Mark Cuban quivered in anticipation as the moment he had been waiting for years have finally arrived. Commissioner of the National Basketball Association David Stern on the other hand wasn't as enthusiastic knowing that he'll have to present the championship trophy to a man he hated the most. Holding the NBA championship trophy in which he will have to present to the owner of the Dallas Mavericks whom have defeated the Heats, Stern walks to Cuban and hands him the trophy.

Happy at this moment, Cuban then said, "Dave, you know our deal!"

Sweating and shuddering, Stern then said, "No...please no..."

"It's a deal we made, you know what you have to do or you don't want me to expose the rigged match ups you have been running for years since Jordan left don't you?"

David Stern then nods in agreement and said, "It's a deal..."

"Okay, but first present the trophy to Don Carter, he founded the team so he deserved the props," said Cuban.

"That's kind of you,"

"Yeah and for the deal..."

"Oh c'mon, it's not even a word!"

After Stern presented the trophy to Don Carter who in turn gives it to Cuban and the Mavericks star player Nowitski, the commissioner then turns to the camera and said, "Everybody, I have an announcement to make, the truth is..."

Moments later, everyone who watched the game saw Stern's embarrassing announcement regarding Cuban's awesome "fearitude" and laughed.

Meanwhile, the veteran point guard Jason Kidd wondered whether he should go out on top.

To leave or not to leave...that is the question...

After thinking about it, he shrugged and join the celebration he waited for 17 years.