skinny kid with
eyes like flashlights
in the dark, and
those searchlights
hover, analyze and
dissect her, because
she's like a flower
in spring, or a dead
frog in a rubber
tray; everything about
her is visible. all he
has to do is cut,
slice her open with
his eyes. but he fears,
loathes, what he'll
find there, beneath
her skin.

"hey cal," she says,
and as usual,
he gets flustered.
"pass me the scalpel,
we have to cut this
icky frog open."
he grips the
metal object and
begins to feel
faint when her hand
brushes his.

and he realizes,
spotlight eyes are
useless for talking
to pretty girls who
happen to be your
lab partner. (although
they can be a great
conversation starter,
if she happens to
notice. shame he
wears glasses.)