Hey readers! I decided to start a new story. Don't worry, I will still be updating "Wait…Dragons Exist?" for those who are reading it. If you haven't read it, go check it out! (: Well, I based this story off of a dream I had, like most of my stories.


Note: The first chapter will have a duo point-of-view, but the rest of the story will be in Estella's P.O.V. So without further ado, I present to you "A Change Maybe for the Better".

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Hello! My name is Estella, Stella/Ella for short or any other things you can think of, Lerrah. Let me introduce you all to me. This is my story of when I was seventeen. I was a happy-go-lucky type of girl with a bubbly personality. I had long dark brown hair and chocolate-brown eyes. I was considered beautiful, but I never thought so. My height is average — five-foot-five. Let me tell you that when I was this age, my life took a full 180 turn.

Let me tell you about where I live. I live on a planet called Aranot. Us Aranots aren't like you Earthlings, but our planet is a lot like yours. Sure, we look like you guys, but other than our outward appearances, we're totally different. Our race has unique individuals that we belong to. Earthlings would call them soul mates, but we have a different name: dimidietas. Everyone person has a dimidietas and meeting yours would be a one in a million chance of finding. Nevertheless, most dimidietas pairs do not, what you Earthlings call, marry and reproduce, because you almost never find your other half. If you do find them, and you are already 'married', or what we call, priodas, then your priodas will not last. You cannot fight your attraction to your dimidietas. If you do, then you will die. Our lives are as simple and terrible as that. We Aranots have other qualities that differentiate us from humans, but I'll tell you those as we get on with the story.

Estella's POV

"You're here and safe in my arms." A male voice whispered. I felt arms wrapped around me, but I was not afraid. Instead, I leaned into the comforting presence. "Don't cry, please. There's no need to cry, Ells." I touched my face and my face was wet and tears were streaming down. The arms wrapped tighter around me.

"Who are you?" I asked.

I heard the voice laugh and felt a pressure on top of my head. "You know exactly who I am. Don't ever forget who I am."

I looked up to see the face of this mysterious man…

Beep. Beep. Beep. I groaned. Beep. Beep. Beep. I snapped my eyes open and look to my right. There sat an evil black and white monster sitting on my nightstand. It looked at me with numeric eyes and produced an annoying sound. Yes, it was my clock. Oh how I hate that thing.

"Ella! Wake up!" My elder brother, Andric, yelled from the bathroom.

"I'm up!" I screamed rather loudly back. I sat up in my bed. Reaching my hands up towards the sky, I yawned. Time to start another day of school, I thought. My room was an average size. There was a twin-sized bed, nightstand, desk and bean bag that was in the corner of my room opposite from my bed. There was still enough room to comfortably walk around. Walking over to my walk-in closet I thought, Hmm. Let's see…What should I wear today? I shuffled through the clothes on the racks and pulled out an adorable graphic tee with a puppy on it and a lower-thigh length black and white plaid skirt. Taking off my pajamas, I put them on along with a long, tarnished chain necklace with a tarnished key on it and a pair of black socks. Hurriedly, I walked out of the door and into the bathroom. My brother was in there — light brown hair, dark green eyes, and all. He dominated my 5'5" with his 6'1". He was in his boxers in the middle of brushing his teeth.

"Andy!" I said in a whining voice, "I need the bathroom!" I'm not normally a whiny person, but I purposely do this to my brother. He's really overprotective over me and it has its advantages and disadvantages. My brother and I are unbelievably close. He is practically my best friend, which I know sounds pretty weird.

"Hey kiddo." He ruffled my head, while I glared at him and fix my hair. "What 'cha need?"

"Uh, the bathroom!" I said in a 'duh' way.

"Well, Ella, there's two sinks, so feel free to use yours."

It was the truth. Our bathroom was pretty big. It was a marble counter with two sinks directly to your right if you walk in. The counter only covers about three-fourths of the wall, so the toilet is next to it, with a small wall separating the two. When you walk in, you face the shower stall and two your left would be a few layered shelves that hold all of our bathroom necessities in it; like, combs, soaps, shampoo, etc. On top of the shelf, were two towel racks that we hung our towels on, obviously. In the middle of the whole bathroom was an oval rug.

"I need to use the bathroom." I explained.

"I'm using it right now! Go use the one downstairs."

"Ugh." I turned away from the door and marched downstairs.

"I love you!" I heard Andric yell with amusement evident in his voice.

I grumbled and went into the bathroom downstairs. After I was done, I ran upstairs to brush my teeth and comb my hair.

"How was the trip?" Andy asked me.

"Oh, just splendid!" I said in a British accent.

He laughed. "You've been watching too many Earth movies."

