On that bright summer day, you were smiling with sheen- I thought a mirage happened during the time I've fallen asleep on the patches of grass here and there. You were looking for something- I saw it in your eyes. Those expressions that I haven't seen for a long time, they were all in you.

I thought you were interesting, so I wanted to be your friend. You smiled at me, telling me it's totally fine- you wanted to be alone. What sadness could harness such a pretty smile? I didn't know at that time, but you were filled with mysteries. And maybe I thought that a sad expression couldn't surface from your pretty face; then I was wrong. At the place we first met, you sat down cross-legged. Sighing hysterically, you lay down on the green grass. But you don't want to let me know what was causing the pain. Do you not trust me that much? Am I not trustworthy...?