The pretty snow petals fall below my shoes... Remember that day when you told me to move on? It felt all so real to me- was it a dream? Your voice was stirring in my thoughts, they move so smoothly. Did you know that those were the words that helped me along the way? Perhaps you don't know how much you've helped me in life.

You thought it was just a passing-by comment to me, but you don't know that it still lingers beside me. Those emotions I've felt that day, it carries on. And maybe you've never thought of it being so important. Before I knew it, you were so important- I couldn't breathe without you. As soon as time turned, the candles burnt out... Right now, I'm sitting down by the windowsill, yearning for a warm embrace from you in this cold winter night. That voice- I miss it so much. If it had a face, I'd kiss it. I don't care about others' disgust, I just want to be with you. No matter how hurt I've become, the only one I want to be with would be you. Because these snow flakes, they fall so gently as though it doesn't hurt- so beautifully. Maybe love could be as pretty as the falling, falling snow?