Raven Wolf

The Wounded

Chapter Four

Dolly stares at Shiya who had just admitted to her some rather unexpected information, she had heard that term before in old stories that she was often told about when she was younger. "One of the Six Sources… you mean like in those stories that Mom used to tell me when I was a little girl?" She shakes her head that not making much sense, she never picturing any of the sources to look anything like Shiya did. "But… in those stories the six sources are nothing but sources of power… they're not people and don't have a physical form."

Shiya nods his head aware of all that. "We didn't originally, but things have changed much from those old legends and now we are like this."

Dolly sighs to herself, though such a simple explanation definitely explained a lot of things on why the military was after Shiya and so desperately trying to capture him, it now raised many new questions. "How did this happen…? I mean… how did you get to how you are now?"

Shiya seems surprised to have Dolly so easily believe him, he staring at her somewhat perplexed. "You believe me…? You're not going to doubt me or even ask me to prove what I'm saying is true?"

Dolly shakes her head no. "I've been introduced to a lot of unbelievable things lately… Super Soldiers, True Bloods… throwing something like the Six Sources into the mix is hardly a shock to me anymore… plus I already know about the powers you are able to do, I've seen you use them on me and my fellow soldiers first hand, so I don't doubt that you are what you say you are."

Shiya still holds his surprised expression. "Well that would be a first, of course I've only told one other before you about this."

Dolly seems surprised to hear this, Shiya extremely secretive if you took into account that he was over three hundred years old. "Really…? Only one other person knows about you?"

Shiya shakes his head no. "Well… clearly there are others that know about me, the Domestic Military being one of them, but I have told none of them from my own mouth. The only one I did tell this to besides you was my late wife, and even when I told her she didn't believe me and demanded that I prove that I was telling the truth."

Dolly continues to question Shiya about himself, she now curious. "So… what happened to make you like this?"

Shiya thinks back, that having been a very long time ago. "I am much older than three hundred years old you know… as one of the Six Sources I've existed for as long as this earth has…" He looks down at his hands. "In this form though... well perhaps not that much longer than four hundred."

Shiya reaches towards a necklace that is right now tied around his neck, pulling it over his hand as he walks over to Dolly, placing the small blue crystal into her hands. "I was not born this way you know, everything started before the great Eden of North existed, when the snow wolf tribe that lived there was still small and not unlike any other group of wilds in the area."

Dolly stares down at the blue crystal she is now holding, she bringing her hands closer to her eyes when she sees movement within it, Dolly able to see upon closer inspection a scene corresponding to what Shiya had just described. "What… is this?"

Shiya looks down at the crystal. "Memories of mine… important ones… I keep them in there so that I will not forget them, for someone that has lived as long as I have you start to fear that you may forget important things, or events that you should not forget."

Dolly holds the small crystal up closer to her face, she intently staring at it as Shiya continues to explain, what he said to her appearing before her eyes within the strange jewel that Shiya had handed her. "The True Bloods approached my people, befriending them with the intent of gaining their help. I was just a child when they showed up and had just started my lessons to become the tribe's next shaman."

Dolly is a little surprised to hear this. "A shaman? You?"

Shiya nods his head. "Yes, my mother was the tribe's shaman while my father was the tribes lead warrior. Despite my father's bloodline I was born small, and had a very docile spirit inept for fighting, as such the spirits labelled me of shaman bloodline, my mother the one that would teach me all there was to know about it."

"At the time my tribe was fighting a losing battle against many enemies, because of this our leader sought the power of the Six Sources to use against his enemies, the True Bloods were also after this power, and they offered us their help in finding and controlling it, the two groups intended to share the power source with one another, at least that is how it was supposed to go."

"After the agreement was made the True Bloods gave us knowledge and technology, superior to what we knew and even superior to what the domestics of that time knew, my father did not agree with the direction that our leader had taken our tribe, he and many others saw these advancements as a betrayal to the natural order of nature and the will of the spirits. He organized a rebellion and tried to overthrow our leader, but was overpowered by the True Blood weapons and stopped."

"My father was not killed for his betrayal, he was the strongest of the tribe and all of our warriors respected and refused to follow anyone but him. My tribe and the True Bloods still needed him, as did they need my mother, the tribe's shaman. I on the other hand, was not yet needed by my tribe or the True Bloods, so as punishment for my father's crimes against the leader of our people I was taken away, and my life became means of controlling my father. If he once again defied the will of our leader, then I would be killed."

