(posted 12.11.11)

Well, my bonfire night went well enough. A friend of mine threw a house party, which I actually got invited to. I didn't get so drunk that I couldn't walk home, although another friend of mine turned up at the party drunk, and got so wasted in the end that he puked all over the hostess' sofa, not to mention a certain few other things such as using the washing line pole to pole dance, hitting me in the face and tipping water over everybody. I did have a little too much to drink, mind, and a few things ended up coming out wrong, as they always do when I drink (and often when I don't), so I really hope everyone understands that that was just the alcohol speaking.

That was about a week ago, now, and I haven't updated this. NaNoWriMo is eating up a lot of my time. I was keeping above par at first, but now I seem to have dropped way below it. :( Not to mention trying to fit it around my coursework, exam revision, job-hunting and actually having something of a social life.

I've officially started my Christmas shopping now, so there shall be a rant about that soon enough. I loathe Christmas shopping. It's too expensive and way too much hassle. Plus the fact that I haven't managed to get a job yet means that I'm completely flat broke. So, yeah, right about now my life kinda sucks. But I guess that's just the way it goes.