"Shush. You do, too." I countered and started to brush my teeth. My sink was the one closer to the door, so it was easy to get to. After brushing, I brushed my hair then washed my face. I looked at my hair and contemplated if I should do something with it. Amazingly, my brother was still in the bathroom. "Andy?"

"Hm?" He asked while he was just about to leave, when he turned to me.

"Should I do something with my hair?"

He had a thoughtful expression. "Put it in a high pony-tail, but leave some locks to frame your face." He suggested.

"…Woow…really? You never have a suggestion on anything I do." I observed, surprised.

He laughed. When he stopped he had a twinkle in his eyes. "I saw this hot girl on the TV do that."

I rolled my eyes. "You're such a pig."

He laughed again and walked out to get changed. My brother was seventeen-years-old and was considered to be 'hot.' But since he is my brother, I never thought so. My brother and I are both considered to be really good looking, of course, we aren't the types to be snobby, and so we don't think so.

I put my hair up exactly as Andric suggested. I did an once-over and deemed myself ready to be seen by the public. I ran downstairs and slipped on a pair of stylish, solid black sneakers.

"Honey!" My mother called from the kitchen. When you come down the enclosed stairs to your right would be a short hallway that led to the kitchen. My mother was at the end of this hallway. "You need to eat breakfast!"

"No time!" I yelled back and went to the room to my left and grabbed my tan shoulder bag that was propped up against the wall.

"Well, at least take your lunch." She said and walked over to me. She handed me my neatly packed lunch in my awesome green lunch box and I ran out the front door and to the driveway. I'd normally go through the garage door to go through the garage and to the drive way, but I didn't feel like doing that today. Andric was there sitting in his four-door silver car.

"Ready?" he asked as I got in the front seat.

"Yup. Let's go!" I yelled.

He smiled and pulled the car out of the driveway. My mother was standing there at the front door waving to us. I waved back as Andric drove away. The car ride was comfortable. I stared at the passing scenery.

I live in the capital of our planet, Andromeo — where the royal family lives. Yes, my planet Aranot has a royal family. Though they hold little political power, they still have an influence on our planet. There is another large group of people called Norma, who deal with the law making. Our royal family is mostly for the Aranots to look at when things are rough, for hope. The family used to hold all of the power, but after a horrible king, the people wanted the family to not have power anymore. The king after King Uranim the Horrid, as he was later deemed, King Wensier followed what the people wanted. He had also thought that the royal family holding all the power was not a good idea. Therefore, now we have a democracy. The current royal family consists of our current king, King Antaeus, Queen Tiantia, and their sons, Prince Alden and Prince Renalis. Prince Alden was the elder and he is heir to the throne. He is a year older than me, while Prince Renalis is twelve. I tend to not pay attention to the royal family.

"Stella!" I heard my brother yell.

I jumped in my seat and turned to him. "What?"

"We're here." He replied simply.

I looked around me and indeed, we were at school. I sighed and got out of the car.

Someone Else's POV

I woke up from a dream and laid there in my king-sized bed. I sighed. I had a lot to do today. I had to go to tutoring and then go to a formal party. I groaned. I didn't want to go.

That dream, I thought, it's always the same girl. Who is she? I'm never able to look at her face or even see her, but I feel like I've known her all my life. Why does this have to happen to me?

I got out of my large bed and walked over to my very large walk-in closet. I wouldn't even call it a closet; it's more like an adjoining room for clothes.I grabbed the suit that was on the couch that was in the center of the 'closet' and looked it over. This is what I was going to wear for the party. It was a black pinstriped suit with blue stripes. Under it was a blue shirt of the same color as the stripes and a white tie.

After approving of the suit, I went to the casual section of my closet. Searching through the t-shirts, I found a shirt that was a solid dark green and grabbed a pair of straight grey jeans. I set the clothes aside and slipped on a pair of black socks. Then I went over the accessories and opened the drawers. I found the silver watch I was looking for and set it next to where my clothes were on the couch. Walking over to the jackets I grabbed a navy blue sweat-shirt zip-up and set it on top of the clothes. Then, I grabbed a pair of sneakers and set them on the floor near my clothes. I walked out of my closet and into my bathroom. It was a really large bathroom with a full-sized tub and shower. It had a toilet and a sink, too. When you walk into, to the left would be a counter with the sink in the middle of it and a mirror that was as long as the counter. All my stuff was organized on the top of the counter.

