Tell me how many wishes do I have to send to the stars before you'd finally understand how deep my love for you is? I will leave this place but who said you're about to be replaced? You're going to stay in my heart until you tell me it's suffocating you; this small place. How many letters do I have to write before the words finally express everything I've been keeping a secret up until now? If I were given a chance to do it, would you listen to me and not say a word? I really need to see you now. Would you give me the time to tell you, that you're everything to me? And it's not just a simple love. To me, you mean the world. Don't just walk away thinking it's nothing. It means everything to me, so please don't treat it like it's trash.

These whispers wouldn't reach you in time, these paper planes don't fly at all. My heart is weak from all the heartbreaks you've caused me, the hurt you used to think unimportant. Perhaps you're too busy to even hear my prayers. Or maybe you don't even care about me. But I will still continue to love you.