Greetings, unfortunate creatures who've stumbled upon this. Welcome to the chaos that is... well, me. In short, this is a blog, or 'pillowbook' as I've seen some call them here on this site. Because I'm lazy, it shall be copied and pasted from my Livejournal. The advantage of this is that Livejournal has a spell-check. However, my Livejournal will probably be updated sooner, since I tend to get behind on things like transfering chapters over to here.

As well as the blog enteries, I will also be putting in some reviews and tutorials, because some strange people may find that entertaining. And, well, I've nothing better to do but write them.

As for the title of this, 'From Under The Bridge', I would like to quickly explain that one to you. I do occasionally partake in the rather frowned upon internet passtime of 'trolling'. And, as we all know, trolls reside under bridges. It seemed to fit.

And on that note, those of you who choose to read on, though I do pity you, welcome.