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It was that time of the day, when all dark, evil things crawled out of the safety of their homes and came out for the day's feed. I was out skipping around an alley when I saw that a certain human avoided the setting sun's light as much as possible, even with the dark cloak, I knew that it was twitching inside just to get out of the it's contact, I knew when I saw no shadow, I knew it was time to act.

I entered the nearest dark restaurant and took a seat at one of the booths, patiently waiting for my scent to hit my new victim. My undeniably, strong, painful yet alluring scent that captures the most sensitive noses' attention. I shuffled into my purse for that small little baggie and smiled innocently as I spread out grains of individual rice.

Its head turned to me, no, my mistake, to the tiny objects scattering lightly on the plate.

This is too easy. I thought to myself, an invisible smirk formed in my head.

It came up to me and didn't even bother saying a greeting or even to take a look at me. It just eyed the grains on my plate without acknowledging my very presence.

"May I help you?" I asked sweetly looking up, trying to entrance it with my stretched neck. Completely at reach, completely vulnerable, completely poisoning.

It tore its eyes from the plate and forced a decent enough smile at me.

"Hello." It said with a hit of tremble in its voice.

"Want to share?" I offered pushing the plate towards it. "Please, sit down." A pinch of venom leaking in my voice. But I was careful not to make it obvious.

But of course, these creatures are sharp. It shot a suspicious glimpse at me but I could tell it strained to tear its eyes from the rice.

I tilted my head to the side and let a spec of light tinkle on my necklace.

Its eyes turned big but it still was watching the plate in the corner of its eye.

On my necklace was a mirror-like pendant that reflected anything... perfectly.

I jumped and touched my pendant, "You like it? I got it from my grandmother." Total lie, I got it from my grandfather.

"Interesting." It was obvious it was trying not to look at it.

"Want to see the earrings she gave me a year a go for my birthday?" I asked in a high-pitched, bell-like voice.

It winced at the sound but simply just nodded.

Wrong move beast. I thought to myself.

"Look," I tucked my hair behind my ear for him to see a full look of my awesome earrings. "Gran says their real. Isn't it so cool? They even made it look like a cross!"

"C-cool." It stuttered drawing back on the seat.

I could tell it wanted to just stand and walk away, but I knew that the grains and my difficultly braided hair made it difficult to just leave.

"I know right? I mean she gives me so many gifts, but my ultimate fav are those silver stilettos with charms that look like silver bullets. Does are real too, you know." I winked in the end.

"You are new here." It said, telling me something so off topic, but if it kept him distracted, so be it. It probably only said that just to keep me talking for him to busy himself with the rice in front of him.

"Oh no, not at all." I shook my head slowly, keeping my eyes at him. "Not new at all."

Its blood red eyes shifted to my ocean blue ones and searched for any clues of my intentions that I would accidentally slip out.

I smiled kindly and sighed, letting my breath surround both of us.

It sniffed and turned a bit stiff at the sickly sweet fragrance.

"Wild roses." It hissed. I was quite sure I wasn't supposed to hear that. But due to experience and practice, I have learned to turn my poor hearing to a sensitive one.

"Oooooh! A candle!" I acted amazed and as if my short attention spanned self just realized there was a candle on the side of the table.

"Y-yes a candle." It stated worriedly.

"Do you mind if I light it up?" I asked biting my lower lip so hard it drew a bit of blood.

It cringed at the sight and leaned closer.

"I mind." Its eyes trying to entrance me.

This was part of the plan.

I tried my best to act allured to its trance and leaned closer.


And closer.

"Maybe we should take this outside." It suggested.

"Yes, maybe we should." I said robotically.

It smiled and stood up, still eying the rice on the plate.

Just count it, monster.

It whipped its head around and said, "Come then."

I followed it out of the restaurant and into the alleys.

It backed me to the wall, its face looking down at me like a predator to a prey.

Little did it know that I wasn't the one cornered in this battle.

"One taste. Is that alright?" It asked tilting its head to the side, looking hungrily at my neck.

An invitation is just what it needs.

"One taste." I whispered closing my eyes.

"One taste." It repeated in a low voice.

It was too distracted to notice a wooden stake, size of a pocketknife, shot out of my pocket and into its chest.

It stumbled back and fell to the ground in shock and, surely, pain.

"Slayer." It choked out, suprised.

I smiled my hundred watt smile and made an innocent look.

"I will get revenge." It hissed, though with a straint.

I scoffed, "They always say that." I shook my head while laughing. I crouched down and twisted the stake so it would go deeper into its cold, dead heart. "But. They. Always. Just. Die. On. Me. Sad isn't it?" I whispered bitterly, punctuating each word with a twist and a push on the weapon.

Its eyes stayed open but I knew that it was finally dead.

I looked around at my surroundings to make sure that no one saw such exchange.

The body crumbled to ashes and I watched as they vanished into the night's air.

I stood up flipped my dyed blonde hair back, fixed my wrinkled skirt and skipped out of the alley and headed back to the restaurant to celebrate my victory.

But I was stopped.

"Always the actor of the bunch are we now Valentina."

I turned around with the stake at arm's length, pointed at the attacker.

"Whoa there Val. Watch where that thing goes." The man laughed as he backed a step.

When he took a step back, I took a step forward, keeping the same distance as we had before.

"Val, come on, you still think I'm one of them?"

"Walter get away before I kill you." I warned.

"You don't scare me Val." Walter chuckled, running a hand through his midnight black hair.

I rolled my eyes.

"What? You think I'll be fazed by that? You think I'll swoon just because you touched your hair?" I questioned, narrowing my eyes to slits.

"You know, the cheerleader outfit plus the venomous glare and that knife, it makes you look really sexy right now." Walter complemented.

I again rolled my eyes.

"And those beautiful blue eyes, constantly rolling. Man, you're turning me on Val." Walter laughed at his own joke.

"Just stay away from me Walter. I thought I made it clear to you years—."

"Shh." Walter's huge hand covered my mouth and pushed me against the nearest wall, into the shadows.

Two men in trench coats passed us with out noticing our existence.

"Your way too loud." He whispered in my ear.

And no I did not get a chill running down my spine.

"Just to say, Valentina," Walter paused for dramatic effect, "I miss you."

And then he was gone.

Stupid Walter.

BZZZ. my phone vibrated to say i have a text in my inbox.

Val meet me in my office. NOW.


Take it to mom to sound sickly sweet and strict at the same time.

Stupid Society.

Stupid School.

Stupid ME!


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