Um...this one can be interpreted in one of two ways:
1. the literal sense...bland yet blatant
2. the romantic, metaphorical sense...whatever you want it to mean
Enjoy, and please review!!! ^_^

Redemption of a Rose

Blood flowing over
a single stained rose
that lies in the palm
of the man in the snow.

The hawk had flown above
on the lonely road
bisected down the middle
the arrow pierced his home.

Devouring the flesh
of the lone hawk dead
thunder crashes down
on the hungry man's head.

A haze spreads about
redeeming all the lost
the hawk is renewed
ridding of the cost.

Now he is free again
to ride the immortal wind
the petals of the rose
take the place of the sin.

A single stained petal remains
as a memory, as a warning...

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