned to see Ryder bent over, cracking up.

Curious, I asked him, "What's funny?"

"What...are...those...things?" He breathed in between snorts.

"Huh? What things?" I was confused at first. What was he talking about? What things? Then I looked down at my paper. Oh. Those things. "My monkeys are that funny to you?" I asked him, still doubting whether he was laughing at them or not.

"Those are monkeys?" he exclaimed, his eyes growing wider. "You suck at drawing."

The bell rang and Ryder bolted out of the classroom, preventing me from insulting him. I packed my notebook and left for my next class.

The rest of the day was just as boring as first period was, and soon enough, it was lunch time.

"Hey, Amie!" Victoria was at my side in an instant. "So, do you want to sit with me and some of my buddies?" Did she just say buddies?

"Yeah, you're the only one I know so far." I said

"What about Ryder? I would think you'd count him." She winked at me.

"Well, you know what I meant. I only know his name." I replied.

"Whatever." We came to her table and we sat so she could introduce me to her friends. "This is Nathan," she said, pointing to a white-haired kid, who looked like he had come straight out of a manga. "And Lola, and Sean." A girl dressed in a pink dress waved at me. I looked at who I guessed was Sean, who was currently deep into a book. He probably hadn't noticed me.

"I'm Amie," I told everyone, awkwardly.

No one had anything to say, and lunch passes in almost complete silence, that is, until Ryder came over. He plopped onto the bench beside me and just sat there.

"Um...can I help you?" I asked him. He was acting really weird, bouncing in his seat.

"Nope. I just wanted to sit here." He smiled at me. I was seriously creeped out now. Didn't he have somewhere to be?

Sean looked up from his book. "Oh, hey dude." It was the first word I had heard him say all period.

"Yo, Sean, you going to that party tonight? I heard Tom's parents are outta town for the weekend so it's gonna last 'til like tomorrow morning." Ryder must have been Sean's friend or something.

"Don't parties usually last that long?" Sean had a point there.

"No. I mean we don't gotta leave. We can just pass out and stay there." Ryder said. I'm not sure I would have wanted to pass out where there were strangers around, who possibly had sharpies.

"Uhhh..." Sean shook his head. "I'm not so sure that's such a good idea. Tom'll probably make you help clean up or something."

Sean looked back down at his book, so Ryder got up and walked away. Thank god, I thought. I was so relieved, as I would have probably made myself look stupid if I tried to make conversation.

One thing you probably didn't know about me is that I'm deathly shy. All through middle school I never had any friends, and I would shake when I had to give speeches. I got a little better in my first two years of high school, but basically, this was my first time having friends.

Soon enough, the bell rang, and Victoria walked with me back to my locker. The rest of the school day was pretty boring, actually, and I was happy to be going home.

I practically ran through the hallways to get to the parking lot. My car was a small, blue 4-seater. I bought it from my old neighbors for $300 because they were planning on getting rid of it. I hopped into the driver's seat and turned my key in the ignition.