A/N: This is the re-write of Life After Destruction, and by re-write I mean the same on some points but most of the plot has been re-done. I hope this is even better than the first one. Much love- Amber.

Warnings: there will be sexual content of the male on male verity. Rape, prostitution incest and at times Shota. If any of these bother you please do not read. This is your respectful warning.

Chapter one: The beginning.

It's pretty funny if I don't think about it too hard. Most teens my age look back on their lives and say things like 'I've been on baseball teams ever since I could remember.' Or 'I've been talented at art ever since I was too little to even remember.'

Me? I guess I have something like that, but it's nothing to stand up and puff up about. I mean I know my life is most likely polar opposite of what it was supposed to be like but I do have some talents. Just talents that, unless you grew up like I did, aren't something anyone would hold in higher regard than being able to read, because if that's what it took to do my job well – lets just say I'd be less then high demand.

Wondering who I am yet? My name is Dustin and ever since I can remember, I've been a prostitute. Or at least what ever comes close to it. The only day I can vaguely remember being with my family is the last day I ever spent with them, and it's all still very blurry even when I think hard about it.

I was six, maybe five or seven but I was somewhere around that age where Star Wars seemed real and your whole world is a block long. Anyway, it was summer time, I think, because we had just gotten back from the neighborhood pool and I had started a battle between my little brother and I in the front lawn. I think his name started with one of the vowels like E or O but I forgot his name a long time ago. After a while it didn't even seem useful to try and remember them. It felt better just to close off that part of my life.

Back on track, I think our mom was inside attending to our little sister, one of us had pushed her down when making a bee line to the toy chest to get our light sabers. We had both gotten yelled at for it but I can't remember who actually did the shoving, but I'll admit that it was most likely me. I've always been impatient.

I had just knocked my brother over when I heard a car pull to a stop behind me.

"Hey kids, have you two seen our puppy?" a guy said, and I turned around. The car they were in was just that, a car - nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary, just a car with two adults in the front.

I realized that the guy in the passenger seat had spoken first when the driver spoke because the driver had a more soothing voice. "Our dog just had puppies and one got away," he corroborated the other's story.

I loved dogs and had just gotten a puppy myself. He was a scruffy little thing that liked me more than anyone else in the house. He'd fallow me around and sleep on my feet when I went to bed.

Being the mature six-or-something-year-old I was, I told my brother to go sit on the steps where our mother had us wait while she dealt with strangers.

"No, I'm sorry what does he look like?" I asked curious.

"Oh she's a white little girl with lots of fur." One answered sounding a little disappointed as the other nodded sadly. "Do you think you could help us find her?" he asked sounding hopeful that I would be willing to go along.

I looked back at my brother who was pouting because I made him sit by the stairs. "I'm gonna help them find their dog. I'll be back soon okay?" I told him opening the back seat door.

"Momma is gonna be mad at you," he warned me, probably still pissy that I had told him what to do.

"Then don't tattle like a baby!" I shouted back before crawling into the vehicle. I crawled inside because even though it wasn't any bigger then any other car, I was still an extremely short kid. When I was fully in the car and I closed the door I heard a click and saw the lock disappear into the inside of the door. "Where did your dog get loose?" I inquired when they started driving away from my house.

But no one answered me. The driver just flicked on the radio and started to play some music.

"Excuse me," I said a little louder in case they hadn't heard me. "Where'd ya loose the puppy?"

I saw the guy in the passenger seat lean forward and turn up the music and I started feeling nervous as they pulled on to a highway.

"I think I want to go home now." I told them tapping one of their shoulders. "Hey, sir I want to-,"

"Sit the fuck down and shut the hell up!" the man in the passenger seat demanded.

I felt a lump gather in my throat and I remember my eyes getting watery. "I want my mom!" I whimpered starting to cry.

"Too bad kid," the driver said calmly, continuing to drive on nonchalantly.

I, of course, didn't just shut up at that hint. "I. Want. My. Mom!" I yelled very loudly right before the car swerved on to the side of the road and stopped harshly. I was about to scream again when the driver quickly turned around and smacked me clear across the face.

I completely started bawling until I got hit a second time and was commanded to shut up. I worked my self down into a soft whimper babying the cheek that was now red and aching. I think he may have even knocked a few baby teeth out.

I gently rocked back and forth for however long that car ride was. It had felt like days to me and I was shaking in fear and pain.

When the car did stop I was too afraid of both the men to even think about getting out but when my door flew open and one of them yanked me out by my arm, I had the instinct to try and get away. It was a short-lived whim as I was easily picked up and shaken until I was submissive. The men directed me inside a dank building that I have now come to call home.

