Drizzling heavily, maybe it's contradicting. I walk down the cloudy pathway; hazy with pain. Screams and loud shouts were heard; down in the alley of my mind. I could hear the gasps. Maybe you weren't aware of it. You didn't look into the abyss of my eyes- the cores were in too deep. I've got nothing to say, you didn't see anything.

I hide everything and nothing is left; just the empty emptiness- maybe you would see the ink black sky. You know, you're also mysterious yourself. You smile so proudly but I still feel sorrow's silhouette around you- I could see it. I might be abusing the eyes to see when you're near me. You shine so bright it's hard to believe that it's just an act. You turn away, you didn't want to garner attention from me. I'll leave you alone if that's what you really want. The mist cleared up and I saw the blue, blue sky painted with inks of white. I've still not solved why you were hiding the pain. You didn't know about me either, so perhaps it's fair that we both didn't know.