Title: Looking For Someone?

Warning: The occasional swearing (a little bit more in this particular chapter), sprinkles of humour and fluff in the future chapters. Maybe a little angst towards the end.

Author's Note: My friend suggested that I write a romance story, and this idea popped up in my mind just this morning. Wanted to share it with you guys, so let me know what you think! Criticism and praise are always welcomed.

Chapter 1: The Adventures of William Buxton

[William's POV]

Oh, fuck this.

Of all days, you just had to arrive at my doorstep when I was in my worst possible mood. Great.

"I'm sorry, sir, but am I disturbing you at the moment?"

Damn right, you are.

"Oh no, not at all. In fact, I was just going out for a walk. Care to join me?" I flashed one of my brightest smiles, making sure I bare all my teeth. Fine, this guy wants to test my patience, I'll give him patience.

As I brushed past the man, I realised how my 6"2 stature towered over his small, almost petite, frame. I ran a hand through my blonde curls, continuing to walk, and completely ignoring the little gnome beside me. He unceremoniously shoved a couple of flyers in my face, his short, stubby fingers waving in front of me.

Was he really that unaware that I wasn't the least bit interested in buying men's facial products? Besides, my skin is absolutely flawless. Well, apart from the couple of zits on my forehead…

I didn't say a word. I merely nodded, occasionally making brief eye contact, just grinning and baring with it. Sometimes I hate to entertain such numbskulls, but my submissive nature will eventually get the best of me and I relent. Not all idiots are worth the time and effort to summon my anger anyway.

"So, sir, is it-"


"Is it what?"



This doesn't sound good.

I twirled around to find a masked man holding a knife. The salesman was on the floor; knocked out cold. I let out a nervous laugh, my hands tugging at the hem of my shirt. My natural (perhaps cowardly) instinct would have been to run away, but firstly, I couldn't leave the little guy alone, and more importantly, I wasn't exactly the fastest runner in the history of mankind.

For once in my life, I was at a lost for words.

OK, maybe for the umpteenth time.

But before I could even pronounce a syllable, a dull sensation began to settle at the back of my head. Numbness overwhelmed my body as quickly as I succumbed to the pain, collapsing onto the ground.

"What the…"

And then, there was nothing but darkness.

I was expecting to see Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates of Heaven when I had awoken, but, to my surprise, I found myself in what seemed like a hospital bed.

Fluttering my eyes open, I took a quick glance across the room. There was no one in sight, which was a relief; because I couldn't imagine how stupid I'd look in the current state I was in right now. Plus, the ward was small and claustrophobia is a bit of a problem for me, so I was glad I was alone.

I propped myself up, pouring a cup of lukewarm water to quench my thirst. I winced, still feeling a slight numbness to my skull. I slowly closed my eyes and lay my head down on the soft pillow, my mind drifting off into deep sleep. Ah, this is the life…


I groaned. With my eyes still closed, I felt for my phone at the side of the bed. If only I had the energy to hate that person on the other end of the line.

Bringing it to my face, I opened my right eye a little, just enough to see the caller ID on the screen.

Katherine Alexander.

That witch.

I already felt rage boiling in my veins. Katherine Alexander. Just the sound of her name makes me mad.

I let out a deep breath and pressed answer.



Oh, fuck this.