Author's note: This is a story that's been tossing around in my head for awhile, and I could no longer resist the urge. I suppose I just have a thing for writing about relationships between brothers.

Especially when those relationships are complicated. Very complicated.

Inspired, just a little bit, by 'Two Places' by Montague. :D

Marv and Dom were brothers, and like most brothers, quarrelled. And fought. And argued. And, in general, hated each other. Though in truth only one year apart, they disagreed so much that one would think they were from different parts of the globe.

That might be why, when Dom's leg was broken in two places, Marv felt just a bit of satisfaction, and felt that, yes, the bastard had it coming.

Dom had gotten into a fight with another, bigger classmate and misunderestimated the man's strength (and weight). Dom's leg ended up buried underneath the larger boy, effectively shattering his ankle and denting his shin in the most unpleasant way.

When Dom was wheeled into the house in a shiny new wheelchair, coked up on too much morphine, Marv couldn't help but feel, deep down, that Dom deserved it.

Marv's satisfaction ended all too soon when he realized that it would be his responsibility to take care of the now helpless Dom.

It was just the beginning of another summer when your brother's leg is broken in two places.


Day three. The morphine has worn off, and the real pain is about to set in.

"Maaaaarv! MarvMarvMarv! Marvy, get in here!"

Marv took a deep breath and began rubbing his temples. "Okay, Marv, just can do this."

Marv took short strides to his brother Dom's room. The foul-tempered man was sitting up in bed, his cast bound leg an obnoxious distraction. Dom, in an effort to be ironic, had chosen to get a bright pink cast, and now had to suffer a pointed stare everytime Marv entered the room.

"What an idiot..." Marv muttered under his breath, before looking up sunnily.

"Yes, brother mine? What does Dom desire?" Marv asked, rolling his eyes.

"Fuck you, Marv. But before you do, get me a glass of water," Dom spat, crossing his arms.

"Ouch. Your insults never fail, Dom," Marv said, before returning with a glass of water.

"No ice?" Dom said, looking into the glass. Marv took a deep breath and resisted the urge to increase the number of breaks in Dom's leg to three instead of just two.


Day four. Dom is drugged beyond recognition, stays asleep for twenty-four hours, and Marv is able to get a few hours of uninterrupted peace and quiet. When Dom reawakes, Marv vaguely wonders if God is punishing him.


Day five. Dom has come to the realization that he needs a bath, and he is unable to make it to the bathroom by himself, much less get into the tub.

Marv now knows for sure that God is punishing him.

Marv keeps his gaze elsewhere as Dom stumbles and strips, bumping into the wall and sink as he hops around on one leg. Marv eventually breaks down and lets his brother use him for support as he wrestles his cast out of the pantleg of his shorts. Marv further breaks down, and removes his brother's shorts for him.

But he's not going anywhere near the boxers.

After an awkward pause, Dom remarks that it'd probably be best if he just bathed in his boxers.

Marv is unable to leave because he has to keep a hold on Dom's cast so it doesn't fall in the bathwater. He spends the next fifteen minutes getting covered in soap and telling Dom no, he wasn't going to wash his back for him.


It was going to be a long summer.


AN: This was originally going to be just a one-shot, but I'd be interested to know if you readers would be interested in hearing more of this brother-saga. And yes...knowing me, it probably will stray into something dirtier.