Chapter Three:

I smirked wrapping my arm around the neck of a guy probably around fifty four years old man as he grabbed my ass. I slide my lips against his neck and brought them up to his lips. "Come on back?" I whispered. The guy smirked against my lips.

He pressed a kiss into me and I accepted it closing my eyes before slowly pulling away. "Eh- come back? Please?" I asked in a slight whine, the way he liked me. He was into the whole whiney bitch act on dominate looking younger guys. It turned him on like nothing else, and luckily I was the only one who had noticed in the club. I wasn't sharing that trick with anyone. Not even Chris.

He licked his lips and touched the side of my face with his finger tips. "Just let me get my credit-card." My favorite phrase in the world.

I cocked my head to the side and moved to his side. "You know just what to say to a guy- don't you?" I hated acting girly. Absolutely detested it. In all honesty I was more of a guys guy. Not a rainbow, glitter, I love puppies, kind of gay.

However most clients liked docile, fuck my back door types. This one especially, not that he'd admit it, and I had come accustom to eating twice a day. I really didn't have a choice on how I'd act.

He paid and I led him to the back room but he gestured towards the back door with his head. "How about some public display of affection?" He asked with a grin.

I laughed lightly ducking my head slightly, "Yeah okay." He put his hand around my shoulders and pulled me towards the door leading me out.

He smiled as I backed him against the wall. I trailed my finger tips to his waist line as I got onto my knees. I let myself trace over the older man's belt buckle. "Nice." I complimented him before opening it up and undoing the button beneath and slid the zipper down.

I messaged the growing bump in his underwear. The old man said he needed pills to get it up with his wife. He didn't seem to have that problem with me. Which was good. He didn't like the pills and I liked it more when he paid me than got it from his wife.

"Bitch never does this. Say's its gross." He laughed drly.

I smirked. "I think it's sexy." I purred diving in slightly and rubbing my cheek against his straining erection. I could tell he wanted it out of its cotton cage.

I pushed my tongue out and licked over his boxers making it quiver under my wet tongue. The man loved his blow jobs.

I pulled the elastic of the boxers down just enough to sit below his popping hard-on. It made me grimace in reality. It was old and wrinkly, the veins were prominent and it had a bad smell. Although I guess, for what it's worth, all dicks did.

His money was green though, and it spent just as well as any perky ass twenty year old. It was all good.

I held it in my hand and made the okay symbol around it. I leaned in and put the tip in my mouth and heard him sigh. It was actually rather close to winter now. It was the end of November and December was on its way soon. It was cold out. I guess the heat of my mouth was intensified when compared to the cold.

He started to sway his hips and I loosened my throat swallowing him down as he held the back of my head and pushed himself in and out of my mouth.

"Eh, Yeah baby." The man growled. "Oh yeah, suck me down." He ordered and I sucked harder. Some guys were for the teasing of the cock- but not him. He loved it as is. Just fucking my mouth.

"Well, well what do we have here. Alright guys hands on the wall keep 'em where I can see them." A gruff voice said behind us.

The cock slipped out of my mouth. Shit.

I was handcuffed, read my rights and escorted into the back seat of a cop car. I had to admit I was a little afraid. I had never gone to jail before. I know the deal though, one night in Jail. Still- I doubt my bosses would be pleased I missed a night of work.

Even better yet, the guy I was blowing didn't get arrested. Apparently I was the only one low enough on the food chain of politics to get cuffed for that little scene.

The officer got me out of the car as we got back to the station and he held put a hand on my back as he lead me in. He took me to the finger printing station and sat me down undoing the cuffs. "You run- and I'd love to book you for resisting arrest." He assured me.

When he undid the cuffs I rubbed my wrists. "What is my charge?"

"Prostitution." The cop replied. "It's just one night if it's your first offense. How old are you anyway? Look a little young."

I shrugged. "I don't know." I said. I guess it wasn't much of a lie. I was fairly certain I was seventeen but I really never celebrated it and couldn't be positive if I was a year older or younger.

The cop laughed a gruff hard chuckle. "You have any Id?"

I shook my head.

The cop sighed. "Okay- you do know your name correct?"

I nodded. I didn't really want to tell him but I doubted it was legal to give him a fake one. "Dustin."

He nodded scrawling my name out on a piece of paper. "Last name?"

"Patrelli." I gave him. My last name wasn't something I said very often and to me it even sounded foreign on my lips.

That made him look up momentarily. He wrote it down and stood up. "Stay here." He told me and got up leaving the small room. The door closed behind him and I doubted I'd be able to open it.

Anyway there was a guard outside the door. It would be a pretty useless escape. After about fifteen minutes a woman dressed properly with a badge and an ID walked into the room.

"Dustin Paterelli?" She asked. I glanced at her. "It is you." She said quietly. "Please follow me."

I squinted slightly as one of my eyebrows went up, I was confused what she meant by that but I got up anyway. She opened the door for me and I walked out waiting for her. Wasn't I going to get my fingers inked?

She led me into another room that had a couch and a minifridge. I looked at her skeptically. What the hell was going on?

She motioned for me sit down and I did all the while keeping my eyes on her. I was beyond confused. Sure, I'd never been to jail before but I was fairly certain this where they kept law breakers.