They had driven me into a city, an experience I hadn't yet had and I wasn't used to the buildings being so close or the smell of smoke and tobacco. Everything around me consumed me in unfamiliarity.

I heard deep primal grunting coming from inside rooms, mostly drowned out by a loud thudding beat of music coming from the front of the building. I had been ushered in some sort of back entrance and was still confused as to where I even was.

It was weird for me, back then, to see guys running room to room and all around in make-up and skimpy tight outfits. But all of that was just a tiny portion of what I was in store for next.

The taller of the two men who had kidnapped me, pounded on a door that had some of the more erratic deep noises coming from behind it. There was no change in the noises until the shorter man beat on the door and barked out, "Caleb."

There was a moment in which other noises, sounds like whining, came from the room. Then a moment, as far as I could hear, of silence and the door was yanked open.

The boy in front of me was in his late teens. His hair was messy and the whitest shade of blonde I had ever seen and his face, although contorted in annoyance, seemed so angelic and sculpted that I thought he had to be some sort of celebrity. He wasn't wearing any shirt and some pajama pants covered his lower half. "What?" He asked shortly sounding bothered by something. He then seemed to notice me and sighed, rolling his eyes and slumping. "I don't play babysitter," he said distinctively.

"We'll double your salary."

The boy narrowed his eyes. "And three percent more commission." I looked back up and realized the guy he was negotiating with was the shorter man. I thought he'd be more afraid of the taller guy because he looked pretty scary but it seemed that he didn't even give him much attention.

With a nod of agreement he opened the door wider to let me in, looking down at me like I was some sort of pest, like something you'd scrape off your shoe.

That's when I noticed another boy in the room lying in the sheets of the bed, looking more annoyed than the other one had.

"You've got to be kidding me," he breathed out staring at me. I could tell we had interrupted them from something. Of course, being fairly young, I wasn't quite sure what. Before the door opened I thought they were fighting but now- I had no explanation to what they were doing.

Caleb pushed me more inside of the room and gripped my shoulders tightly. "Sorry Max, hate to leave ya' high and dry but looks like I'm not off tonight."

Max glared at me, getting out off the bed. I got even more confused as he did so because he wasn't wearing any clothes and at the same time I realized that both of the boys were slightly sweaty. None of it was adding up in my yet untainted mind.

Max gathered his clothes that were beside the bed and pushed his way out cursing under his breath. The men who had taken me here followed him out the door and shut it loudly behind them.

My bottom lip started to tremble as I felt the sensation of fear gnawing at my gut again and I started to feel sick from it.

"Aw, no please don't-," Caleb said annoyed, but I couldn't hold the tears in any longer.

"I want my mom!" I cried loudly, face turning red and forming into a blob of sadness. I was wild in tears and hardly even breathing as I sobbed.

I heard the older boy sigh and pick me up. He carryied me over to the bed where he sat me on his lap and pressed my head into his shoulder with one hand while snaking his hand up the back of my shirt, rubbing soothing circles along my back, all the while hushing me and swaying back and forth.

Eventually I started to calm down and when I pulled away, Caleb was staring me in the eyes. We held eye contact like that for a long moment. Just staring at one and other before he leaned in and touched his lips to mine, surprising me.

I didn't know what he was doing holding his lips there, moving them just a little and making my head and stomach feel like butterflies were floating around inside. My mom and dad and other relatives had given me pecks before and even Taylor Grenich, a girl from kindergarten, had given me a tiny peck but nothing had made me feel the way he was. In all the chaos that was going on, it actually made me feel calm and safe.

Caleb pulled me closer and tilted his head a bit to cover my mouth with his and try something completely new to me by sucking my lower lip into his mouth.

When he finally pulled away I was in such a daze that I could hardly remember where I was.

I heard him laugh a little and I fidgeted, starting to come back down from whatever high I was on. I didn't understand what he thought was so funny.

I happened to unintentionally brush against a small lump in his pants and looked down to see what I had knocked and I realized I had a tinier lump of my own.


Caleb pushed me off of him and onto the bed before getting up. "I've got to go use the bathroom. Stay put," he ordered and for some reason I listened. My only motivation was the fact that I wanted him to make me feel that way again.

When he did come back he just turned off the lights and made me go to sleep. He later did fulfill my desire and even taught me what that little bump in our pants was. I fell for him quicker than I had ever fallen in my life. It was all one sided to my displeasure. He seemed more enamored by all the other boys more than me. HE more or less fooled around with me when he was drunk or bored.

I was devastated when he left to go to Seattle. He had been the only person I was close to here, and the only person I felt safe around. But as time passed, so did the insecurity. Before I knew it, I was older, sexy, one of the most wanted boys working at Cherry Pie and I was living what I thought was the best life I could. I didn't know that everything was about to change.