I learned 28 things from dating Sydney Pendleton. Twenty-eight very important things that I wish I could've done myself. But since I didn't do those things I'm going to help you so you don't make my mistakes. I'm Gage Knight, the biggest idiot ever to grace this planet. And my first lesson for you?

Tell her that she's beautiful.

"Gage I really don't feel like it."

"Aw come one, please?" I give her my best puppy dog face and wrap my long arms around her tiny skinny torso.

"Okay, normally I'd love to spend all day with you at the fair, going on rides and eating all the nasty yet so delicious fair food. But not today." She tersely ends her sentence, pats my head then gets up.

Even in sweats, her hair tied up with almost no makeup on, Sydney is still beautiful. In fact I like it better when she's barely wearing makeup- it makes her green eyes look even greener. Unfortunately for me and the rest of the world, Sydney won't let me see her without any makeup at all.

"Why not?" I whine as I sprawl out on her far too comfortable couch.

"'Cause." That's all she deigns to say as she grabs a drink from the fridge.

"Sydneyyyy." I groan as I roll around a bit. My jeans slip lower down exposing my blue plaid boxers.

"Gage, do you really want to know why?"

I turn over and look at her leaning against her kitchen counter. God she's beautiful.

"Yes." I try to make the most serious face possible.

"Do you really want to know?" She asks again.

"Yes! For fucking fuck's sake Sydney, please tell me." I wave my arms around a bit before dropping them to my sides.

"I'm on my period and I really don't fucking want to walk around but I want to eat but then if I eat all the food at the fair I'll gain weight and become even uglier. Then I swear normally I feel perfectly fine but today I have really bad cramps and I'm just tired okay?"

"Awwww, come here." I coo as if I'm talking to a baby.

Syd makes this unhappy/displeased face as she wrinkles her nose. God that's adorable.

"Syd!" I jump up and take her bridal style over to the couch. Her little body is on top of mine, a hand on my chest as I cradle her body.

"Gage." She frowns; I look down at her and chuckle.

"Damn, I guess I lost track of your menstrual cycle. Normally I slip you some Midol before your period."

"Hey!" Sydney props herself up on my chest with her elbows, "Do you really do that?"

I give her this seriously silly face.


"I'm kidding! I don't do that but if you want me to I can." I shrug as Sydney lies back on my chest.

Now you're thinking that she's really just a smart person. It's true, Sydney is pretty small, she's about five foot three and the skinniest yet curviest thing ever. Boobs just the right size, a perfectly toned ass and even those she's short, legs to die for. But I mean in comparison to me anyone would be small. I'm about six foot three and very much in shape.

We're kind of like Beauty and the Beast, except I'm beautiful too. A beast, but a beautiful beast. A beautiful beast with a very tame haircut and no beard or mustache.

"So it's fair to say that you don't have to go if you don't want to. But can I go?"

Sydney laughs- even her laugh is beautiful, "Yeah sure."

"Fuck yeah! I guess I'll just have to shenanigan with Sam and Mikey while you lounge here watching movies. I'll bring you back some stuff yeah?"

"Sure," She chuckles, "Don't get banned from the fair okay?"

"Kay. But If I'm asleep when you get back here you better not wake me up. Or else." Sydney warns me. Fuck last time I woke her up while she was on her period she raged.

Sydney ragging is not good- at least when it's that time of the month. Normally I can be totally insensitive to her feelings and joke around and mess with her when she's mad- because I can't take her seriously when she's yelling- but it's a whole different story when her hormones are all over the fucking place.

"Definitely, pinky promise." I hold out a pinky to her and she obliges wrapping her tiny pinky around mine. Proportionally, my pinky is the size of her index finger.

By the time I got back from the fair-which I got banned from- Sydney was snoozing so I left her new goldfish on the coffee table by her sleeping form. I even put her/him/it in a bowl with water for Syd. Aren't I a gentleman? And I left her stuffed animal and bag of cotton candy alongside of her new pet.

"You're beautiful Sydney." I said to her as she slept. I kissed the top of her head before pulling a blanket over her and leaving.

Not once in our whole relationship did I tell her that she was beautiful. At least while she was awake. And I regret that every single day of my life because quite frankly Sydney Pendleton will forever be the most beautiful being to grace this earth.

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