I walked in front of my sink and looked at the mirror. My messy black hair was all over the place. I was exactly five-foot-nine and, what all girls would say, hot. I didn't think I was super attractive though. I was nicely built, I guess, but I don't see what they saw — especially my mismatched eyes. My own eyes scared me. The right was green while the left was a light brown. For some reason, I was born with odd eyes. The doctor said it was a genetic defect and that it was rare, but natural, but my eyes frightened me. I normally wear a colored contact to cover my green eye. No one knows about my mismatched eyes other than my immediate family and closer relatives. It wasn't that my parents were trying to hide it; it's just that I didn't get out much when I was younger. Sure, more people would have seen my eyes, but people normally don't look at me directly.

I combed my hair until it was neat, brushed my teeth, and washed my face. I looked at myself in the mirror one more time before I put my light brown contact in and masked my true self. I walked back into my closet, where I put the clothes I had set aside on and checked in the mirror if it was presentable. Time to go to tutoring.

I stepped back into my bedroom and through another door, where the sitting area was. Then, I walked out of the door and into the hallway.

Estella's POV

School was just plain boring. Of course it was nice seeing friends, but still. For our planet, it was mandatory to go all the way to college. After college, you were free to do whatever, but most people pursued a career, because they had gone through the schooling anyway, so they might as well get a job.

I decided to take the long way back home. Andric had to tutor a kid, so he couldn't drive me home. I could always wait, but I enjoyed the alone time I got with walking home. The walk home was only about fifteen minutes the short way, so it wasn't even that bad of a walk. The long way home, which took ten minutes longer, was through a nice and quiet street that no one really passed through, but it wasn't the bad part of the city. The houses were all very pretty, so I enjoyed walking through here. I saw a car coming down the street towards me. That's pretty rare. Almost no one ever drives along this street unless they live here.

The Guy's POV

I had finished tutoring and was heading to the formal party I was required to attend. It was not fun at all, but I had to go. My mind drifted towards the dreams I've been having all my life about this girl. I wonder if it's my dimidietas…that's unlikely. Almost no one ever finds their other half. I looked out of the window. The street was a nice street. It was very pretty and quiet. I saw a girl on the sidewalk walking to, I guess, get home. When he got close I froze. She was beautiful. She had long dark brown hair and a fair complexion. She entranced me and I could not stop staring. Who was this girl?

"Stop!" I yelled. The driver stopped and the bodyguards in the car looked at me. "Her." I said and pointed to the girl outside. "Bring her to me." They skeptically got out of the car, but followed my command. I saw them approach her and she had a frightened look in her eyes. One of my guards grabbed her and she fought them. I was amazed at her strength. She was almost able to get away, which was impressive. She looked to be frail, but apparently she was not. Another guard out of the five that came with me grabbed her by the arms and brought her, struggling and all into the car.

Estella's POV

Some jerks in suits just grabbed me and are dragging me towards this car. I don't want to be sold into slavery! I screamed in my head. I fought the men off, but they were too strong for me. I was dragged into the limousine and thrown, roughly, into a seat. I glared at the men as they tied something around my wrists. I looked across from me and saw a guy there with sunglasses on. He was wearing a pinstriped suit and was looking at me, almost like he was studying me. He had black hair and looked extremely attractive. Estella! I reprimanded myself. Don't go thinking thoughts about the person who just kidnapped you!

Once my eyes met his covered ones, I froze. Though he was wearing sunglasses, his eyes were still slightly visible. Our gazes were locked for a good couple of minutes. "Who are you and what do you want with me?" I meant to be demanding, but I sounded like a timid little girl. I mentally scolded myself.

"You intrigue me." was all he said. His voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't place who he was or where I had heard it from.

"Okay. Why don't you learn to get to know me in a different way other than kidnapping?" I asked less timid this time.

"It was the spur of the moment." He put his elbows on his knees and leaned forward. "What's your name?"

"Isn't it common courtesy to state your name first before demanding someone else's?" I retorted, sounding demanding, finally.

"I'm in the better situation right now, so I think you should just tell me your name first."

I glared. "No." I got up to pounce on him, but one of the burly men who came after me earlier pushed me back down.

The attractive male across from me turned to another man in the car, whom I didn't notice earlier. This guy looked old rather old. His hair was almost pure white and I knew he had to be well over ninety. "Herald, tell my parents I can't attend the party, because I am feeling unwell."

"But, Your —" The guy shook his head. The old guy coughed, trying to cover up what he just said. But I won't be fooled. They were hiding something. "You must attend the party. It is of utmost importance to keep your reputation."

"Herald, this is way more important than my reputation. I think this has something to do with my…dreams." The guy said. Dreams? What dreams? Dreams like mine?

The old man named Herald eyes' widened. "Are you sure?" He questioned.

"I'm pretty sure." My kidnapper replied, though hesitantly.

Thank you for reading A Change Maybe for the Better!