"I was taken to one of the True Blood colonies, growing up there was much different than it was when I was with my tribe, to them I was no more significant than an animal was, and as such I was treated as so. I was thrown with the dogs they raised there and that's where I grew up, I was to always follow the same rules as the dogs did, and I was not allowed to stand on two feet, and even though I learned to speak through listening to the True Bloods talk I was not allowed to do so myself unless I was told to because it made the True Bloods uncomfortable."

"I was many years before I was taken back to my tribe, when I returned both of my parents were already dead, killed during the many battles my tribe was throw into because of their choices, I was brought back with the intent to replace my mother as a shaman but I did not know enough to be of any use, so I was thrown to the sacrifices."

Dolly seems a little confused. "The sacrifices."

Shiya nods his head Dolly having not heard wrong. "Yes, enemies captured in battle, betrayers and those without purpose were met with that fate. My people and the True Bloods had found and were trying to confine one of the Six Sources into a living person as a means of controlling it, the source though fought against this, and many would be hosts were killed by it. When it was my turn to face the entity, I was the one that was able to contain it, when it entered my body the memories and knowledge from both of our beings melded into one, and thus I became one of the Six Sources."

Dolly sighs to herself, the story seemed too unbelievable to be true, but even so she didn't doubt him, as she had said before she'd been through a lot of unbelievable stuff by now. "Ok then, if you're one of the Six Sources, I guess it's safe to assume that you're Ice."

Shiya nods his head yes. "One of the first names I was given was Snow, it was what they would call the white flakes my cold would create."

Dolly gives him a slight smile, that accounting for that name that he had given to her upon first meeting her, he having not wanted to give her the name Shiya for fear of being found, he instead giving her one of the Six Sources old names as Snow. "So then if you're Ice, that means you have a sibling right?"

Shiya is surprised to hear her say something like this. "How did you know about her?"

Dolly tilts her head to the side, thinking that it should be obvious. "The Six Sources represent more than just one kind of power… Mother was always very adamant on this fact when telling me the stories about them. The first two sources Ice and Fire, represented destruction and the end, but they also represented the power of family, as Fire and Ice were siblings to one another. It's same with all the other sources. Lightening and Earth, represented power, strength and assistance to man, but the two were also comrades and represented the power of friendship. Water and Wind represented life and renewal, and they also represented the power of love, as the two were lovers that could never be torn apart."

Shiya smiles at Dolly it welcoming to hear this. "Family, friendship and love… yes…" He laughs to himself, it being a long time since him and the other Six Sources had been referred in such a way. "When people seek power these qualities are always overlooked, the powers which the elements provide and represent are much more appealing I suppose. I had thought that everyone had forgotten about them at this point."

Dolly shakes her head no. "No… not everyone has forgotten about them…"

Shiya sits back, he surprisingly comfortable with talking to Dolly after hearing her say this. "I cannot tell you her name, as I do not want to place her in any danger on my account, but I do have a sister, we are not blood related but we both lived within and grew up in the True Blood's colony. Me and here were the only wilds there, though she lived a much more privileged life than I did, I suppose the True Bloods that took her in liked her more than the ones that had taken me in. Our reasons for ending up there were somewhat the same though. She became one of the Six Sources shortly after I had."

"What about the other sources? Are they like you and your sister are?"

Shiya shrugs his shoulders, he really unclear on that. "Once I entered this body my connections with the others were lost. I do not know what has become of them or where they are, I only know of my sister and Wind, and that is because I happened to encounter them after being placed into this form."

Dolly continues to question Shiya. "So what happened to the Eden of North…?"

Shiya falls silent upon hearing Dolly ask this question, Dolly pushing further. "From what I know from the stories that place was destroyed in a storm of ice and snow… and everyone that lived there killed by that same storm. Was that you?"

Shiya closes his eyes as he reluctantly nods his head. "Yes… that was my doing… as you said ice represents complete destruction and the end… when my captors faltered and made a mistake in controlling me and the power I had, I used that opening to attack and destroy everything."

Dolly looks back down to the crystal, the event that Shiya was explaining now playing on it, the amount of power and hate being put on display by him almost immeasurable.