"Is there anything you need?" She asked nicely and I shrugged.

Why was she being so nice? "Uh-what's going on?" I asked confused. Did they want me to exchange sexual favors for my freedom? I could do that.

"The representative from Child services will probably be able to explain it better than I can." She told me looking a little sad. "But, I can tell you- you're safe now."

Not the way I saw it. From my perspective it was a lot scarier being where I was. "How's that?" I asked.

She smiled slightly. "You don't ever have to do that again."

"Do what?" I asked.

"Dustin, I really shouldn't be talking to you right now, there's procedure and I'm not trained in it. But you're safe and someone is going to be here very soon to explain everything to you." She paused with a sad expression. "You sure I can't get you anything? Water? Pop? Maybe a sandwich?" She asked.

I shook my head. "No- I want to know what's going on. Am I arrested or what?"

"No." She said sounding appalled at the idea. "God no. You're not in any trouble."

I stood up. "Can I go then?" If I wasn't in trouble I didn't have to stay there any longer.

"No Dustin, we called your parents-,"As soon as she said it she realized her mistake

I chuckled lightly. "I don't have parents." I informed her.

She looked at me with even sadder eyes. "I should go. Someone will be with you soon."

Soon my ass. Two fucking hours. I was alone in that room for two fucking hours before anyone bothered to show up.

She walked in, hair tied back in a tight bun, natural looking make up but the slight sheen of her lip gloss gave it away. She was relatively my height, but her shoes had heels on them that made clicking noises on the floor indicating she was cheating on her height. She was probably three or four inches shorter.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting, there was traffic. I'm Mrs. Chamberlin." The woman said simply opening her files. "Dustin- do you remember when you were young? Around Six years old? Do you remember what happened?"

I shrugged eyeing her. I wasn't sure what she was getting at. "Yes, but I'm guessing you are look for something specific?"

Just then I heard a scream from what sounded like the front of the building. "Where is my baby?" The voice called out. "Dustin! Baby! No I will not calm down! Dustin- do you hear me baby? Mommy's here. Dustin!"

The woman across from me glanced at the door looking shocked at the sudden outburst of whoever was calling me.

"My baby- my baby! I need to see him! He's alright isn't he? He's safe? He's not hurt is he? I need him!" I heard the calls and heard a guard lose their patience with whoever was yelling.

"Ma'am I under- Ma'am!" He shouted in a low baritone voice.

I stood up off the couch and strode towards the door and the lady who had at the table stood up as if to stop me. But I opened the door. I wanted to see what was happening. Why was the lady calling me her baby?

There, only about twelve feet away from me, was a woman that had been ghosting over my dreams for years. Every time I dreamt of her she looked a little bit different, but now- the puzzle snapped in place. That was the way she was supposed to look.

She had shoulder length copper brown hair that was spun into loose curls and waves. Her cheek bones were high set- like mine and just below her left eye there was beauty mark. Her lips were thin and her body type was boarding on looking anorexic.

And just like that everything in the room seemed to stop. I knew her- how did I know her? Bachorlette party? Some client's wife? No- that wasn't it. None of that was right.

I knew her. I did. I swear it. She wasn't just a figment of imagination.

Her jaw opened and she brought her hands up covering her mouth loosely as her eyes filled with tears. She didn't make a noise but she started to crumble to the ground. I felt like I should rush over and catch her before she did but a man in his late forties caught her first.

I didn't recognize him but truth be told I might have and not remembered. I was to hypnotized by the woman. I didn't know what to do.

"Baby," She cried in a whimper. "My baby. He's okay, my baby is okay."

I frowned. What baby?

The man holding her pet her hair. "He is. He's fine."

I started to back up and bumped into the woman who had came into my room.

"Dustin. This is your mother. She's been looking for you ever since you were taken. She never gave up on you Dustin." She assured me and I looked at her like she was crazy.

The woman broken apart on the floor was supposed to be-?

It was a lie. They were lying to me. I don't know why- or how the woman looked familiar but I didn't have a mom. Not that I could really remember. And if she had been looking for me- why did it take till I was arrested for her to find me. It was a lie.

I started walking towards the door. I needed to get rid of it. I needed it to go away because whatever was going on I couldn't handle. I didn't want to. I wanted to pretend that none of this happened. Just go back to turning tricks and sucking dicks.

A man in a police suit stepped in front of me and the woman from before touched my shoulders. "This is a lot to take in. We understand. If you need time to process you can use the room from before, what do you want to eat for dinner hmm? I can get it for you and your mother can come back tomorrow for a session to-," I walked past her not paying attention to a word she said.

I slammed the door and sat on the couch with my head cradled in my hands. Was it a sick joke? What was going on? Who was that woman? When can I go back to Chris? I was going to be in a lot of trouble when I got back. Didn't they realize that? I didn't have time for- whatever this was. I- I couldn't deal with it.

a/n: so update hasn't been in a while huh? Don't worry I haven't given up on this. It was just a hard chapter to write. Last time I sort of bullshitted it and wanted this to be a little more realistic. I don't know if it is but it seems to be more logical to me. I never was kidnapped or had that happen to anyone I know so- yeah. It's fiction.

Still I like this better how about you?