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Lesson Twelve:

Introduce her to your family and friends as your girlfriend.

Don't blow this shit. I mean seriously it's one of the worst things to say something like 'Oh this is Sydney my…friend'.

Trust me I'd know.

It gives off the impression that you aren't serious about this person or that your whole relationship before that was a lie. It's like saying I thought we were just friends and you really like me but I don't like you.

Don't do it. I mean it.

Unless of course you want your girlfriend to break up with you then definitely feel free to insult in like that.

"Sooo…" Sam starts, smiling at me.

"So what?" I make a face and set down my drink.

"Bro, you're introducing Syd to the fam bam. That's huge."

"That's," Saxton pauses, "what she said."

We all roll our eyes.

"Sam's right, it's a big deal." Braxton says.

"I guess," I shrug, "Syd's great. Everyone loves her so I'm not worried." I shrug again and look around the courtyard.

"Nervous to meet her parents?" Sam laughs.

I glare daggers at him, "You know I'm terrified of meeting them."

"I know, it's just fun to see your reaction. It's unfortunate that not everyone loves you."

"Shut up," I point at him.

Sam rolls his eyes, "Whatever. Syd will come around and I'm sure she'll say something to make you feel better and you'll melt like butter."

"Butter is actually really hard to melt." Brax points out.

"Not the point." Sam scowls.

"I'm just saying, butter doesn't melt easily."

"Right well, let's drop the butter topic and talk about something else. Have any of y'all seen Syd?" I look around again and no sign of her.

"Chill pill bro." Sax pats my arm.

I turn around and see Syd through the window. She's laughing with this guy who's touching her arm. God I hate guys.

Like the creep I am, I keep watching. Syd says something and he laughs and touches her again. Ugh God can I just cut his arms off?

Then he says something but Syd shakes her head and says something that makes him sad. Poppy pops on over and takes Syd's hand pulling her away from said bastard. For once in my life I'm happy that Poppy is here.

The next day I slept past noon with a voicemail from Syd.

"Hey hun, I know it's Saturday and you're definitely lazing the day away. I'm spending the day with Poppy until I head over to your place to help you babysit your sister. I can't wait to meet her- don't worry you'll be fine meeting my parents at dinner next week. The worst they could do is kill you. Just kidding, but I mean they could but they won't. And then I can't wait to meet your parents next next week. Don't forget to rent Little Miss Sunshine and Just Go with It or I'll be mad. Okay well yeah, don't fall down and break anything before I get there. Oh and don't purposely fall down just so you don't have to go out and rent the movies. Feed yourself and your sister too. Okay now I'm just rambling and I sound like your mother- even though I haven't actually met her yet. Right, bye. Love ya."

I grin at my phone and set it aside.

I've been officially dating her for a couple of months now and I really like her. I mean she's amazing. But I think it could turn into love- like Love with a capital L here.

And I know Syd is affectionate with everyone but she gets that I'm not the best with PDA.

"Hey," I grin and greet Syd with a kiss.

"Hey Gage," She pulls my head down to fix my hair, "Stay in bed all day?" She eyes me suspiciously.

"Yeah I did except for stopping by a Redbox to get the movies." I smile proudly.

"Aw I'm proud of you," She pinches my cheeks.

I pull her into a kiss before closing the front door.

"So Mal is sleeping right now- told you how she's an insomniac- so you can meet her later. I think my parents already left for New Hampshire so that means we're close to being alone." I wiggle my eyebrows.

Syd laughs and puts her phone of the coffee table. I pop in Little Miss Sunshine and sprawl myself out on the couch and pull Syd on top of myself.

A third into the movie me and Syd are still cuddle on the couch and I'm stroking her hair.

"Sam cut some of Poppy's hair off during their Business class." I murmur into her hair. God Syd smells so good.

Syd snorts in a laughing manner, "Sax slept with my friend Gemma. She's the one who gave him the black eye when she found her Sax also slept with her sister."

"I'm the one who steal's Poppy's history homework."

Syd shifts to look me in the eyes, "Poppy photocopies her homework now. If she found out that it's you she'll probably stab you in your sleep."

"I don't doubt it. But I'm not going to stop stealing her homework."

She smiles.

I hear the familiar sound of heels on hardwood floor.

"Ma?" I call out.

"Hey honey- your dad and I are leaving now. We decided to leave a littler later- oh, who's this?"

By now me and Poppy are sitting up.

"Uh Ma, Dad this is my friend Sydney."

I smile and look at Syd. She has this confused look. And I mouth 'what?' and she shakes her head.

"Oh hello dear. I'm Mrs. Knight."

"Mr. Knight." My dad waves at her.

"Hi I'm Sydney." She waves back.

"How long have you known Gage?" Ma asks.

"Oh not long…"

Now I look confused. I've known Syd for years.

"Ah, well do you know the girl Gage likes? He really should get a girlfriend."

"Oh I don't know if I do. And yes he definitely should get a girlfriend." She fakes a smile and glares at me.

Oh shit.

"Gage I like this girl. Well we've got to leave. Maybe we'll see you around Sydney?" My mom smiles.

"I'm not too sure you will. But it was a pleasure meeting you Mrs Knight. You too Mr. Knight."

My dad waves goodbye and so does my mom.

When the front door locks. I look at Sydney.


"I'm sorry do I know you?"

"Syd- come on. I didn't mean to call you my friend." I run my hand through my hair.

"Gage you didn't even tell your parents about me at all. You didn't even tell them you had a girlfriend." She grabs her phone and car keys.

"Syd please don't leave."

"Gage why don't you call your girlfriend and tell her to come over then?" She gives me a mean look before walking towards the door.

I grab her hand to stop her.

"Syd-you're my girlfriend. You're the only girl I want." I suck in some air through my teeth. It literally hurts that she's mad at me.

"Apparently I'm not your girlfriend." She snaps, pulling her hand away.

Sydney heads out the door but I follow her.

"I'm not letting you go home mad at me!" I shout.

"I don't care!"

I managed to stop her before she opens her car door.

"Syd! Please-"

"Gage leave me alone. I'm seriously pissed at you right now. Because you know what? It sucks because I thought we had a good relationship. I really wanted to meet your family and I really wanted you to meet my parents too-"

"We do have a good relationship. And I can meet your parents and I can reintroduce you to my parents!" I practically beg.

"No I don't think so. I understand if we've been dating a few weeks and you didn't tell your parents but Gage it's been months. Did you tell anyone else about us or am I seriously the only one who thought we were dating?"

"No! No, Sydney I told Sam and the twins!"

She looks around with her mouth slightly ajar- that means she's beyond pissed.

"So that's why Rory Newcomer asked me out. Damn it Gage is that why you don't like to kiss me in public? What are you embarrassed of my or something?"

"No! Not at all Sydney you know I just don't like PDA."

"Yeah well I used to know that we were boyfriend and girlfriend but now I don't know."

I run my hands through my hair.

"Syd please-"

Well I can't tell her I love her. I'm not going to drop that until I know I mean it.

"Please what Gage? What?" She yells.

"I'm sorry." My voice is sad and I'm just sad.

"Good." She says before getting in her car and driving off.

That was the first serious fight I've ever had with Sydney Pendleton and I wasn't sure if I loved her then- I now know that I do love her- but even back then my heart was breaking.

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