Shiya continues to hang his head, he very regretful of what he had done. "I was so completely blinded by my rage and power… I hated the True Bloods and what they put me through, but more than that I hated my own tribe, for allying with the True Bloods, giving me to them to be treated and raised like a common animal and a prisoner, fighting in wars that got both of my parents killed and then labelling me as un-needed and throwing me as a sacrifice to one of the Six Sources, and then using me as a weapon to destroy their enemies. Because of all of that I had thought my actions justified, that they deserved no less than a painful and pitiful end at my hands."

"After all was said and done I realized how wrong I had been… perhaps those that had hurt me and destroyed my life deserved their end… but it was not my choice to make. The powers of the Six Sources are meant to control and aid life as to continue the cycles on this planet… not execute hate and vengeance upon people… more than that… it was more than just those individuals that I had attacked. I had destroyed my home and wiped out an entire race of people… innocent people that had nothing to do with what happened to me… my own people…"

Shiya looks down toward his hands. "I cannot let that happen again… I can't allow anyone to use me or the powers I have as a weapon to kill those they hate, not the True Bloods, not the Domestics, not my own tribe or even myself."

Dolly thinks over what Shiya had said everything he was saying absolutely right, if he was one of the Six Sources then there was no way that she could hand him over to the domestic military. The Six Sources represented great and sacred powers, and as Shiya said such power should not be used as a weapon. If any one of the sources were to be misused or worse yet, lost to the world, there's was no telling what would happen.

Dolly stares back at Shiya, it was all pretty unbelievable to hear, but at the same time she couldn't bring herself to deny it, as it all made sense. "So how did you end up in Raven Wolf of all places?"

Shiya nods his head that a story all on its own. "The True Bloods found me not long after I had destroyed my tribe, I was broken and filled with remorse with what I had done, my will to fight was gone and I was easily contained, I was locked up and placed within bindings, iron shackles on my hands and feet and a muzzle of iron to keep me from doing harm to myself or others with the fangs I bared. During the long transport there were some problems… so to say… my sister who had already escaped the True Bloods, and Wind, another source who has escaped, had found out about my transport, and they attacked with the intent to free me."

"At the time I did not know what was going on, I was hurt during the attack and I was frightened, so I ran, as far and as fast as I could, until my bindings became caught, and kept me from running any further. Sometime after Achak found me, freed me from the bindings that were trapping me and took me back to his tribe so that his father, who was the shaman, could tend to the wounds that I had received during the attack. The tribe took me in and I have been with them ever since, even when my sister finally found me, I could not bring myself to leave… of course it would have been the smarter thing to do… but I had fallen in love, with that tribe, and with Kanti… with… everything… I couldn't leave…"

He looks from the ground back over to Dolly. "I've tried everything in my power to stay hidden… but even I knew that I would not be able to hide forever, my capture was inevitable."

Dolly frowns. "Well the military doesn't have you yet."

Shiya shakes his head as he looks back to Dolly. "What I don't understand… is how a group such as the domestics learned of the six sources… or even of where to look for them. Domestics are very much the type to not believe in old stories like that, more grounded to believing what they see, spirits and sources have never before been of interest to them until the last three hundred years… what exactly made them start believing that the sources were real?"

Chase lets out an upset and frustrated groan "Two weeks! Urg this is the worst! How are we supposed to find our targets in just two weeks? This is impossible."

Kane looks over to Chase who is currently laying on the floor of the room they were in, the tiger more tense right now then he usually was. "You can start by getting off your lazy butt and looking for them!"

Chase frowns as he stays in his spot as he glances over toward Vaan waiting on him at the moment. "I can't just start searching aimlessly, I need some kind of lead to go off of."

Alistair stands impatiently behind Vaan, he also depending on the feline right now. "Are you finished going through that scenario again! Hurry up and find something will you!"

Vaan frowns as he looks back to Alistair. "You know I have a target of my own to focus on too!"

Captain Mort raises his voice as he lets out a loud yell. "That's enough! None of you are going to get anywhere if you keep this up."

The four Super Soldiers fall silent as Mort makes his way through them. "We know that at least two of our targets are in this city, and we also have a general idea on where the Raven Wolf tribe is, though not an exact location it's still better than nothing."

Chase lets out a groan as he sits up. "Forget it, I give up."

Everyone looks back to Chase upon hearing this, this not something anyone had ever heard him or any of the other super soldiers say. "What!"

