Ch 2

I was sitting on my bed, reading, when I heard a crash coming from the kitchen. I cringed, knowing my father had been drinking, and that never turned out well.

Sure enough, my bedroom door flew open, and my father came storming inside. "AMELIA!" I had already dropped my book, and I jumped up to stand in front of him. "GET YOUR ASS DOWNSTAIRS, NOW!" he yelled. I quickly shuffled past his massive frame, and ran down the stairs.

I stood between the kitchen and the living room, wondering what he was so worked up about this time. I could hear him stomping down the stairs, and braced myself for whatever he was going to throw at me, whether it be physically or verbally.

"Look what I found in one of the boxes that was supposed to go into your room." he said, his voice unnervingly calm. I looked at what he held in his hand, and realized that it was a picture of my mother.

"Please," I begged. "That's mine."

His face contorted with anger. "I'll tell you something." He chuckled. "Everything in this house belongs to me, and YOU NEVER HIDE THINGS FROM ME!" He took the photograph in both hands and tore it down the middle.

I struggled to hold back tears, as he destroyed the last of my mother's things. "I-I...P-please don't be m-mad at me. She w-was my m-mom." I stuttered out before breaking into sobs. I fell to my knees on the floor and tried to control my crying.

My father grabbed a beer bottle from the counter and chucked it at me. The pain in my arm let me know that he had thrown the bottle hard enough to land shards of glass deep into my shoulder. I whimpered in pain as blood trickled down my shoulder.

I was running as fast as I could down the sidewalk, clutching my shoulder. I wiped the tears from my face. My mother had died two years ago, and my father had blamed me for her death. Ever since then, he had been bipolar and would yell, throw things, and even hit me.

"Amie?" I heard a familiar voice coming from across the street. I turned to see Ryder walking towards me. I quickly wiped my face dry and covered up my shoulder. "Hey, I didn't know you lived...Wait? Are you crying?" he sounded genuinely concerned.

Without answering him, I turned to run away from him. I couldn't let him see me like this. He couldn't know about my dad. No one could. I didn't get very far from him before he grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face him.

"What's wrong?" he asked. When I didn't answer, he pulled me towards a small park. We crossed the grass to a bench, where he sat down. He looked up at me, silently asking me to sit down. I looked into his eyes for a moment. His dark brown eyes instantly made me feel warm and calmed me down a little.

I quickly broke away from his gaze and focused on my feet. "Nothing." I lied.

"Well," he started. "There has to be something bothering you, or you wouldn't be crying." He stood up, never looking away from me. "Tell me what it is."

I didn't know what to tell him. I couldn't tell him the truth, and I was a horrible liar, so all I could think to say was, "I can't tell you." I locked my eyes on the ground hoping to make things a little less awkward. But before I could react, he reached forward and pulled me into a hug.

I immediately jumped back and gave a short yelp of pain. His arm had brushed my injured shoulder, causing the pieces of glass to move.

"Whoa, are you okay?" he asked. He saw me reach up to my shoulder, and noticed that blood had soaked through my shirt.

"Um..." I knew I couldn't go back home soon to get my first aid kit, so I decided I would let him help me. "My shoulder-" My sentence was cut short when he began dragging me towards his house.

His door was already unlocked so he quickly guided me through his house to his room.

"Okay, stay here and I'll go get the first aid kit." He left the room and headed back down the stairs. I sat on his bed and stared at his walls. Band posters were all over the place, and he had two guitars leaning against his desk.

He came back holding the lit and a towel. He set his things beside and went into his bathroom, which was attached to his room. When he came out, he held a wet cloth. Bending over to reach my height, he tugged on my shirt.

"You're gonna have to let me see your shoulder." he said. I was wearing a tank top so I didn't object when he reached for the hem of my shirt and slowly pulled it over my head.
When he saw the glass in my shoulder, he set down the cloth and took a deep breath. He looked up at me and said, "This is going to hurt a little. I have to pull it all out."

I nodded and braced myself for the pain. I knew this would be coming and I was glad I wasn't the pulling the glass out myself. First, he went for the smallest shards of glass, using tweezers to pull them out. Then, still using tweezers, he pulled out everything but the largest piece. He dropped the tweezers and gave me one of his hands. He wrapped his fingers around the huge piece of glass, and gently removed it from my arm. I squeezed his hand and gasped, which helped me to recover from the shock of the pain.

After washing and bandaging my shoulder, he wiped sweat from his forehead and started to pack up the first aid kit. "If you don't mind me asking, how did that happen?" he asked.

" was an accident." I lied, hoping he wouldn't question me any further. He sent me a strange look before walking to his closet.

"Here," he said, throwing one of his shirts at me. "You don't want to wear that bloody shirt." He was referring to my tank top, which had also been soaked in blood. I picked up his shirt, thanked him, and went into his bathroom to change.

I looked into the mirror to see my face in a complete mess. My mascara and eyeliner had run down my face my eyes were red from crying. I quickly washed away my messed up makeup and dried my face with my shirt, and then left the bathroom.

I took one last look at Ryder's room before I descended the stairs. I didn't see him in the living room so I turned the corner into the kitchen. Still no sign of him. I would have given up by now, but I really wanted to thank him so I could sneak back home before my father thought to lock me out.

I was backing up to go back into the living room when I ran into something that hadn't been there before, and gave a short scream of surprise. I spun around to see what I had run into and was met face to neck with Ryder.

"Oh, there you are." I was still recovering from the shock of him finding me. I hadn't heard him come in or come up behind me. "I was looking for you."

He nodded. "I thought so. You weren't in my room when I went up there."

I suddenly noticed how close we were standing and backed up a little. "Yeah, I wanted to thank you before I left. So...thanks."

He smirked at me for some odd reason and said, "You're welcome. Anytime you get glass all in your arm, I'm right here."

"Kay...I kinda need to get home now. My parents are probably worried." I lied, forcing a smile of gratitude onto my face. "So...uh...See you around." I looked into his eyes for just a second, and then averted my gaze to my feet.

"Yeah, see you at school." He nodded and led me out of his house.

I slowly walked up to my front door and tried the handle. It was unlocked. A wave of relief washed over me, while at the same time a new level of fear took its place next to it. I took a few more careful steps into the house and was shocked by what I saw.

I quickly crossed the distance of the living room to the couch, where my father was. Looking at him, in his current condition, brought tears to my eyes.

A.N. I hope I left you in a cliff-hanger! Sorry for the long time between updates but my computer broke and I lost all of my files. So basically, I had to re-write the whole chapter. I want to thank my new beta for being awesome!