Vaan raises his voice to him, Chase clearly overlooking the severity of this situation. "Are you stupid! If you don't find your target within two weeks you're going to be disposed of, that's it, over, end of the line."

"Yeah I heard, I was there when General Dmitri said all that remember?"

"Dead Lockheart! That means you're going to be dead!"

Chase sits up on the floor. "I know that! I just figure if I only have two weeks left to live I would rather spend it doing something worthwhile. I mean I don't want to die without having done anything interesting in my life. Heck I'm not going to die without at least telling a girl that I like her or something! I haven't even had my first kiss yet! All I've been doing is tests and work, tests and work, what's the point to my existence if that's all that it's going to be?"

"You're not a little school girl Lockheart! You're a Super Soldier!" Chase doesn't respond, Vaan frowning as he raises his voice even louder. "DON'T FALL ASLEEP WHEN I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF TALKING TO YOU!"

Chase wakes up with a surprised start. "I need more coffee…"

Mort approaches him, holding out a paper cup fill with coffee that he had originally bought for himself. "You'll have time for all those things AFTER you find your target and bring her in." Chase takes the cup from him and starts drinking it, Mort staring down at him curiously. "And when exactly did you start acting like this? Your mind never wandered like this before."

Alistair lets out a smirk. "Ever since he got introduced to Conner, you'd think he never had to work with a girl before."

Chase frowns as he looks over to Alistair. "Hey she's not just any girl you know. She's strong and smart and beautiful-"

The other Super Soldiers let out a groan as they all turn away from Chase and try to ignore him.

Dmitri's condescending laugh fills the room. "A love sick Super Soldier, I never thought that I would run into this problem when I was given this task." The room falls silent as the Super Soldiers watch General Dmitri enter, none of them on good terms with him after the announcement he had made about destroying them in two weeks should they not complete their tasks.

Dmitri approaches Chase as he looks down upon him. "Perhaps this weapon is more defective than I first thought."

Mort approaches Dmitri there nothing defective about him. "They're still people despite how they were created, emotions like this are just as normal for them as they would be anyone else."

Vaan finishes typing at his computer a printer within the room now beginning to print out several sheets of data, each of the Super Soldiers as well as Mort making their way over to it as they pick out the sheets relevant to their targets.

Alistair frowns as he looks the information given to him over. "Why is the search radius so large now! You expect me to cover all of this!"

Vaan sighs as he looks back to Alistair. "You're targets have been within the city for a week, they could honestly be anywhere right now! Those are only the first places for you to look."

Alistair lets out an aggravated groan at the news, Kane looking over to him after looking his own information over. "You don't have time to whine or complain about it, just get out there and find him."

Alistair frowns as he looks back to Kane. "Hey, I tolerate you the most out of everyone here, don't go making me change my mind about you, what you did to me during the mission to capture Raven Wolf's leader was testing me enough."

Both Kane and Alistair quickly leave, intent on finding their targets as quickly as possible to save themselves from meeting an unfortunate early end.

Mort looks from his sheet of paper over to Vann. "Let's go Berights."

Vaan looks reluctant to step foot out of the facility. "Do I have to…? I though you could just go check out the locations for me. You know how much I hate doing fieldwork…"

Mort gives him an annoyed frown as he repeats what he had said. "Let's go Berights."

The cat lets out a heavy sigh as he gathers up his things and to his dismay leaves with Captain Mort to go looking for his target.

Chase lets out a sigh as he looks from his sheet of paper over to Dmitri, they the only ones left as everyone else had started up on their tasks already. "I guess I'll get started too…" He folds the paper that had been given to him before leaving the room as well, Dmitri watching him leave with a grin.

"My dear friend… I can no longer recognize him as who he once was… his has allowed his hatred to change him to become a monster… it is my job to stop his destruction… you must help me."

Teddy slowly opens his eyes, his whole body sore and aching in pain, his mind lightheaded with him unable to get a good grip on his surroundings. He wasn't sure what had happened or what was going on, all he could remember was that voice… that voice that sounded like his own asking him for help.

"You're awake, that's good. I was almost starting to think that you wouldn't wake up."

Teddy looks toward the person that had spoken up, spotting a True Blood soldier on the other side of a thick sheet of glass that separated them. This one though looking different than the other True Bloods that Teddy had so far encountered, he not sharing the strange ears and tail-less features as the soldiers, he in fact having black pointed ears as well as a black furred tail.

Teddy winces as he holds his head after trying to get up, his whole mind spinning as soon as he had tried to move. "What happened to me?"

"How should I know? I'm not the one that brought you in. I'm just your guard. You're under twenty four hour surveillance you know, just imagine how ecstatic I am to have this job."

Teddy looks to the side, he having a pretty good idea, having had the exact same job about half a year ago.

The voice of a woman rises as she speaks up to Teddy's guard. "Don't be so rude Fenrir there's absolutely no reason for it."

Teddy looks from his guard toward the woman who had spoken, she looking just as all the other True Bloods that Teddy had seen with her furless body, head of long black hair, flat face and strange ears. Teddy watching as the woman in white lab coat looks over from the computer she is working on toward him and the guard. She speaking to Teddy and apologizing for Fenrir's rude behaviour. "Please forgive my son, he's very standoffish to people he doesn't know, but trust me he's absolutely lovable once you're able to get on his good side."


"Oh calm down Fenrir." She gets out of the chair she had been sitting in walking up next to the glass that separated them from Teddy and staring in at him. "To answer your question, two days ago when you and your friend had made a run for it in an attempt to escape you ended up running into a room that currently housed a very unstable power source, just as you were caught and about to be brought in you were unexpectedly hit with a rather large bolt of electricity caused by the power source in that room."

Teddy seems confused, he not remembering any of that. "What…?"

The woman nods her head it very peculiar. "After getting hit by something like that we were sure that you would be dead, but you suffered very little wounds at all, and even managed to live through it just fine. You're very lucky you know."

Teddy glances around him at the glass enclosure he is trapped in, then toward a tower of equipment the woman scientist is using to monitor him with, and then to the guard posted to keep watch over him. "You know lucky is the last thing I'm feeling right now…"

The woman begins to question Teddy. "So do you remember anything that happened after being hit by that bolt of electricity?"

Teddy tries to think back, he could remember Zack talking to that Zephyr person, then being surrounded and captured again, then absolutely nothing after that… except for that voice, which might not even be a voice at all because it honestly sounded like he was just talking or thinking to himself. "No… I don't even remember being hit by anything."

"Really?" The woman seems very disappointed to hear this. "Well that's too bad." She gasps as she stands up straight, she having been so interested in what had happened to Teddy that she had completely forgotten her manners. "Oh you must excuse me for being so rude, I haven't introduced myself yet." She holds her hand to herself. "My name is Rebecca Zephyr, I'll be monitoring you during the project." She holds her hand out to Fenrir. "My son Fenrir Zephyr, he'll be acting as your guard to make sure that there's no unnecessary trouble during the project." She grabs onto Fenrir, surprising him as she wraps her arms around him and nuzzles him. "Don't you just love his cute tail and wittle ears! Oh he's so adorable I could die!"

Fenrir looks less than happy with this unwanted attention. "Mother please stop that!"

Rebecca flicks one of Fenrir's black ears. "He gets them from his father, he's part wild you know, and was his father ever handsome let me tell you."

Teddy begins to question her, the name sounding familiar. "Zephyr…? Like that man that Zack was talking to?"

The woman nods her head yes. "Yes, Commander General Zephyr, my second husband and darling Fenrir's stepfather. He's the one in charge of the entire project."

Teddy is slightly confused. "Project… you keep saying project? What project are you talking about…?"

Rebecca smiles at him happy to explain. "Why the project to contain and control that power source you ran into of course!" She turns away from him heading back towards her computer. "It's pretty important you see, there use to be six of them in total but we completely lost control over the other five and no longer have them. Lightning is the very last chance we've got at doing this right."

Teddy continues to question her. "But what does this power thing have to do with me?"

Rebecca seems more than happy to explain, she excited over this whole ordeal. "Well it attacked you, but you didn't die! You have no idea how unexpected that is! This power source has been completely merciless up until now, killing anyone that attacks or is brought to it, 100% kill rate you could say. But you, well you're just fine! It's almost like nothing happened! You could very well be compatible with the source, and you would be the first ever! The other five sources put up such a fight they were practically whittled down to nothing before we could contain them inside of a host, but the data we've recorded from you might suggest that you might be a compatible host, meaning that you could host this thing even when it's at the strength it's at now."

She looks back to him with a smile. "If it goes as planned then all those wilds that we brought in along with you will be saved! We won't need them anymore." She shrugs her shoulders that of course if it worked. "Of course, we could be completely wrong and you'll die like the others, we've never run into this situation before so we really have no idea of the end result."

Teddy of course is not as thrilled as she happened to be about this, from what he understood he was being used for some kind of weird experiment, that not something he ever really wanted to be a part of at any point in his lifetime. He turns away from her as he begins looking over his surroundings, clearly he had to find a way out of here before he found himself being tested on or even worse yet, dead.

Fenrir watches Teddy as he looks over his surroundings, it clear to anyone that the wolf was looking for a way out, Fenrir taking it upon himself to inform him of how futile that was. "You're not going to find one you know, a way out I mean."

Teddy looks back to him with a frown, he changing the topic from him trying to find away out to try and save himself to another topic that was right now concerning him. "What happened to Zack? Either of you wouldn't happen to know would you?"

Both Fenrir and Rebecca seem confused, none of them recognising the name, Teddy thinking for a moment, trying to recall what it was that Commander General Zephyr was always calling Zack. "Twenty… twenty… six was it…?"

Fenrir speaks up this time, he knowing the answer to that one. "You mean that Super Soldier that you were trying to escape with? He was caught of course, and he's just fine… for now anyway. Who knows for how long though, from what I hear dad's got some very interesting plans for him."

Zephyr walks into a room were a large group of scientists are working, he making his way over to a hospital bed in the middle of the room where Zack is tied down, he completely still with his eyes closed, an IV connected to his arm that was constantly dripping a strange substance into his body.

Zephyr looks Zack over before looking to one of the scientists. "Is he still alive?"

Zack opens his eyes upon hearing Zephyr's voice, this action answering the question that had been directed at the scientists, Zephyr nodding his head as he returns his attention to Zack after noticing he had his attention. "I suppose that answers my question."

One of the scientists approaches him. "He's been constantly given this for two days now, and we're getting absolutely nothing."

Zephyr frowns as he looks back to Zack, he holding his hand up to the bag the IV is attached to and lightly hitting it to bring it to Zack's attention. "Do you know what this is?"

"How would I know?"

Zephyr begins to explain. "This is the poison that was used to kill the Super Soldiers, a deadly toxin specially developed for the Super Soldiers and purposely made overly strong to make sure that none of the defects would be able to live through it.

The first day we gave you the dose that was needed to supposedly kill you, and have been continuing to increase it, yet you are showing absolutely no signs of its effects. That means that somehow your body has developed complete immunity to it.

This is interesting to us, as according to the record we have you 'died' the last time it was given to you, you're body was not immune at the time, and actually 'played dead' so that we would have thought you gone and stopped giving the poison to you. Now though your body doesn't even flinch from it, you having evolved and developed an immunity to it over the years."

He looks over to the scientists as they continue to work. "Do you have any idea of what this means to us?"

Zack shakes his head. "What would I know about any of that?"

Zephyr lets out a chuckle as he takes hold of Zack's ear looking at the number tattooed on the inside of it. "It means that somewhere in your DNA is the answer to a problem we True Bloods have. Currently we are unable to develop immunities to the diseases that right now inhabit the world, and we're forced to live in these very isolated and environmentally controlled facilities, you were made here in these labs, if we can somehow figure out how to replicate what it was that gives you the ability to do this we would not be confined as we are now."

"So what are you going to do? Cut me into hundreds of little pieces and study me?"

Zephyr shakes his head no. "Perhaps if you die, but right now you're more useful alive than dead, if we can't replicate what we did to give you these abilities, then we'll need you to harvest this DNA from. Then of course we're going to have to find a way to successfully apply this to ourselves, and who knows how many tries that will take. Keeping you alive to have a constant source of supplies is much smarter than dissecting you and limiting our supplies."

He smiles as he looks away from Zack. "Who would have thought that the failed Super Solider projects we created could have possibly lead to something like this? I never dreamed that you might actually be useful to us. You've even managed to re-write your own DNA so you're no longer bound to the rules we encoded into your genetic code to keep from being able to attack us, with that we could overwrite fears, learning and mental disabilities, heck I bet we could even solve writers block with you."

Zack watches as Zephyr, the smile still on the True Blood's face. "To think we created something so groundbreaking and didn't realize it until now, our intelligence no doubt rivals God's now."

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